The truth about the five membrane methods you must know

The truth about the five “membrane” methods you must know

Do not make masks every day, because many masks contain preservatives.
For the mask used, it should be used up as soon as possible, otherwise the mask will eventually form a breeding ground for bacteria.
When using a mask, you must know the five truths of the mask.
The following editors tell you that the mask has these things you don’t know!
  Truth 1: Mud masks and wipes masks have the most preservatives. Of all the masks, mud masks and wipes masks contain the most preservatives.
Wet wipes mask, because cotton cloth, nutrient solution and even two pieces of transparent plastic cushion film are all put into the bag, and the bag will wait for a long time in the cold and hot environment before it can be used. The most important thing is that the contents of the bag are veryIt is difficult to put it in a bag under aseptic condition, and the bag eventually forms a hotbed for bacterial reproduction. The brand owner also knows this well. In order to inhibit bacterial reproduction, sufficient preservatives will be added.
Mud masks usually use natural mud raw materials, and these raw materials may originally carry a lot of bacteria, or the raw materials are not many bacteria, but added some nutrients suitable for the reproduction of microorganisms, so a lot of preservatives need to be added to make a maskAgent.
There is also a case where the natural slime is originally in an environment that is particularly difficult to grow bacteria, so it does not breed a large number of microorganisms.
However, in the process of picking up, transporting, filling and packaging, it increases the chance of contamination.
So once you leave the place of production, you need to add enough preservatives to ensure the quality.
  Preservatives are one of the important killers that trigger sensitivity, and they are the enemy of sensitive skin.
So, if you have sensitive skin, it’s best to go around these two types of masks.
For other healthy skin types, if you feel itchy when using it, stop using it immediately.
  Truth 2: Before using a jelly mask, use a water-based skin care product. The jelly mask contains a lot of high-molecular glue, which has a good blocking effect on the skin.
For better results, you can use a water-based skin care product before applying the mask, and then apply a jelly mask.
Jelly is like a mask that fits tightly into the skin. It helps to block pores and sweat and helps water-based active ingredients penetrate.
Before using the jelly mask, use a water-based care product to base the translucent jelly mask than the transparent jelly.
  Truth three: The mask is more suitable for autumn and winter. The transparent jelly mask usually uses high molecular glue as the main matrix, and more than 99% of the ingredients are water-soluble, so there are almost no oily ingredients.
The base of the translucent jelly mask is generally a three-in-one pseudo-emulsion gel, so you can add 3 to 5 percentage points of oily ingredients, so it is more moisturizing and more suitable for autumn and winter use.
  People with oily skin should not think that the transparent jelly mask without oil is moisturizing and refreshing.
In fact, all products containing polymer glue (such as gel, jelly, and jelly) are prone to block pores and cause acne pores.
So use less and thin.
  Truth No. 4: Wet Wipes Masks are thick and juicy. Many people like succulent wipes masks. They think there are a lot of essences in them, which is the best repair meal for the skin.
Teacher Zhang Liqing, a well-known Taiwanese formula expert, once said: “Wet wipes masks and juicy soups are not an advantage for the application of the face. They only hinder the ingredients of the essence in the mask and cannot penetrate the skin.
“Whether a moisturizing mask requires whitening or anti-aging, it depends on whether its ingredients are good enough and whether it can penetrate into the skin to play a role.
The sticky texture only illustrates one thing, that is, the polymer glue is added to the formula to prevent penetration.
  The mask of the wet wipes should be covered with a mask towel. The essence is well absorbed, not sticky, and the effect is obvious and long-lasting. Don’t be confused by the thick juice on the surface.
  Truth 5: Cream mask does not need to be washed off. The best quality is that the cream mask is used for maintenance. After use, you only need to wipe off the excess cream without washing your face again.
This is to keep the nutrition, moisturizing and gloss ingredients in the cream on the face, and also to maximize the capabilities of the mask, and the effect is more obvious.
However, the fact is that some brands will recommend that the cream mask be washed off after 15 ~ 30 minutes.
The reason is simple, that is, the brand will guide consumption according to its own business purpose.
For example, after applying the mask, the brand has other items that you are recommended to use.
For example, the brand’s own cream mask is too greasy, and it is feared that consumers will have a greasy discomfort if the mask is applied for too long.
For example, the brand’s own mask has been applied for a long time, and some ingredients may cause itching, rashes and acne.
For example, a lot of titanium dioxide powder is added to the cream mask to whiten, and it will block the pores without washing it off.
For example, the brand’s cream mask can’t stand the overnight test and is worried that it will cause negative problems.
In a word, a nourishing cream mask that can stand the test must not be washed off.
Most of the products that require washing out are mostly accommodating products, accommodating marketing, and avoiding negative evaluations.  Nourishing cream mask is definitely the best and safest quality that does not need to be washed off.

Some cream masks for herpes may need to be washed off after contacting the skin for dozens of minutes due to the addition of some peroxides (such as hydrogen peroxide).