Chen Geng’s words are not a compliment,Xiali from Jinmen Automobile FactoryTJ7100car,Now it has become the only main force in the domestic mini car market,There are hatchback and sedan versions,This is equipped with a1.0In-line three-cylinder gasoline engine、Except for the seat belt, there is no active and passive safety configuration、The windows still need to be cranked、Body length only3Meter6’S car,The price is not cheap at all,Unplanned price is as high as10Ten thousandRMB(Dual price system),But even so,XialiTJ7100Also the cheapest car on the market today,For countless“Want to buy a car”The unit、For businesses and individuals,Xiali is their most tangible dream,It’s just like02、03When the domestic family car was just starting, CheryQQThe same meaning。

Jinmen Automobile Manufacturing Plant,Has formed a year welding Xiali body3Ten thousand、Assembly12000Vehicle capacity,Localization rate from1986Xiali just introducedTJ730Time11.2%Promoted to45.23%,Plus the product supply exceeds demand,Can be described as a booming mess。
under these circumstances,Chen Geng just doesn’t understand,Why does Jinmen want to help them design a new car??
“Mr. Chen,Is such that,”Xu Guang didn’t go around with Chen Geng either,Frank way:“We hope that Jinmen Automobile Factory can produce and manufacture more advanced cars,Xiali this car……Too crude。”
The leaders of Jinmen City are no longer satisfied with only producing Jinmen Dafa and Jinmen Xiali,They want to move into higher-level products。
This is understandable,When you are hungry, just thinking about filling your stomach is your biggest luxury;But if you can fill your stomach,Naturally, I will start to think that the white noodle buns will definitely taste better,It would be even better if you fry two side dishes when eating white noodle buns;But when you get to the stage where you can eat white noodles, buns and vegetables,You want to eat dumplings with meat、I want to stew chicken and fry fish……
The same is true of Jinmen City and Jinmen Automobile Manufacturing Plant,Now they have eaten buns and fried vegetables,Want to corrupt,Want to eat meat dumplings、Stew chicken and fry fish。
This kind of good thing that comes to your door,Of course Chen Geng will not refuse,He nodded:“As long as you have no problem here,Of course there is no problem with me。”
As for what kind of car Jinmen Automobile Factory wants,Is this question important?
Xu Guang didn’t expect Chen Geng to be so agile, so he agreed,Very happy,Repeatedly thank Chen Geng——Based on the series of setbacks experienced by Jinmen Automobile Manufacturing Plant in introducing Daihatsu vans and Xiali cars from Dongying Daihatsu Automobile Manufacturing Plant,In his opinion,This time communication with Chen Geng should be very troublesome,I didn’t expect Chen Geng to agree so happy,I suddenly breathed a sigh of relief。But think of another possibility,His heart lifted up again,Asked Chen Geng carefully:“Mr. Chen,In terms of price?”
For Xu Guang’s question,Chen Geng asked back:“You are going toAMCIntroduce a model,Still ready to letAMCHelp you design a car from scratch?Different ways of cooperation,The price is naturally different。”
Jinmen obviously did their homework a long time ago,Hear words,Xu Guang said immediately:“If you can,We are going fromAMCIntroduced this model of Corolla。”
“corolla?”Chen Geng really didn’t expect Jinmen Xiali to spot the Corolla car,Said with a smile:“You really know how to choose。”
AMCCorolla,It is Chen Geng’s response to the changes in the North American consumer market,Based on the ninth generation CorollaAMCA front-drive compact family car designed for the world,improvedAMCAutomotive product line layout。
With excellent design、Affordable price andAMCConsistently good product quality reputation,Corolla this car is in1989Introduced to the market,After a short period of market adaptation,Immediately received consumer enthusiasm in the European and American domestic markets,Together with the winning generals of Europe in the compact car market:Wolfsburg Golf has been greatly affected。
And the corolla4555Mm body length and1705Although the body width of millimeters is the body size of a standard compact car,China in this era,Enough to afford“Entry mid-level car”Market positioning,Jinmen City and Jinmen Automobile Manufacturing Plant aimed at Corolla,Obviously I was very moved。
Xu Guang smiled and nodded,Ask Chen Geng:“Mr. Chen,What do you think?”
“How do you plan to cooperate?”Chen Geng asked back:“Buy out?if so,I’m sorry to tell you,This is impossible。”
In the opinion of the leaders of Jinmen,Of course it is the best choice to buy out directly,But Chen Geng’s answer did not surprise Xu Guang,After all, where are the examples of cooperation with many domestic automobile manufacturers?,Xu Guang doesn’t think Chen Geng suddenly becomes more talkative when he gets to Jinmen。