Therapeutic methods for babies who don’t like to eat

Therapeutic methods for babies who don’t like to eat

Anorexia in children refers to children with reduced appetite, more common in only children, spoiled children and children with poor constitution, congenital deficiency, and weak spleen and stomach.

Prolonged anorexia can lead to physical decline in children, prone to anemia, neuritis, stomatitis, night blindness, rickets, malnutrition and other diseases.

The author applied the following dietary treatments to treat children with good results.

40 grams of fried two ugly cakes, fried rice dumplings, coke hawthorn, coke malt, coke divine song, chicken inner gold 60 grams each, finely grind, add sesame, sugar, 500 grams of flour, mix and bakeMake 20 burnt cakes for children to chew.

3 years old eat 1 at a time; 4?
Eat 2 at 6 years old; 7?
Eat 3 at the age of 10.

1 time each morning and evening.

This prescription is taken by children with stagnant food type, and the diet is not thoughtful, the food is not changed, the bloating is full, the rotten acid is swallowed, nausea and vomiting, the stool is diarrhea or dryness, the urine is yellow or cloudy, or like rice water.Irritability and crying, tongue white and thick.

Lotus root pear juice porridge with 15 grams of lotus seeds, 6 grams of gardenia, 6 grams of tangerine peel, 10 grams of golden chicken, 2 pears, 50 grams of rice, and 15 grams of red sugar.

Grind the chicken internal gold into a fine powder, mash the pears and squeeze the juice.

First, lotus seeds, gardenia, and rind are fried in a casserole for thick juice. After removing the residue, add rice, chicken, gold, sugar, and pear juice to make porridge, and serve it for breakfast.

Use 5?
7 days.

This prescription may be taken by children with endogenous fever, symptoms of loss of appetite, red cheeks (especially in the afternoon), hot hands and feet, thirsty drinking, dry urine, full stomach, yellow tongue greasy.

Lentil and jujube meat cakes take white lentils, barley, yam, coriander, 100 grams each of lotus seeds, 200 grams of jujube meat, roasted and ground into fine powder, add 500 grams of glutinous rice flour, 150 grams of white sugar, and steam or make cakes after mixing30 times 3 times a day?
50 grams, served as a snack in the air.

This side suffers from children with weak spleen and stomach. The symptoms include loss of appetite, pale skin, weight loss, laziness, loose stools, little or no moss.

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