Lin Yuner said to Xiao Fan:“Of course,Isn’t it happy today??

We not only dealt with a PR incident,Also bought a small company,Don’t you say this is something to celebrate”
“So it’s okay to drink some wine,It’s also night we don’t need to drive,I can sleep in a while。”
Xiao Fan said:“Good good,All by you。Let me take a look,What good snacks are there。”
Chapter Seven Hundred and Eighty Two watch movie
Lin Yoona holding snacks,He said to Xiao Fan while smiling:“There are so many here,Potato chips,Cookies,French fries,And chicken flavor pieces,how about it,Enough enough。”
Lin Yoona feels like a big stomach,No matter what you eat,Those who come,and,No matter what,Basically it can get her Lin Yoona’s eyes,Basically, you can only face one result,That is to enter her belly obediently。
Xiao Fan also looked at these potato chips that Lin Yun put on the coffee table,Looked at one by one,And then said to Lin Yuna:
“not bad,It’s quite comprehensive,Just don’t know how it tastes?Let’s open it quickly and have a taste。”
Lin Yuner opened a bag of tomato-flavored potato chips and handed it to Xiao Fan,Then he said to Xiao Fan:“You try this。Many people like tomato flavor,You have a taste?”
Xiao Fan said:“This is tomato flavor,Then i have to taste。”
Xiao Fan took a bite of this potato chip。Think it’s really good。
Then he nodded,Speaking to Lin Yoona:“This is really delicious。”
Lin Yuna said:“really?Do you think the tomato flavor is delicious。”
Xiao Fan said:“Okay。It’s not bad anyway。”
So Lin Yoona gave her the whole bag of potato chips,tell him:“Then eat more if you like it,I gave you the whole bag。”
After Xiao Fan took the potato chips, he told Lin Yoona:“So generous,Gave me the whole package,You don’t eat anymore?”