Use only natural OL favorite care products

Use only natural OL favorite care products

Advocating health, we must eat naturally and maintain it naturally.

When you are avoiding the chemical ingredients of health products, one natural skin care brand knows that you are safe, and harmless is their promise.

Netizens’ hot 9 natural skin care products are notorious on the forum. How about it, haven’t you tried it?

First look at the comments of OLs!


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The first five major ingredients of natural skin care products must be natural plants.


There is no strong chemical synthetic fragrance, and the taste is light and even colorless.


The molecular weight of the plant component is small, and the molecular weight of the product should be very fine and smooth.


Because the molecules are small, the absorption at both ends should be very fast.


The packaging is exquisite and the bottle mouth has intact sealing tools.


FANCL Pore Cleansing Set ¥ 388 FANCL’s “Pore Cleansing Set” limited edition is a set of concentrated care for pores in the summer. The natural safety ingredients brought by green tea will comprehensively solve the “blackhead pores”,The three major pore problems, “pores” and “relaxed pores”, make the pores fine and inconspicuous. It is a must-have pore product this summer. It can remove the pores blocked by oily keratin and dirt, so as to keep the skin fresh.

  The netizen at the age of zero and 31 was used two years ago, but it was from Japan. It was so kind when I saw it in the New World a few weeks ago.

I personally think that the blackhead mask and T zone oil control essence in this set are very good. The blackhead mask is more affordable than buying the bag alone. The butterfly mask, just a few of them have no immediate effect, and I am not impressed.

Overall, I really like this set.


Body Shop Hydrating Whitening Eye Essence ¥ 460 is refreshing and refreshing. It contains natural vitamin C and licorice extract. It has deep moisturizing, moisturizing and soothing effects. After use, the eye skin is soft, bright and shiny.

  Netizen xiuxiuyoyo dry skin / 28-year-old to follow the trend of shopping, good moistness, relatively thin, friends brought back from Singapore, buy one get one, super cost-effective, so the price is OK.


Pin Mu Declaration Mushroom Essence Cream ¥ 600 This highly effective cream formula is unique in that it contains a mixture of dried elm pleurotus, Cordyceps, Ganoderma, ginger, tulip root, holy basil and more.

Lightweight and easily penetrates the top layer of the skin.

Use it twice a day and you will see the skin renewed and shiny.

Skin feels calmer, healthier and soothing.

  Netizen violetgigi combination skin / 25-year-old great face cream, I have used a lot of products of Pinmu family, this series is best to use, if the series is sensitive and then mixed, it is strongly recommended to use this, it is the best I have used for many yearsCream, and the essence of their home does not use this cream.


Herborist Ice-Cream Serum Repair ¥ 120 contains extracts of Centella asiatica, chamomile, chrysanthemum and other Chinese herbal medicines, which can quickly reduce the surface temperature of the skin, calm the skin, and replenish moisture to prevent skin discomfort caused by sunlight drying.

Chinese herbal extracts can nourish and repair the skin, replenish cell nutrients, and effectively combat sun damage to the skin.

  Netizen zhangying1979 mixed skin was not sunburned thanks to it when going to Hainan for vacation this year.

Friends who are traveling are molting!

LG and I were fine without sunburn.

LG also boasted that I did a good job!

Recommended when going to the tropics or the sea.
But everyone needs to be prepared for thoughts. It has a little tingling, but the sedation is super good.

No wonder Dongdong of Herborist heard that it is selling well in Europe!

Like it!


Jiameile Mint Refreshing Body Moisturizer ¥ 108.

hzh {display: none; }  富含水分和多种植物精华,并独有薄荷均衡清爽配方,夜夜细细呵护,可令你的肌肤清爽滋润不油腻,天天好心情。   Netizen rita I’m super porridge, haha!

Of course, there are many and many brands of body lotions, and there are also very good ones, but this one wins at a fair price.

Large capacity coupled with this attractive price, of course, there will be a lot of MM’s favorite slightly.

The effect is also very good. It absorbs quickly without oil or greasy.

Persevere, the body’s skin will improve, be a beautiful woman.


L’Occitane Olive Hand Lotion This product contains L OCCITANE’s unique high-quality AOC olive oil, as well as olive water, which is an oxidizing and antioxidant substance. This antioxidant substance can restore the health of your skin without injury.

In addition, it also contains moisturizing shea butter, honey and olive leaf extracts for an extremely relaxing feeling.

  After the netizen Meow Meow was applied, the effect at that time was nothing to say, the hands were even tender and still had a slight fragrance.

It’s just that the moisturizing time is not too long, so if it is JM with extremely dry skin on the hands, you may need to re-paint it after washing your hands, but in general it is enough.


SKINFOOD Lip Control Lip Balm ¥ 156 is a lip balm made from fennel and grapefruit extract. Apply an appropriate amount to your lips. The natural fennel oil contained in it can control appetite control.

  Netizen fyface mixed skin / 24 years old food control effect is not very obvious, but the part is not bad.

It’s a little sticky. I use orange. The light color looks natural and the gloss is moderate. It won’t be exaggerated.


Fei Shi Xiao Pu Speed Cleansing Acne Toner ¥ 168 contains fresh green tea ingredients and contains no other additives.

Quickly clean the skin, control the oil to replenish excess water, and clean the deep dirt inside the hair space, and quickly improve the pore expansion. It is most suitable for oily skin.

  Netizen cat love peach mixed skin / 21-year-old MM prone to acne use this, really good.

It will dry after using, but I don’t care, mainly because it feels like treating acne when I wash it.

I like this because I have experience in using the product to feel acne.

Even someone as slow as me will feel good.

And without frothing, it is convenient and clean.

It ‘s inconsistent. I do n’t think it should be used around the eyes, because it feels irritating, and it ‘s too fast, maybe because I use it a lot, I use this bottle for two months.

This is the only product I think is going to be used all the time.


Kiehl s seaweed mask ¥ 420 This mask is suitable for dry, normal and normal to dry skin.

Contains plant extracts, which can effectively nourish and soothe dry skin. In addition, vitamin E and green tea extracts have antioxidant effects!

  The netizen baby pig is using it, the taste is very strange, but the effect is good, especially when it is washed out a lot, it will continue to buy.