First126chapter Cooperation project two
Make sure this is really a big business that may bring nearly tens of millions of dollars in foreign exchange to the country a year,Ding Haijun can no longer calm down,He asked eagerly:“What if it is the first cooperation plan?”
“I haven’t calculated,Can’t calculate,What are the domestic regulations regarding foreign companies contracting domestic companies??”Chen Geng shrugged:“Or I open a large car dismantling factory in China?”
Comrade Ding is not very clear about the domestic regulations on foreign companies contracting domestic companies.,But one thing he can be sure,That is to face a project that can bring so much foreign exchange to the country,China will definitely show a thousand% sincerity。
But it’s not the time to pay attention to this,Comrade Ding is concerned about the second cooperation project that Chen Geng said:Since the first cooperative project can bring so much foreign exchange to the country,It seems that the second project that Chen Geng pays more attention to will be?Since the first one has nothing to do with the mechanical processing he mentioned before,That is the second one is related to machining?
Chen Geng is going to put in the second domestic cooperation project,It is indeed related to machining……
“Do you know that our company has sales of scrap parts??”Chen Geng asked。
Ding Haijun nodded:“Yes,I know。”
“The profit of scrapped parts is not bad,But many wholesalers who came to me to purchase auto parts asked me,Are there any cheap new accessories?I think this is a good idea,Scrap parts are second-hand parts after all,The market price is usually less than a quarter of the new item,But what if it is new?”
Poor old ding,He feels a little suffocated at the moment:“you……what do you mean……Yes……”
He finally understood why Chen Geng would ask about the level of domestic machining,Chen Geng is preparing to produce auto parts in China?!
“Ok,”Chen Geng nodded,Mean you guessed it right:“I don’t know how the domestic machining capacity is,But since it can produce cars、tractor、Agricultural tricycles these vehicles,I think it might be too complicated、Things that require too much precision may not be produced in China for the time being,But some parts with less precision,Like a bumper、Lower arm、Various connecting rods、light bulb、Wire harness、Parts such as pipe fittings,Even like a radiator、generator、A little more precise things like starter motors,It should be able to produce domestically?”
Associate factory parts,Although the level of the domestic auto industry is not good,But no doubt,China is still able to form its own automobile industry on this planet、One of the five countries in the closed loop of the agricultural machinery industry,Although the overall technical level is not good,There are no high-tech models in the true sense.,But has its own complete automotive industry chain and agricultural machinery industry chain,Especially the agricultural machinery industry chain,The overall technical level is much higher than the automotive industry chain:1978year,The number of passenger cars and commercial vehicles produced by China Xia that year was insufficient2Ten thousand,But how many agricultural machinery books are produced?exceed30Ten thousand(station)!
Although China’s agricultural machinery is not advanced,But it can’t stand and the leather is durable,China’s national conditions and current agricultural situation,Also request、It also forces the agricultural machinery produced by the agricultural machinery industry to be reliable、Must be skinny、Must be durable,under these circumstances,Producing some sub-factory parts that are not so high-tech,is it hard?
Chen Geng did not expect the quality to reach the level of original parts anyway.。

Qin Feng actually didn’t know what to say。But I still feel that the six ancient tribes are actually not easy。

“Haha,Not bad,This young man is very nice。”
“Ok,Is a manufacturable material。what a pity,I’m old,Otherwise, I will definitely follow him for a while。”
“Ugh,What is the world like??Actually, I also think it would be great if I could master that kind of ability one day。Unfortunately,We can’t even shake the Kunlun Dagger。”
Hear the words of the elderly,Qin Feng was taken aback,Then stretched out,A dagger flew in from the window。
Now Qin Feng finally understands what it means to be spiritual。This thing,Is it just alive??
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Chapter Four Hundred and Eighty Four Kunlun
Six ancient peoples in Kunlun put on a three-day banquet。According to them,The rule left by the ancestors is a three-day running water feast,No matter who,Even the passing beggars entertain them for a banquet。
It’s a pity that there can be no other people in Kunlun except the disciples of the Six Ancient Clan.。So even if it’s a banquet,Just entertain yourself。
of course,It doesn’t matter,Because Qin Feng is very enjoyable these days。And he found,After getting this energy,Seems to eat a lot of food a day。
Logically,Shouldn’t you not have to eat bigu??How come he needs food more?Although the more I think about it, the more I don’t understand,But he didn’t bother to think about it。After all, as Yaowuwei said,This is a different world。
A dozen masters of the Six Ancients are actually vulnerable to a blow in his eyes。
Originally in the so-called realm before,The gap is not so obvious at all。But now he finds that the guys who were previously called god-level are really not worth mentioning in the eyes of masters with dark energy.。
Or,Top people in this state“God”Title,It’s really not worth mentioning?Because after entering the dark period,Qin Feng knows,Even firearms such as pistols can’t harm them at all。If it happens againeCountry event,Basically he can sweep a whole area by himself,Then walk out of the encirclement openly。
Unfortunately,Qin Feng didn’t reach this level at all at that time,Although he didn’t quite understand why Yao Wuwei told him about Kunlun Dagger at this time.。
If earlier,Can some tragedies be avoided??
I saw Qin Feng’s look at the banquet,Yao Wuwei came over naturally,“Are you blaming me??”
“I do not have!”Qin Feng smiled bitterly。

This is a stubborn man,Muscles,With the sturdiness and iron blood unique to soldiers。

“Come talk to our room!”Jiang Jinghong smiled faintly,Nodded。
Lu Menglin nodded,Closed the door,Walked into the opposite room with them。
“This is my third brother,River Middle Stream,Lieutenant Colonel Battalion Commander of a Special Brigade of Nanjing Military Region。”Jiang Jinghong introduced that macho。
Lu Menglin stretched out his hand,Shook the opponent。、
Jiang Zhongliu nodded,I have a good initial impression of this boy who is neither humble nor humble。
He is the lieutenant colonel of the special brigade,There are a lot of soldiers under my control,Naturally have its own set of skills。
The boy in front of you,Is not humble or overbearing,Not the kind of self-comforting person,Just by this mind,No matter what you do,Should be a good material for soldiers。
“Student Lu,You saved Honghong,Everyone will be their own from now on,Then I’ll be straight to the point。The family plans to give you a place from me,You come to my army,As long as you are willing to endure hardship,Up to four years,I promise you a future,At least get a major。”Jiang Zhongliu smiled openly,Plausible。
Lu Menglin was stunned,Unexpectedly, the Jiang family’s return was actually this。
If under normal circumstances,High school students like Lu Menglin,Join the army for two years and then enter the undergraduate military school,if things go well,About twelve to fourteen years of service,Have a chance to be promoted to major。
If the college entrance examination directly enters the military school undergraduate,Counting four years of university,About ten years,If the exam is a graduate student,It takes three to four years for a normal master’s degree,basically,Only after graduating from a doctorate is the rank of major。
In other words,As long as Lu Menglin nodded,If I join the army now,It only takes four years,The Jiang family can let him accomplish a height that others may not be able to achieve in twelve years,Directly equivalent to a doctoral degree in a military school。
Four years later,Lu Menglin is only in his early twenties,He will be the youngest group of majors in the army,And he’s also a major of the special brigade,Undoubtedly young officer,Higher gold content,In the course of these four years,I don’t know how many resources are dropped,To get this status。
I heard Jiang Zhongliu’s words,Xu Hong’s eyes are obviously red standing aside,He leans against the cabinet,Staring straight at the river,Eyes full of unwillingness and anger。
This treatment,Should have been prepared for him,Based on the relationship between the Xu family and the Jiang family,I am the most suitable candidate!Xu Hong took a deep breath,Turning his eyes to Jiang Jingchuan。
Jiang Jingchuan seems unwilling to look at his friends,I had to glance to one side quickly。
“If there is no problem,I give you two days,Talk to home,Look for me at the recruiting office in the city the day after tomorrow。Work hard after joining the army,I believe you are a person who knows how to seize opportunities。”Jiang Zhongliu talks freely,Full of confidence in the tone。

Lu Menglin said casually,Liu Niuer’s eyes suddenly lit up,A face full of joy。

Sure enough to hold thick thighs!This has just landed on Hong Kong Island,Gathered such a big force at once,Liu Niuer’s heart suddenly became ecstatic。
He is a veteran warlord of the Golden Triangle,The use of power and the management of subordinates,It’s definitely of the old Jianghu level,So he knows,Venerable Lu threw this stall of people and things to himself,What a benefit。
and so,Liu Niu’er fell down without hesitation and worshiped,Kneel on one knee,Shouted:“Thank you for the reward!I, Liu Niuer, will surely convince these people。All future income generated on Hong Kong Island,All dedicated to His Excellency。”
Liu Niu’er knows very well,I will be Venerable Lu’s agent on Hong Kong Island from now on,The powerful,All have to cooperate with oneself,After Hong Kong Island, Liu Niu’er will cover the sky with only one hand。
When he thought of just getting on the island,I’m afraid of making trouble like Interpol,Change now,Has become a big man in charge of the forces on Hong Kong Island,Wonders of the world,It’s hard to predict。
“Liu Niuer,You know,Don’t be like him。”Lu Menglin gave a light command。
Liu Niu’er was shocked when he heard this,Nodded quickly。
He knew that Jiang Qizhi used to mix with Venerable Lu,The two have a good relationship,Venerable Lu just left for a while,This kid will vote for another master,It ended up like this。
Liu Niu’er is not as stupid as Jiang,Because he knows,What kind of potential does a young man represent,What’s more, behind this young Venerable,There are also super powers like Tu Chanchun,These people are tied together,I don’t know how many times stronger than Liu Niu’er。
One who knows how to examine himself,Self-aware person,Always live longer。
Arrange the Hong Kong Island power,Lu Menglin suddenly remembered something,Turning to ask Chen Jiannan:“Nange,Has a foreigner named Alex come to you?”

but,This is only the first day,These people don’t want to do it?

“What they said is too ugly。”
Xiao Young replied,The complexion is also a little red。
“Oh?What did you say?”
The thin monkey dropped the poker card in his hand and asked,My face is full of curiosity。
Chapter Thirty One Wu Xiaorou’s arrangement
“they,They just set up a sign at the gate。”
Little young looking towards the skinny monkey,Continue bitterly:“The sign says,Thanksgiving,Only for disabled persons in the lobby。
Whoever comes to eat,For people with disabilities,Free dining in the lobby,Other guests move to the box or open-air dining table,20% discount!”
The skinny monkey is a little surprised,I didn’t expect Wu Xiaorou to resolve his moves so easily。
He thought about it,Again:“How about this,How many more people will you call tomorrow,The store is full。”
“but,What if they still post such a notice?”
Xiaoyoung is a little embarrassed,He doesn’t want to be described as a disabled person for no reason,Was also pointed。
“They want to post,Just let them post,It’s impossible,They said that you are disabled?”
The skinny monkey looked up and whited his eyes,Said with some dissatisfaction。
My followers,The brain is too bad。

Ten tricks!Although these elders with foreign surnames can’t wait to kill all the elders and former subordinates of the Qi family,But it won’t directly hand over the entire Qicheng,For these guys,The whole Qicheng is a huge cake,Something that will belong to these guys,I can’t just let it go!

“Speak,What purpose did you come to this place for!”
Xia Chenglong signaled that he wanted to step forward and untie that guy, Zhu Wushuang sat on the side honestly,Smiling at the guy in front of you!
“I am by the order of the elders,Meet the Dragon King at Zhujian City,There are constant worries in that city,After the death of the old city lord,Several trusted elders of the Qi family began to monopolize the power,Promote Qi Dongliang as the new city lord,Take the opportunity to weaken the power of the elders,Although the elders are noble in the city,But no military power,It will definitely be consumed by those guys in a short time!”
“The elders in Qicheng are very dissatisfied with the management of the Qi family.,Grudge,Now it has become an incompatible situation,Now the elders of foreign surnames have formed an alliance,As long as the Dragon King can help,When the time comes, we should be inside and outside,It must be able to attack the entire tool city,Then,The elders expressed their willingness to be divided into five to five with the Dragon King,Take out all the property of the entire device city!”
That guy is tied up,So I can only kneel,But after I said so much with passion and generosity,I just saw Xia Chenglong looking at herself with a smile,And Zhu Wushuang on the other side seems not to do much because of Xia Chenglong,It’s impossible,This guy has seen through the elder’s strategy?
Thought of here,This guy’s forehead began to shed a lot of sweat,Looks scared。
“how?That’s it?Didn’t you say anything else??”
Waited for about three minutes,Xia Chenglong only smiled slightly,Looking at this guy in front of you,Seems to be waiting for this guy。
“The elder also said,As long as the Dragon King can help,on……And become an ally with the Dragon King,If there are any problems in the future,Advance and retreat together!”
“Hahahaha!Will I be an ally with this kind of guy?Stop laughing!”
Xia Chenglong was successfully amused by this guy,Isn’t the relationship between your elders and Qicheng a so-called ally??But what?What are you doing now,Isn’t it just a backstab for my ally??What is this,I already know that you are this kind of person,How could I still be your ally?
“Since that guy wants me to shoot,Not impossible,You go back and tell that guy,Give me something that I think is worth my shot,otherwise,Don’t daydream!There is no such thing as a pie in the sky in this world,Not even a few empty words,Things that can make people go desperately!”
Xia Chenglong threw this guy out,Tao:“How many people come,Blast this guy out,Take a closer look next time,We can’t enter the gate of the sword city,A guy who can’t even afford a ticket,Don’t come over!”

“Then you want me to help you find some domestic machining information……”

Implication:Since you are not going to do machining,What do you want me to do to find some information for you?
Chen Geng said:“from what I know,The purpose of domestic reform and opening up,The purpose is nothing more than two,the first,Let the people get rich as soon as possible;second,Improve our industrial technology and management level,Right?”
“Yes。”Comrade Ding nodded。
“But whether it is to make the people rich as soon as possible,Or to improve our industrial technology and management level,All need money,Be more direct,Need international hard currency:Foreign exchange,Only with foreign exchange,We can introduce the production equipment we want to introduce、technology,So in the final analysis can be reduced to one word:money。”
“so……Not wrong。”Although it’s a bit shy to talk directly about money,But since Chen Geng has spoken for this purpose,Comrade Ding nodded frankly:Official,Especially those engaged in diplomatic work,Not even this little skin thickness can be achieved?But Comrade Ding is also a little curious:“What you are going to do has something to do with this?”
“It’s related,”Chen Geng said:“They are all projects that can make the country earn a lot of foreign exchange in the shortest time。”
I heard Chen Geng said that it is a project that allows the country to earn a lot of foreign exchange in a short period of time.,Comrade Ding can’t calm down completely。
Foreign exchange!
What do you do this year without foreign exchange?Do not speak abroad、Learn from advanced foreign experience,Be practical,You look at other foreigners’ CNC machine tools processing parts quickly and well,Machining accuracy is several orders of magnitude of our traditional machine tools,The greedy saliva is about to flow down,What to do?Foreign businessmen said,Bring us dollars,Sell it to you if you have dollars;
Comrades in the Air Force have been thinking about the airborne radar of a certain foreign fighter jet for more than one day and two days.,I just have been suffering from no foreign exchange,Unable to introduce related technology;
A project being developed by a domestic scientific research institution,Once completed, it can catch up with the international advanced level,But now there is an urgent need for some advanced testing equipment from abroad,Need to buy this deviceXXTen thousand U.S. dollars……
There are too many similar examples,You’re welcome,Although money is not everything,But for China, which has just opened its doors,,“Foreign exchange≈universal”This formula absolutely holds,Now Chen Geng says that the projects he plans to invest in China will enable China to earn a lot of foreign exchange in the shortest time.,How can he not get excited?:“Brother,Don’t you kid me,Do you know?Last year,The foreign exchange balance of our country1Billions of dollars……”
“Can i make a joke?”Chen Geng’s angry way:“I am going to invest in two projects in China,One can be sure,Too much to say,Add a few hundred to the country a year、Thousands of dollars of foreign exchange reserves are absolutely fine,But I’m not sure if I can eat it in China.,But if it can be eaten in China,After entering the formal,Thousands of dollars a year、Tens of millions of dollars is not a big problem……”
Two items?
One can at least make the country millions of dollars a year(He automatically ignored the one behind Chen Geng“Thousands”),The other is a multi-million dollar project?!
Comrade Ding’s voice is trembling,Vibrato:“Brother,Brother, my heart is bad,Let’s not kidding……”
“Then you can treat me as a joke,”Chen Geng smiled wickedly:“forget it……”
“Don’t tell me!”
Comrade Ding is anxious,Really anxious!Chen Geng doesn’t need to say anything,Now I know that Chen Geng has two projects that can earn tens of millions of dollars in foreign exchange a year.,How can Comrade Old Ding bear it??Lian Lian Chong Chen Geng Zuoyi:“Brother,I’m wrong,I was so wrong,Your elders have a lot of knowledge, don’t be familiar with me……”

“Mr. Fernandez,Let me introduce to you,This is from Neva Design BureauA·B·Comrade Malinizzi,”Nicholas·Malinkov introduced to Chen Geng:“A·B·Comrade Malinich is the chief designer of our Soviet Union’s Moscow-class and Kiev-class aircraft carriers.,He is also the project leader of the Kuznetsov-class conventionally-powered aircraft carrier and the Ulyanovsk nuclear-powered aircraft carrier,Is the most precious gem of the Soviet Union。”

This old man who looks like a university professor in front of me,Turned out to be the chief designer and project chief of the three generations of Soviet aircraft carriers?
Chen Geng was shocked,He turned to look at Nikolai·Malinkov:You didn’t joke with me?
Nicholas·Malinkov returned to Chen Geng“Do you think I will make fun of you with this kind of thing?”’S eyes。
Ok,It’s the same reason,Nicholas·Malinkov really doesn’t have to make such a joke with himself。Confirmed the identity of the person in front of you,Chen Geng immediately reached out,Passionate way:“Mr. Malinich,Very honored to meet you,I like your work very much,As a military fan,In my opinion, your design has typical violent aesthetic characteristics。”
“Violent aesthetics?I like this description,”A·B·Malinizzi’s eyes lit up,Said with a smile while shaking hands with Chen Geng:“Mr. Fernandez,I have heard of your name,The materials allocated by our Neva Design Bureau,Many are provided by you。”
“That’s my honor,”Talking,Chen Geng picked up a delicate wooden box from the side:“A little gift,Hope you like。”
This is a very interesting old man。
See the delicate one on this delicate wooden boxlogo,A·B·Malinizzi’s eyes lit up suddenly,His throat twitched,Tentatively asked Chen Geng:“Cohiba?”
“Yes,Cohiba,”Chen Geng smiled:“Hope you like。”
A·B·Malinizzi is really not at all polite,Almost eagerly opened the box,Nodded with open eyes and smile:“Yes,I like this gift,Like very much,Mr. Fernandez,Thank you for your gift……Well,Yes,This is the taste,This is the smell that lingers in my head,I love it。”
full100Root Cohiba cigar,A·B·Malinizzi thinks this is his latest20The most suitable gift I have received in the past year。
As always,Nicholas·Malinkov still didn’t introduce Chen Geng to that he had met in the Kremlin several times.、But never know what the name is、What position does the guy hold。
Chen Geng did not ask,Since Nicholas·Malinkov does not introduce,That’s the identity of this guy is a bit mysterious,It’s better not to ask yourself,Looking at Nikolai who looked at him with a bitter face·Malinkov,Chen Geng shrugged:“I thought you liked vodka better。”
“Of course i like vodka,”Nicholas·Malinkov said loudly:“But i also like cigars!”
“Ok,I’ll give you a box next time。”
For men,There is no tool that can bring you closer in a short period of time than cigarettes and alcohol,I light a cigar and smoke it leisurely for a while,Everyone seems to be able to talk about everything,such asA·B·Malinizzi,Half-squinted,Asked Chen Geng with a look of enjoyment:“Mr. Fernandez,The light aircraft carrier you mentioned,What the hell is going on?”
Chen Geng didn’t answer immediately,But toA·B·Malinich asked:“Mr. Malinich,How much do you know about the light aircraft carrier Prince of Asturias in Spain?”
“Prince of Asturias?The semi-civilian ship is also called an aircraft carrier?”For the Spanish aircraft carrier Prince of Asturias,A·B·Malinizzi is dismissive from the bottom of his heart:“If it is a small-scale low-intensity war,But in the face of intense war,That thing is not much stronger than the viability of a quail。”
“In other words,If you are asked to design a light aircraft carrier with a through deck like the USS Prince of Asturias,There is no problem at all?”Chen Geng asked immediately。

“Just,We represent the God-level community,Now that the agreement is signed,Now we have an obligation to deal with them。But one or two of them didn’t listen to orders and advice.,All break the rules。Sooner or later it will cause chaos in the world。”Douglas echoes the road。

Look at the two bad old people
Of course,Qin Feng and others are also quite speechless。
The most depressing is,At this time, Dao Aisikui looked at Qin Feng and said,“You guys quickly contact Jiang Min to come back,otherwise,To make him succumb,Will choose to kill you。”
Qin Feng and others can be considered long-sighted,It’s the first time to see someone using hostage threats to say such a morally good。
Chu Xiao couldn’t help cursing。
In fact,He wants to fight against the gods.,Provided that,Someone helped him block the other person。So after cursing, his eyes stayed on Yinsang。
Even though Yinsang released Valverde just now,But Chu Xiao could tell,Yinsang’s strength is not weak,It may even be on par with him。
so,If anyone on the scene can help him resist for a moment,This person must be Yinsang。
However, the latter did not say anything when seeing such eyes,An expression that I don’t understand what you mean。
Now Chu Xiao can only turn his head and look at Qin Feng,Because he doesn’t know Yinsang,I even think this person may be one of Qin Feng or Cen Wen’s cards。
Cen Wen also looks at Qin Feng,“It seems that only you can call him to take action。He came to you!”Cen Wen has long understood,Yinsang was here to help from the beginning。But in the end,He seems to be inclined to Qin Feng’s side,In other words,If someone killed Xiang Cen Wen and Qin Feng at the same time,If Yinsang is rescued,That will definitely save Qin Feng。
of course,If time is too late,He will save Cen Wen。
just,Now they don’t know what Yinsang’s purpose is,You said he was an undercover agent put in by others, right?,He happened to kill two Heavenly Surgers。

“Vote for your mother!”

Under the constant pressure of fear,Many people will have great courage inexplicably。
The two robbers knew they were not Xiang Chen’s opponent,Then the fear of the grenade in his hand disappeared,Since I can’t escape,So it’s not a bad choice to die together!
Fly to pounce on the gun I lost before,When one of the robbers wanted to turn around and shoot,A dagger has been inserted into his throat,And after he turned around,Look so,Another of his own companion was knocked on the bank counter by Xiang Chen。
“What kind of monster is this?”
The robber whose throat is sealed by a dagger can no longer speak,But this will not affect his thinking。Finally understand why Xiang Chen would talk nonsense with himself‘Do you want to surrender’Up,This guy is not to give himself a chance,But want to walk to the person who was kicked to death before,Conveniently control his dagger,All you want is a hit,Kill two people at the same time。
Outside the bank,All the police have retreated,Hear the observation report of a distant sniper,Everyone is terrified,At the same time, I have a lot of questions about Xiang Chen,Especially the death of Sun Songtang,Chu Tianqiao has many things he wants to ask Xiang Chen clearly。
Just a few minutes,Chu Tianqiao and others outside the bank seem to have spent as long as a year,And my heart is suffering。
Until all of them saw Xiang Chen walking out of the bank holding Korean Xiang,Everyone’s hearts are let go for a moment but they are raised again。
Many people flocked to the bank to rescue the wounded,The doctors and nurses also picked up from Xiang Chen’s hands the Korean Xiang who had appeared in a mild coma.。
“Yan Ge,I’ll leave this to you!”
Put Korean Xiang on the stretcher,Xing Tao gave Xiang Chen angrily,But now he is more worried about Han Yuxiang’s comfort,I don’t plan to care about some things with Xiang Chen,After all, it’s long in Japan,As long as Xiang Chen is in Wanghai City,I can always find him!
Give the two grenade in hand to Yan Jun,In an instant, Yan Jun could feel his head bigger。Holding two grenade carefully,The blasting expert who had been waiting for a long time also calmed Yan Jun’s mood.,While eliminating the danger。
“Mr. Xiang is so powerful!”
Arrange Korean,After processing the grenade again so that it will not be detonated,Only then did Chu Tianqiao appear next to Xiang Chen。Raising his hand to stop the person who was going to handcuff Xiang Chen,The smile on Chu Tianqiao’s face is a bit confusing。
“Captain Chu,Just say anything,I’m in a hurry!”
Xiang Chen took a deep breath,Knowing that my actions cannot escape the sniper’s eyes,So I don’t plan to hide it,If there are signs of talk collapse,Xiang Chen believes that he has enough time to move his family。
“Don’t be nervous, Mr. Xiang,I just want to check with you,Last time I asked you in the hospital,You don’t seem to tell us the truth。”