The teacher-like person next to him smiled bitterly:“Worthless,Worked hard all my life,The last one is gone。People like them,Can go up or down,Stepped down,It’s dead。”

“Not always,I heard that Zhao Yuanchao’s wife and children ran away,Said he went to Hong Kong with money。It’s spread like this in the factory!”The middle-aged man sighed。
Lu Menglin’s mother and son are sitting aside,Quietly listening to the conversation in the car,Neither of them spoke。
Mother Lu heard these things,Restless,I remembered that with Dad Lu,And what Zhao Yuanchao and his wife looked like when they entered the factory together。
At that time,Fenghua Zhengmao,Everyone’s face is filled with youth and vitality,Fight for the realization of the four socialist modernizations,How simple and beautiful the days were。
A blink of an eye,My son is almost as old as he was then,But the fate of Zhao Yuanchao’s family has changed drastically,From the moment of prosperity to the end of life,How can we not make people’s hearts ups and downs。
Mother Lu has made up her mind,Waiting to see my son,Must make him take things seriously,Don’t go the way of Lao Zhao,We Lu family don’t seek great wealth,Just ask for peace。
Lu Menglin looked out the window calmly,But Lu Lingshuang’s appearance can’t help but come to mind。
Such a proud girl,Smart and capricious,Should be recommended to university,Phoenix dance for nine days,But because of my own intervention,Ended her good luck early。
Actually she is also very innocent,Young,Did not do evil,But because of his father’s evil deeds,I’m in exile at a young age。
Lu Menglin sighed silently in his heart。
Liufang can indeed be called the changing situation these days,Because Zhao Yuanchao was double-regulated,The most direct consequence is the suspension of the commercial street project,And almost all the factory leaders are silent,Refuse to make a sound at this time,Eye-catching。
So Fatun and Chen Jiannan’s house is kept。Fatty and grandma depend on each other,And that Chen Jiannan, who is full of rivers and lakes,I also went south to work a few days ago。
Wang Shaoxiao stayed at home obediently these days,I heard that his father cleaned up the meal,But when Lu Menglin and her son got in the car,This fat guy came to the station to see him off,Bring a big pack of snacks and stuffed it to Lu Menglin。
So many things happened recently,Lu Menglin also felt it was inappropriate to stay in Liufang,It happened that my father called and asked them to go to Guangdong for summer vacation,He quickly agreed。
Train from Liucheng to Yangcheng,About twelve hours,Which is almost all night。
Get on the bus from 6pm,Arrived more than five in the morning。Mother Lu asked someone to buy a seat ticket,In her concept,Can save,This is a lifetime principle,As for what it’s worth to suffer。
Lu Menglin looked at her mother’s thin face,I thought this was the last time,Waiting for my senior year to graduate,After entering university,Must let mom enjoy life,Never save money anymore。
He even thought clearly,See dad later,The first thing is to ask Dad to find a way to trust the relationship,Free my mother from the heavy work of three shifts in the workshop。