Before getting on the coach,Check the car in a circle,Car door、fasten your seatbelt,Brakes、Start the vehicle,Shift,Lightly step on the accelerator、Get started、Drive、Reversing,Step by step and follow the process,Ye Xingkong seems to have talent,Basically all in one go,You can start it on the same day。

As for how to test the driver’s license、On the road,That’s just around the corner。
Li De greets the coach,Will bring Ye Xingkong to learn to drive every evening,Until fully familiar、Consolidate、Free to use。
The coach and Li De have a good relationship,All natural changes。
After returning home,Li De reports to Chen Limu about the current situation of Ye Xingkong’s learning car,Always smiling,Really gratified。
Thought,I knew this godson would have a great future,Not only does Ke Lan look the same as my son,And very intelligent。although,Slowly accept him as his own son,But my heart is still a little pimple,After all, not his own。
Tian Lu in a dream,Go home after a long day of work in the industrial park studio,eat、After taking a bath and other daily affairs,Start to review all the designs and manuscripts of the editorial department。
She doesn’t think working overtime is her dedication,I think it’s part of the job,Doing well is our duty。
Ability of staff in writing department is uneven,Some still need Tian Lu to write again,And contact the propaganda audience,Learn more,To enrich the text content。So Tian Lu often stays up late to turn the clock,To complete the work of the day。
Put down the pen,Light on,Light Phantom,Tired thinking,Ye Xingkong’s Ying Rong smile appeared,Unconsciously smile。
Thought,I don’t know if he is good now,Xi is not used to work and life there,but,But I can’t know the current situation from him,But want to know about Ye Xingkong,Besides calling Chen Limu,I just took the time to visit Mid-Levels Apartment。
Thought of here,Can’t help talking to himself:If Xingkong has communication tools,Such as mobile phones,In addition, his literacy skills are now the same as ordinary people,You can talk back to her if you are not sure,Just do that!
Made up my mind secretly,Decided to buy him a branded mobile phone at the mall,How about the money for the mobile phone,He will naturally give it in the future,Because Ye Xingkong has a job,I believe the smart Ye Xingkong will use it soon。
“but,Why should I buy him a cell phone??”Tian Lu is in a dialogue with herself,“Friends,Can when encountering difficulties,It’s normal to help,Um and,Who made me Tian Lu be kind and kind?,Help you Ye Xingkong,Is your blessing, Ye Xingkong,Humph~!”
Tian Lu started thinking like a reckless boy again,Naughty。Think that helping Ye Xingkong use communication tools is totally humanistic assistance,Volunteer spirit。
after get off work,Tian Lu went to the mobile phone store in the mall to see domestic mobile phones。
The chips and functions of domestic mobile phones are now at the forefront of the world,Buy one with a higher reputation,And the price is within control。

“So lovely,Still familiar formula,Still familiar taste!”Someone secretly praised。

“You are hungry!”Su Xuehen scowled,Said coldly。
“what?What do you mean?I have had breakfast!”Lu Menglin never
react to,Asked rhetorically。
“I said,You are hungry!”Su Xuehen’s eyebrows are frowning deeper,Faintly displeased。
Lu Menglin suddenly had a heart,Good fortune,Immediate epiphany,Nodded quickly:“what!Yes!I’m hungry,Very hungry!”
Su Xuehen reached out and took out half of the steaming bean curd from the drawer of the desk,Push gently in front of Lu Menglin。
“Eat!”Su Xuehen smiled,Her smile is like snow lotus on an iceberg,Under a smile,Ice melts。
unconsciously,Less than two months away from the college entrance examination。The senior high school students of Liufang No. 1 Middle School have been divided into three camps.。
One school is promising,They are stuck in a sea of questions and cannot extricate themselves,I feel guilty even after taking a break,For fear of wasting the final college entrance examination sprint time。
And some others,Has basically given up studying,I just look forward to getting a diploma from high school。
In fact, the most tragic is the third type of person,Their academic performance is below average,It’s basically useless to enter university,But it’s not about shunting the tail,I always give myself that little illusion,I think if this year’s college entrance examination questions are simple,I may still have some hope。
So this third kind of person,In the third year of high school is the hardest life,They dare not let go,Can’t learn,Can only suffer in painful and long waiting,And keep anesthetizing myself,At least better than those who have given up!
In fact,The college entrance examination is just a stage of life,Wait until these immature faces leave the campus,Step into society,They will find,The third type of person is often the most mediocre person,The most ordinary person。
The first kind of learning,Just play normally,Admitted to university,Have a diploma after graduation,Finding a job is not too difficult。
And the second one that doesn’t like learning,They know they don’t learn well,So I have a sense of worry very early,And many of them are playing,Found my interest,Or they have a relatively clear understanding of themselves,On the contrary, it is easy to get out of the society。Because they just don’t like to learn,Doesn’t mean they are not smart。
By contrast,The third kind of person obviously has no personality,Used to follow the trend,Many things are not done well enough,After stepping into society,Can only honestly find an ordinary job,Live a simple and ordinary life。

Ming and Qing Dynasties are the tide.State wood carving waits to flourish,At the end of the Qing Dynasty and the Republic of China, it reached the peak of its creative art。

This wood,Camphor wood。Everyone also see,This carving is very complicated and detailed,I know it is a work of art at a glance。”
I saw the cabinet multi-layer hollow、The magnificence is unforgettable,And that exquisite and exquisite、The rich and elegant craftsmanship can be described as beautiful、Unparalleled。
“The outer layer is gold?”Everyone surprised。
Populus nodded:“Be it!But only a very thin layer,Is gold,Is also a feature of this art。
The gold foil paper used for gilding uses a thin sheet made of a thousand pure gold hammer,Use a brush to firmly stick the gold foil paper to the surface of the wood。”
but,The most distinctive,Still painted and gilded。
Lacquer and gold,The process is more complicated,After the carving is completed, it must be painted、Filter paint、filler、Painted、Dry solid、Deposit,Every step has strict requirements。According to the different uses of wood carving,Can be painted and decorated with gold leaf,Like black paint、Colorful gold、Comprehensive deposit, etc.,Make wood carvings have a splendid artistic effect。
Populus open the cabinet door,Found to be bad。No wonder,People want to throw away。but,This degree of damage,Does not affect the value of the cabinet itself,Just fix it,The artistic content of itself is not damaged。
This wood carving craft,Mainly embossed,Focus on hierarchy,When it’s carving,It has to express some deep levels,It can reach four to five floors inside and outside,Strong three-dimensional。
“If you take a serious look,Will find,These carved pictures,Is actually a story。
This wood carving craft,It absorbs the traditional technique of Chinese painting scatter perspective,In character works,Often based on the development of the storyline and the needs of the subject matter,Different time、The characters of the space are combined on the same screen,Divided into primary and secondary and upper and lower,Ins and outs,Explain clearly,Structured,Well-balanced layout,Make it an organic whole。
Ok!Is a good thing,Song Ge,Help out,Lift up。”Populus euphratica raised his sleeves,Ready to move。
For this unowned,What are you polite?
Someone can’t help but ask,How much is this cabinet worth?
“Objects of the Qing Dynasty,The most important thing is that the carving is very delicate,Good selection of materials,Fine camphor wood,Otherwise it won’t be saved now,Still so complete。Less than one million!Specific。”
Finished,Hu Yang looked at the entire demolition area inside,It seems you can come here for a stroll,Maybe there are good things。
“Do you have plans for tomorrow?If there is no idea,We can come here for a walk,Forget it now,It’s getting dark。”Hu Yang said。


Chapter one thousand and thirty-three Conspiracy
I learned that the new president of the Aoki Club turned out to be a guy from the C group,Many people are surprised,Also laughed secretly,A little-known character,I want to unify Bairimen,Initiate an alliance with the forces of the city。
Either this person is not self-forgiving,Arrogant,Or there is someone else behind him,Just a poor puppet。
and so,Lu Menglin felt,At this critical moment,Tu Shanming will not sleep at night,It’s normal。
“Where is Lu Menglin?”Tu Shanming walked closer,Suddenly he said something astonishing。
Lu Menglin was taken aback,He thought of many reasons,But never expected,Tu Shanming actually mentioned his real name!
Taking advantage of Lu Menglin’s slight shock,Tu Shanming raised his head,A pair of faint purple light shot out from his eyes,Like two sharply rotating vortices,I sucked the mind of the person before me firmly。
Lu Menglin only felt lighter,As if the soul is out of its body,Involuntarily attracted by Tu Shanming’s eyes,Staring into his eyes unconsciously,like a statue。
In an instant,Lu Menglin felt like he was at the beginning of the explosion of the universe,Standing in a dazzling nebula,Don’t discern things,North and South,The whole person has completely lost the sense of space like up, down, left, and right。
but,This strange feeling only exists for zero one and one second,Lu Menglin was shocked,Reacted immediately,This is someone performing mental thaumatism on themselves!
Fortunately, he has already completed his skull tempering,Increased mental power,The resistance to mental attacks has also been greatly improved,So in such a short time,Break free from the control of mental thaumatism。
boom!There was a loud noise in Lu Menglin’s head,As if the earth is shaking,That is his own mental power began to fight back!
In an instant,Two powerful spiritual forces clash in the void,Yu Fangcun broke out,Extremely dangerous。
And in the material world,The two of them just looked at each other face to face。
This is the real“Thunder in the silent place”!

As long as the thought of dealing with such a terrible opponent,Many people subconsciously don’t want to face it。

Among the crowd,There are also a few companions who came with mad dog Wu,They are all secret medicine takers,All of them have a good family background,But this time,All of them are gone,Dare not show the slightest madness。
The mad dog Wu Mingming has started the state of madness of the secret medicine,But was still killed by the opponent,Such a terrible person,They haven’t even heard of it。
“you,How could you kill him?”
No one thought,At this moment, Miss Zheng dared to speak out,Shouted at the Tyrant God Aotian with a questioning attitude。
Lu Menglin raised his head,Gave her a faint look,Replied:“He dare to do it to me,Surviving。”
“you,You are obviously better than him,No need to kill!Can’t you beat him up??”Miss Zheng choked。
At this moment,The Chief Superintendent Wu stood up holding his son’s body,His face is very solemn,Son died in front of,He is stronger than everyone thinks。
“It’s Inuzi damn it!He dare to offend Venerable Huwei,Surviving!”Chief Wu raised his head,Categorically said。
Miss Zheng looked back in surprise,I can’t believe what I heard。
Although she is the same as most people present,I don’t know what the Lord is,But everyone can hear it,Chief Wu is not going to pursue this matter anymore,This is incredible。
“Overlord Aotian,Who is he??Oh my god!I can’t even imagine,What level is he?”Leng Yuexue was speechless,I almost lost my jaw。
The senior police officers who came with the Chief Superintendent were all shocked.,They can’t imagine,The chief superintendent who has always been selfless,Why did you even die in front of your son?,Dare not enforce the law,Is he wicked??
Only the few secret medicine eaters hiding in the crowd,They only vaguely guessed the identity of Lu Menglin,And the existence of the Lord,For them, the social warriors who can only be regarded as the primary secret medicine eater,It’s too far away。

“Your Mightiness,This is our personal grudge,Please don’t interfere!”

The people of the butcher。
Personal matters?indeed!
But he has been involved when he shows up。
“I promised an old man,Will save these people’s lives。”Xia Chenglong’s quiet voice sounded。
The other people who were already desperate showed excitement,The union did not abandon them,This is an unspeakable feeling。
They are not the kind of killing machines without thinking,The people above are still watching them。
“it is good,Since you want to protect them,Then prepare to die with these people。”
The butcher is very decisive,After speaking, the next round of offense has started。
“grown ups,You just need to help me stop the other two,I will kill one of them as fast as possible,Then come and help you。”
Domineering,Too domineering!
Just these two words,Has made these warriors feel surging,Maybe their goal for many years is to become like this domineering。

Feng Nan stunned,Then he shook his head decadently。

“Is your mind more flexible than a child?”Lu Menglin made another cut。
Feng Nan shrinks his neck,Looking at the child’s clever eyes,Shook his head blankly。
“And you don’t know qigong。Right?”Lu Menglin said these words,So many of the people present couldn’t help but laugh。
Just now, Wang Shaoxiao has already explained to everyone what Lu Menglin’s so-called Qigong is.,So I heard this,Everyone laughed naturally。
But Feng Nan couldn’t laugh,He knew he was not chubby enough,
No child’s mind is flexible,Not as good as Lu Menglin’s dragon,He is just an ordinary person。
Go to mixed rivers with Feng Nan’s qualifications,The end is not optimistic。
“Then let me talk about one more thing!Some of you may know,Maybe no one knows,of course,It doesn’t matter anymore。Our good brother Liu Yi,He didn’t mess with society,He went as a soldier,I put him in the car。”Lu Menglin smiled faintly。
Heard the news,Many people were stunned on the spot。
These people,Almost all got together because of Liu Yi。Liu Yi is in their hearts,Is the well-deserved boss,Righteous spirit,To protect Liufang High School,Do not hesitate to fight with those village rascals,Never give up。
So till today,Lu Menglin defeated the village ruffians,So that everyone is truly convinced,Regarding him as a new generation of Liufang No. 1 Middle School boss。
Everyone thought that Liu Yi followed the real gangster,Go to a big city,Including people like Chen Jiannan before,With this idea,Go south to the Guangdong mixed society。
I didn’t know Lu Menglin told them,Liu Yi did not go,But joined the army,This news is for many people,Is tantamount to disillusionment。

“Yes!That kind of people don’t have much education at first sight,Full of lies,You actually made friends with him,Tell him his name,If he is bad,What to do if i watch you?”

Big cousin and big cousin, you talk to me,He Sinan is very upset,He couldn’t help but looked at the guy who was still in the refreshment area to eat and drink,Suddenly feel so envious,I really want to be like him,Don’t care about other people’s eyes,Free life。
The small island ahead is getting closer,The yacht slowed down,Drove slowly into the dock on the shore。
What appeared in front of everyone was a very modern island,There are many buildings on the island,Hidden among the green trees and red flowers,Faintly revealing a prosperous corner。
The pebbled path extends from the island to the beach,Welcoming the guests。
Lu Menglin and Bacha Shitai went to the island together,Walk side by side。
Third sister He Sinan also got off the ship,Followed everyone a few steps forward,But found that the guy surnamed Lu was standing on the side of the road,Looking at myself with a smile。
“All newcomers,Let’s chant together?”Lu Menglin smiled at He Sinan,Bare mouthful of white teeth。
He Sinan suddenly stopped,Had to giggle。
The faces of the big cousin and the big cousin sank quickly,It’s just that they hinder the eyes of others,Don’t lose your temper directly,I had to make two cold snorts,Crossing He Sinan,Go forward。
He Sinan’s mood was also broken at this time,He really didn’t expect,That guy is so familiar!
But I can’t blame others,Who told him to take the initiative to go over and talk to others,Now people really regard him He Sinan as a friend,Friends together,It’s a logical thing。
then,He Sinan only had his head down,Walking side by side with Lu Menglin,And the eight-car master is not hurriedly following behind,Better than a stroll in the courtyard。
quickly,This batch of customers
People have entered the central area of Julong Island,I saw the legendary Julong Pavilion Fair。
This building in the central area,Covers an area of thousands of square meters,The exterior resembles the architectural style of the British Museum,However, many details have been added with Chinese elements such as cornices.,This method of combining modern civilization with ancient Eastern architectural skills,Unexpectedly produced a very strong visual impact。
Lu Menglin and Bacha Shitai followed everyone into the Julong Pavilion,It consists of two parts,Inside is a circular super lobby,Like a symphony concert hall,And a little like the ancient Roman Colosseum。
The outer hall is similar to the inside of the museum,Hundreds of showcases were placed,There are items displayed in each showcase,The most important one is precious medicinal materials,There are also a few antique calligraphy and paintings。

Mother Tao is a little weak and confused,Holding Tao Zhenzhen in a hurry:“Oops, hurry up and tell me what’s going on?”

Tao Zhenzhen won’t sell it anymore,Straightforwardly:“Oh,This is not,The Yang family thinks their eldest is getting older,Not good enough for me,Let the Yang family’s best third child marry me。”
Look at her at the same time,Look different from just now,Yang Weiguo thinks:Edit,You edit,People don’t want you to take you hard on me……but,Listening to this degrading boss and complimenting myself is pretty smooth。
Zhang Yuzhi’s mouth continues to hold eggs:Why can you talk nonsense like this?Boss Yang is not good,Back then, you could force yourself on others?Don’t think i don’t know,Boss Yang must look down on you,The Yang family just finished this one out,I’m afraid to say it’s not good on face,I just raised you……See if you can,Not good enough for you!You don’t want to think about your reputation!
She looked at Yang Weiguo critically:This Yang family’s third child is an adopted son,I heard someone who doesn’t like to squeaky and stubborn,Bad character,It’s not good,Good-looking and useful,Can eat?This man has to be able to provoke trouble!There are days you regret later!
Mother Tao was stunned,I didn’t think so much,I just took my daughter’s hand to persuade:“Since your mother-in-law is so kind to you,You have to live with your son-in-law。”
Tao Zhenzhen’s eyes twitched,This old lady is really confused,No wonder being crushed by a daughter-in-law。This era,Every family is headed by mother-in-law,Only Tao Jia reversed,That is, Zhang Yuzhi has an uncle who is the captain,Otherwise, you’ll have to be drowned by the spitting star。
“mom,do not worry,I will definitely live with Weiguo。”She smiled and took Mother Tao’s arm,“My dad and brothers went to work?”
“Ok,I didn’t expect you to come back today……”Tao Mute honestly said。
Zhang Yuzhi interrupted her,“The brigade will not ask for leave today,Wait for you to come back,Let brother-in-law know them again!”She went out without knowing what she was doing。
Tao Zhenzhen frowned slightly,What this said,Apparently he didn’t see Yang Weiguo in his eyes。
Also,This sister-in-law is not rare,Besides, a useless uncle。
But she didn’t want Yang Weiguo to go back with grievances,She was full of grievances when she was forced to marry,Be so despised again,Go back and let the anger on her,I’m afraid she won’t get better in the future。For the future,She still apologized:“Weiguo,You sit first,I gonna go see,If they didn’t go up the mountain,I called my dad back,Let him have a drink with you at noon。”
Yang Weiguo is not stupid,He grows up,Used to seeing human feelings,Knowing that I’m not welcome,I don’t want to flatter this so-called old man,Who knows that the Tao family are not snobs?He said simply:“no need,Since all work,Don’t look for it,Lest influence is bad。”

“Sister Cao,We seem to be about to die!Before death,Can you satisfy my little request?”

“What are you doing?”Cao Wen can’t keep up with Wei Xiaoxing’s thinking,Surprised。
Wei Xiaoxing took advantage of Cao Wen not reacting,Grabbed the opponent’s small hand,Grinning:“I haven’t tasted a girl yet!I don’t want to die!teacher,Give me a kiss!Just let me taste it!”
Cao Wen was so angry,Kicked Wei Xiaoxing on the spot。
“Your fifth military region,Are these people??Just like this,Dare to call yourself an elite?I can not believe it,This level is too bad, right!”No one thought,Just when everyone thought that the people of Beibu University had nothing to do,When I can only catch it,That guy with the surname Lu is still arrogantly talking。
“Is this guy crazy??”Under the duel,Someone shook his head and sighed。
“almost!Even if he is the reincarnation of Monkey King,I can’t do so many people in the Fifth War Zone!”Some people wonder why。
“It’s this time,Dare to zoom in,This person is at least bold enough,I admire him!”
“Then you go up and help?”
“fart!All the masters in the fifth war zone are on,I go up and fart!I’m not stupid,Let’s not die!”
While there was a lot of discussion in the audience,The masters of the Fifth Military Region on the school field,I was also very irritated by Lu’s words。
“Come on!Beat him down!”Major General Zhang shouted from behind,A posture。
Fu Longfei did not play,But the guard is beside the leader,Actually in his opinion,Although this is a big deal today,It’s not a matter of principle。
Although the young man is arrogant,It’s just being abused by everyone at most,Not to lose his life,After all, they are all contradictions among the people!
As for Maosen, he said that they are alien life,This possibility is really low,It’s just whimsical,So the only thing Fu Longfei has to do,Is to protect the leader,Don’t let people take the first rank of generals in the chaos,It’s enough to catch the thief and the king first。