4 peculiar skin care methods popular in Japan


4 peculiar skin care methods popular in Japan

Core tip: Japan has never had men and women who are very proficient in makeup and styling, and it has unique insights into skin care.

I will introduce some simple skin care methods that are very popular in Japan.

  Men who are too lazy to use sunscreen or toner, can wash their skin with cold water.

Cold water is a kind of “degassed water” with little air. Its properties are very close to the moisture in human cells and have a great “affinity”, which makes it easier for cold water to penetrate into the skin.

In addition, cold water can transform the adult under the skin into a “semi-liquid”, making the skin look hydrated and not dry.

  What can Japanese Sake Wash Facial Drink do besides drinking?

Men can pour some Japanese sake into warm water and gently wash the face.

Sake originated in Japan and has long been used as a skincare beauty.

In ancient times, Japanese geishas would apply sake to their face before applying makeup to reduce the damage to the skin caused by makeup.

This is because Japanese sake contains a variety of nutrients such as 18 amino acids and proteases, which activates the skin and also has a moisturizing effect.

The alcohol contained in sake does not irritate the skin, but can penetrate deep into the pores to remove skin dirt, keep the skin smooth, and make the skin appear natural and transparent.

  Tofu rubs the face and shreds the tofu in a gauze bag, and then rubs the face after washing it.

Or you can add some flour and honey to the crushed tofu, apply to thin slices, and wash after 20 minutes.

Tofu is rich in nutrients and has anti-oxidant effects. In addition, the plant emulsifier lecithin, which is rich in tofu, can enhance the skin’s moisturizing power. Rubbing the face with tofu once a week can remove aging cuticles and make the skin clean.smooth.
  Black carbon beauty whitening is the number one topic for women’s maintenance, and men are more suitable for using black carbon beauty.

Skincare black charcoal is formed by burning a heat-resistant wood at a high temperature of 1000 degrees Celsius and blending it with refining. It has the effect of absorbing microorganisms in the pores and can remove dirt and excess oil on the skin surface. It is most suitable for all day shine.Full face.

Although the black charcoal skin care products all look dark, and there is a smell of ink, so men and women like “MAN”!