The central government again mentions the transformation of old communities, and expands the domestic demand outlet on the old broken small station

The central government again mentions the transformation of old communities, and expands the domestic demand outlet on the “old broken small” station
According to the Chinese government website on April 15th, the Executive Council of the State Council on April 14 set four major events, including increasing the renovation of old urban communities and promoting the expansion of domestic demand for the benefit of people’s livelihood.It is worth noting that this is not the first time that old community transformation has been cited.According to analyst analysis by brokerage firms, the renovation of old communities will bring benefits to the real estate industry, property management industry, elevators and parking equipment.However, there were no obvious changes in the A-share related sectors today.Let’s talk about the renovation of old communities, and this year we plan to rebuild 3.90,000 Prime Minister Li Keqiang proposed in the April 14 executive meeting that the renovation of old urban communities is an important alternative to improving the living conditions of residents and expanding domestic demand.This year plans to renovate old town communities.90,000, involving nearly 7 million residents, doubled from last year, focusing on residential areas built before the end of 2000.The meeting pointed out that all localities should take overall responsibility and, in accordance with the expectations of residents, focus on improving the complete community facilities and municipal infrastructure, and improving the level of public services such as community pension, childcare, and medical care.In addition, the meeting proposed to establish a mechanism for the government and residents to share the funds for reconstruction with a reasonable amount of social power, grant subsidies from the central government, give preference to local governments’ special claims, and encourage social capital to participate in the transformation and operation.According to 2019 data from the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, there are nearly 160,000 old communities in the country, involving more than 42 million residents and a construction area of about 4 billion square meters.Counselor Qiu Baoxing of the State Council had initially estimated that the scale of investment in old and old residential areas that need to be comprehensively reformed in cities and towns could reach 4 trillion yuan. If the renovation period is 5 years, more than 800 billion yuan of new investment can be added each year.It is worth noting that since June 2019, the central budget has repeatedly proposed the work of renovating old urban communities. On July 1, 2019, the State Council Information Office antiques State Council policy routine briefing, housing and urban and rural constructionHuang Yan, deputy minister of the ministry, said that the renovation of old communities has the characteristics of “not only protecting people’s livelihood, but also stabilizing investment while driving domestic demand”.In this launch meeting, once again, the promotion of the transformation of old urban communities is positioned as “an important change to improve the living conditions of residents and expand domestic demand.”Analysts of Chuancai Securities pointed out that from the perspective of the nature of the project, the focus of the initial transformation is to improve the “community support” and “municipal infrastructure”, which actively promotes “benefiting people’s livelihood and expanding domestic demand”; and from the perspective of funds, the meetingIt is pointed out that the renovation of old residential areas in cities and towns will be supplemented by the central government and local government special debts will be inclined to encourage social capital to participate in the transformation and operation, which also confirms the “expanded domestic demand” nature of the project.According to the reporter’s incomplete statistics, at present, Beijing, Jiangsu, Guangdong, Zhejiang, Henan, Hebei and other provinces and cities have already carried out related work on the renovation of old and old communities.Good for elevators, property management, parking equipment and other industries According to analyst analysis, the Standing Committee’s first introduction of the renovation of old communities has brought obvious benefits to elevators, parking equipment and other industries.Analysts at CITIC Construction Investment pointed out that the increase in the use of special debt in the transformation of old residential areas will benefit the property management industry in a certain length.The soon-to-be-launched special debt will add new funding sources to the old community renovation and throwing field. According to the spirit of the central government, the renovation of the old community will be transformed and upgraded in terms of property.Community old-age care, childcare, medical care, food assistance, cleaning and other services, promote the establishment of community follow-up long-term management mechanism. “This will present opportunities for property management service companies to expand their incremental business.Analysts of Chuancai Securities also believe that the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development proposed on April 3 in a teleconference to encourage real estate development companies to participate in the renovation of old communities.The current “housing and housing is not speculation” tone has not changed. Housing companies are expected to replace them with land. Old and old communities will be renovated and property management may bring new growth points to the real estate industry.In addition, the elevator and parking equipment industry will also bring significant benefits.The analyst team of China Merchants Securities believes that the renovation of old and old communities is accelerating, and elevators and parking equipment are expected to benefit significantly.Regarding the elevator industry, relying on the stable residential demand and the high renewal demand brought by the high base, the industry inflection point has been transformed in 2019. The installation of elevators in old buildings will open the ceiling for growth and start a new round of prosperity cycle.In terms of parking equipment, the industry is still in the growth stage, and it is also one of the important investment directions of the old reform. Urban parking renovation is ushering in a double spring of demand and policy, and equipment manufacturers have fully benefited. With reference to the Japanese experience, the three-dimensional parking equipment has a compound growth of 20% for nearly 20 years.Golden age.According to estimates by China Merchants Securities analysts, it is found that the supplementary demand for elevators is steadily increasing, and the growth rate of the demand for updates is gradually increasing, with an annual average of more than 20%, which is significantly faster than the supplementary demand.In 2020 and 2021, the market demand was 950,000 and 1.05 million units, respectively, growing at a compound annual growth rate of 10%. The market space was 190.7 billion and 209.9 billion respectively.In terms of three-dimensional parking equipment, analysts from China Merchants Securities pointed out that the demand for parking equipment brought about by the renovation of old residential areas is facing 200 billion market space.There are 170,000 old urban communities reported to be renovated nationwide, assuming that 30% of the communities urgently need to install stereo parking equipment.A total of 10.76 million berths are needed nationwide, and the average berth equipment price is based on 20,000 (not counting civil engineering), and is facing 200 billion market space.Sauna, Ye Wang Zhang Siyuan Editor Yue Caizhou proofread Chen Diyan