Elizabeth said with joy,I can see that she is really thinking about this matter。

Chen Geng was very pleased,Americans are lazy,For the work the boss gave them,They will never do more,And no doubt,What Elizabeth has done has greatly exceeded the scope of her original work,and so……
“So?”Chen Geng asked:“Do you want to be in canada?”
“Yes,Mr,I also hope to miss Mr. Bob、Mr. Anderson,Can make more money、Live a better life,”Meet Chen Geng’s gaze,Elizabeth nodded vigorously:“Me so……”
It really is like this。
Watching Elizabeth talking,Chen Geng finally confirmed his guess:The success of Bob and Anderson,Greatly stimulated other employees of the company,They really started to realize,What Mr. Fernandez said before is not just casual,His words are not deceiving,He is really willing to share the company’s development dividends with his employees。
Last month Anderson got his share from the car scrap business3000Multi-dollar dividend,I heard that there are tens of thousands of dollars in dividends this month,Seeing that people make a lot of money,Who is not jealous?
American lazy,Not because they are really lazy,But because there is no hope,America passed200Years of development,The solidification between classes is almost complete,It is almost impossible for people from the lower class to move to the upper class,Don’t watch a billionaire pop up here all day in America,A billionaire popped up there,Take a closer look at the information of these new billionaires,You will find that no billionaire’s family origin is an ordinary civilian。
In the U.S,Billionaires born as ordinary civilians or poor,Only those engaged in sports,But those who play sports,How many went bankrupt to nothing within five years after retiring?Because no one taught them how to manage money、Let the wealth in your hands appreciate,And these,Is the secret of all American elites,It is absolutely impossible for people in the lower class to know such knowledge——Now everyone knows that we have known since childhood、But never considered it the same thing“No foresight,There must be worries”、“Save some money,in case for need”How precious are traditional ideas like that?,Knowing our ecstatic values tortured by high school、dialectics、Look at the problem with a dialectical perspective、relativity、Practice theory is precious, right?,In capitalist countries,These are the core secrets of the elite。
Elizabeth was fortunate to encounter an opportunity to change her destiny that she may never encounter in her life.,And are striving for。
“I said,I am willing to share the dividends of company development with everyone,I also hope that everyone can work together for the development of the company,”As if waiting for a century,In Elizabeth’s nervous waiting,Chen Geng finally spoke:“I give you this chance,But how exactly,Need you to go to Windsor by yourself,Talk to the second-hand car operator over there,And the company’s support for you will not be unlimited,You understand?”
“I know!”Elizabeth’s face flushed suddenly,Excited way:“Thank you sir,Thank you for giving me this opportunity to change my destiny,I……I……If you don’t mind,I can go to your place at night……”
Face this opportunity to change your own destiny,Elizabeth doesn’t mind thanking her boss in this way,Chen Geng is exceptional,Suddenly fled。