By contrast,The loyal and dedicated old captain is not so lucky,In order for the warship to land smoothly,The old captain gave up fixing himself,So at the time of impact,He endured a great impact,The whole person was left on the control console,Smashed his head,No sound,Looks fierce。

The people in the investigation team are also staggering,Frothy,Some people passed out directly,Two other guys hugged each other at some point,And the crotch is wet,It seems I can’t bear to look straight。
Hu Lin stood up dizzy,I checked my body in the shortest time,Fortunately, there is no obvious injury,Just withstand such a violent impact,Nausea,Swaying even walking,Like drunk。
but,From a military family,Seems to be more adaptable to danger than others,She started trying to wake everyone around。
Because she knows,Only by unity is strength,The more people awake,They have a better chance of going back to Korea at night。
When Hu Lin awakened one companion after another,She glanced at the already pitch-black computer screen inadvertently。
From the reflection of the screen,She vaguely saw a terrible figure,Peeping through the porthole。
Hu Lin turned around,The sight was shot at the porthole that had been broken for most of the time,But found nothing,There are no scary monsters。
She shook her head and smiled bitterly,Subconsciously think that I have hallucinations。
If the super life that sucked the energy of the battleship is still here,Then it doesn’t have to avoid it at all,But you can kill yourself easily,And kill everyone here。
quickly,With the help of Hu Lin,The survivors in the cabin woke up one after another,And got together。
The members of the investigation team are young and strong,Basically survived,The crew on the Taishan ship,Lost a third,Including the experienced old captain。
“Can the shipborne brain be activated??”Hu Lin asked loudly。
A crew member patted it and it was scorched,Smoking console,Wryly smiled:“No response at all。No energy,The physical damage is also very serious。”
“Can you find a way to contact the military??”Hu Lin asked again。
Several people circled around the communication parts of the battleship,Shaking their heads one after another。
“No way!The communication equipment is completely out of order。”
“Where’s our personal armor communication?”Hu Lin is not discouraged,But the brain is turning fast,Asked again。