Who do you most offend in the office

Who do you most offend in the office

Let’s take a look at who in the office are you most likely to offend?

  1. When a colleague comes to work, he always opens qq and knocks his eyes straight. What do you think he is doing?


He must be dating online.

→ 2?

He mostly uses qq for private work.

→ 3 2. The boss takes you into the rectangular office area and lets you choose a position to sit down. Which kind of n partitions would you choose?


Near the boss’s office, when he came out, it must be me who blocked his sight.

→ 4?

The farthest from the boss’s office, he turned 360 degrees when he came out, and it was difficult to scan me with the light from the corner of his eye.

→ 5 3. During the meeting, the boss praised the idea in a case is good, that is your creativity, you are so proud, you want the boss to know, what will you do?


Regardless of the face of the supervisor, it is directly said that this idea is yours.

→ 6?

Look at the supervisor’s face, and then declare yours as appropriate.

→ 4 4. When you meet a colleague who has a different gender from that handsome guy or geeky director and stays in his or her office for more than 30 minutes, what do you think about?


Ambiguous, ambiguous.

→ 5?

Hehe, are you discussing any tricks?

→ 8 5. As soon as you enter the office, you suddenly smell a distinctive perfume. How would you express your feelings?


Who is in heat again?

So fragrant!

→ 7?

Say nothing, first sniff out Xiangxiangyuan with your nose.

→ 8 6. My colleague listens to your salary. How will you preclude this problem?


Doesn’t the company stipulate the confidentiality of personal wages?

→ 7?

Alas, it’s almost like you.

→ 9 7. There are always people in the company who have “special backgrounds” but who are a bit silly. They are very bullish. At this time, what is your reaction?


You are yours, I am mine.

→ 9?

What is it, no real skill.

→ 10 8, are you always polite to the cleaning aunt in the company?  ?

Generally, what does she have to do with me?

→ Type a?

The more aunt has to be polite to others.

→ 9 9. Some colleagues forgot to turn off the computer. You happen to work overtime. Would you “by the way” look at the files in the colleagues’ computers?



→ Type b?

will not.

→ 10 10, a female colleague quietly tells your boss to try to harass her, how do you feel?

Will this happen?


Be affectionate yourself.

→ Type c?

Oh my god, everyone in the company must know tomorrow!

→ Type D analysis: Type a: The people who are most likely to offend in your office are those who have a lower position than you. It is difficult for you to have Ya Xing sit on an equal footing with these people and share happiness with donkey friends.Dedication, sometimes will give those low-level staff a very sophisticated feeling, causing you to want to “mix” good is “snobbish” situation.

  Type b: You are too free and easy in the office, although you do n’t really pay attention to your boyfriend ‘s private affairs, you always like to lean on the topic, or try to find a little fun in the topic of the relationship between men and women in the office. It is the easiest to offend those who are ambiguous with the supervisorRelationships or co-workers have proprietary people who don’t want to be known.

  Type c: The person you are most likely to offend is the one who does not have a position, but is a “senior” or “senior”. When talking and acting, you will not give people a little sincerity due to their long journeys.When he is polite to seniors, he occasionally perfunctory.

  Type d: The person you are most likely to offend is your direct supervisor, not because you are proud, but because you have a virus that improperly supervises others, so the supervisor will use you most hard, but on meritAt the time of the reward, I will definitely give you some shoes to wear.