These nuts are poisonous and don’t eat.

These nuts are poisonous and don’t eat.

If you let me recommend a few snacks after a meal, then there must be nuts, because it is both delicious and nutritious, and belongs to natural food.

However, not all nuts are good for health, and the following should be kept away.

  There are a lot of unsaturated fatty acids in the nuts with savory taste. If they are stored improperly or overlapped, they will produce rancidity, which is what we often call “harla”.

The fatty acids in the nuts produce rancidity, which is harmful enough to make the taste of the nuts worse and produce a spicy throat.

In addition, the products of rancidity in nuts, such as small molecules of aldehydes, ketones, etc., also threaten health.

If you eat a lot, it can cause diarrhea, and in severe cases, it can cause liver disease.

Nut vendors are generally reluctant to throw away spoiled nuts, and the best way to cover up the “hala flavor” is to add a lot of salt, pepper, aniseed, saccharin, flavor, etc. during processing, so the metamorphic nuts are often hidden in saltyIn the taste, the five flavors, the creamy nuts, according to the original, the quality of the fried nuts is relatively better.

  Many of the moldy nuts are susceptible to mildew by the contamination of Aspergillus flavus, which produces a highly toxic substance, aflatoxin, which causes people to have a fever, discards spit, and is severely life-threatening.

Aflatoxin also has a strong carcinogenic ability, which is extremely damaging to human organs.

Therefore, moldy nuts must not be eaten. Once the nuts in the mouth are found to have bitter, musty or spicy taste, spit them out and rinse your mouth in time.

  The scorched nuts are rich in trace amounts of protein, glucose, and ordinary heat to destroy them, but when the nuts are scorched, the temperature is already above 200 °C, and the nutrients that were originally beneficial to the body begin to partially transform.It is carcinogenic benzopyrene, naphthylamine, acrylamide, etc. Therefore, the nuts that are scorched are not suitable for consumption.

  Adding paraffin-cured additives, adding paraffin when processing nuts, will make the product more bright, sell better, and not easy to become soft and soft, if you see the nut appearance is bright, obviously “beautiful” than ordinary nutsAt that time, it is likely to add paraffin; increase, some vendors have long-term accumulation, the color of the bad nuts in the paraffin, “beauty”, used to shoddy.

The industrial paraffin used by traders is not high in purity and contains impurities such as heavy metals, which is harmful to health.

  The taste is too heavy, the heavier the taste, the more often the salt is added. Secondly, many nuts with heavy taste and strong aroma are added with flavors, saccharin and other substances during processing. The creamy nuts are also added with margarine.The body is not good; in the end, the heavier the taste of the nuts, the possibility of hiding the deterioration behind it.

  Responsible merchants with dust scattered will pay attention to the cleaning of nut raw materials, dustproof products, and there are many impurities in the market, such as dust in raw materials, and products that are unobstructed when sold.

Therefore, it is best for consumers to carefully look at the bottom of the container holding the nuts when they buy them. Unclean nuts often leave a layer of ash under the utensils.