You must know: Strawberry is the NO of anti-cancer experts.



You must know: Strawberry is the NO of anti-cancer experts.

The World Health Organization, the United States Department of Agriculture, and international research on cancer have pointed out that ingesting at least 5 servings of vegetables and fruits per day can reduce the risk of cancer by 20%.

Studies have shown that there are more than a dozen fruits that can effectively reduce the risk of cancer.

These fruits include strawberries, oranges, tangerines, apples, cantaloupe, kiwi, watermelon, lemon, grape, grapefruit, pineapple, kiwi and more.

Some special ingredients in them can prevent colon cancer, complications, prostate cancer, stomach cancer, etc., and have alternatives that are difficult to replace with other foods.

  Strawberry plays the first role in anticancer fruits.

Fresh strawberries contain a wonderfully implanted acid that produces an antitoxic effect in the body and prevents the formation of nanotubes.

In addition, strawberry also has an amine substance, which can also have a good effect on the prevention of blood diseases such as leukemia and aplastic anemia.

  Citrus fruits Oranges, oranges, lemons, grapefruits and other citrus fruits are rich in bioflavonoids, which can enhance the activity of certain enzymes in human skin, lungs, the insulin tract and liver, and help to make fat-soluble carcinogensTransformed into the primary, reconstruction is not easily absorbed and excreted.

At the same time, they can enhance the body’s ability to absorb an important anti-cancer substance, vitamin C.

Vitamin C can enhance immunity, prevent the formation of the strong carcinogen nitrosamine, and have a certain effect on the implantation of digestive tract cancer.

  One study showed that people who eat one citrus per day on average have a one-third lower risk of developing pancreatic cancer than one who eats a week.

  Kiwi is rich in vitamins, especially the content of vitamin C is 4-12 times that of oranges, 30 times that of apples, and 60 times that of grapes.

Recent studies have confirmed that kiwi contains an active substance produced by recombinant carcinogenic “nitrosamines” in the human body, and thus has a good anti-cancer effect.

  Pears are able to regenerate, moisturize, clear heat, reduce phlegm, and ancient doctors used it for esophageal, cardiac, and gastric cancer.

Because the carotene, vitamin B2, and vitamin C contained in pears have certain anti-cancer and anti-cancer effects, pears are suitable for patients with nasopharyngeal cancer, throat cancer, and lung cancer.

  Apricot is suitable for a variety of cancer patients.

According to research, apricot is the most abundant fruit with vitamin B17, and vitamin B17 is an extremely effective anti-cancer substance, which has a killing effect on carbohydrates.

It has been reported that vitamin B17 is used to treat cancer in the United States. Of the 250 patients treated in general, 248 were rescued. Currently, vitamin B17 has saved the lives of 4,000 patients with advanced cancer.

  The anthocyanins and resveratrol contained in grapes, especially grape skins, are natural antioxidants, and they also have anti-cancer effects, which can inhibit the malignant transformation of antigens and destroy the replication ability of leukemia cells.

  Apple Apple has a very useful ingredient 丨 polyphenols, which can inhibit the proliferation of fluorination.

Researchers have found that apple polyphenols can reduce the incidence of colon cancer.

After mice are implanted with soybeans, they can have better anti-cancer effects in terms of survival rate and quality of life by consuming apple polyphenol aqueous solution.

  Although the fruit’s anti-cancer effect is obvious, when it is consumed, it should still be selected and matched according to individual characteristics.

It is often caused by excessive eating of strawberries in the body that causes dysfunction in the body. Because strawberries are sour, patients with digestive system cancer should be more cautious.

In addition, patients with urinary tract stones and poor renal function should not eat more strawberries, because it contains calcium oxalate crystals, over eating will worsen the disease.

  As a reminder, the best time to eat fruit is 1 hour before meals.

Fruit is raw food. Eating fruit before meals is equivalent to eating raw food and then eating cooked food. The white blood cells in the body will not increase, which is beneficial to protecting the human immune system.

Tip: Five Mistakes To Avoid Fitness

Tip: Five Mistakes To Avoid Fitness

Core tip: Many women already know to use scientific and healthy methods to control weight, but there are still some misunderstandings about weight loss.

For example, while exercising, nutrition supplements are ignored, and the diet is controlled blindly.

  With the strengthening of people’s fitness consciousness, the proportion of sports in life is increasing, and the fitness population is increasing year by year.

However, there are still too many people who are confused about the concept of the scientific movement.

Sports have a certain personalization, and everyone’s feelings about sports will be different, so mastering the right sports knowledge can make you have a clear understanding, and you will not be blind when you exercise.

  Misunderstanding: Concentrating on exercise over the weekend is the same as someone who ca n’t eat and eat hungry. So is exercise.

For example, some people like to take advantage of the insufficiency of regular exercise on weekends.

Fitness experts point out that too lazy exercise can hurt the body, and concentrated exercise can also hurt the body, which is tantamount to overeating.

  Imagine sitting in the office 5 days before the week, almost no movement, the body has actually adapted to this state.

Suddenly picking up a lot of time on the weekend to concentrate on exercise will actually break the established physiological and physical balance, and the consequences will be worse than not exercising.

Therefore, a scientific and effective approach is to exercise 3 to 5 times a week.

I usually have a lot of time to work and have no time to exercise. At least I should move my body after the tea. I still pay attention to the flow of water.

  Myth 2: Exercise + Dieting = Good Body Many women already know that they use scientific and healthy methods to control weight, but there are still some misunderstandings about weight loss.

For example, while exercising, nutrition supplements are ignored, and the diet is controlled blindly.

  Dr. Jiang Xiuhua of Shanghai Dairen Women’s Hospital pointed out that diet control is necessary, but if you only focus on exercise, you don’t pay attention to nutritional supplements, causing physical harm.

The human body needs a certain amount of transition and nutrition to maintain its operation every day, and women also need compensation for menstrual losses, so at least transformation and nutrition must be guaranteed.

Otherwise, if the human body performs high-intensity exercise in a state of lack of supplement for a long time, it will cause a decline in immunity and disease will also enter.

  Misunderstanding three jump exercises is a woman’s business In the gym, there are usually two “well water does not violate river water” areas: the equipment training area are all men, and aerobics has become a women’s patent.

Many men always believe that “jumping aerobics is a woman’s business, a bit of sissy, and training equipment is a man’s business.

“actually not.

The fitness instructor pointed out that men prefer equipment training mainly because they feel that this can increase strength and improve body shape, but equipment training cannot achieve the effects of improving cardiopulmonary function and enhance the softness and coordination of the body.Aerobic exercises are combined to enhance complementary effects.

  Misunderstanding four muscles must be practiced every day, some young people are very passionate about bodybuilding.

In order to build a beautiful muscle, they practice in the gym all day.

In fact, the key to long muscles should be “relaxed.”

  Muscle exercise consumes a lot of nutrients. After the exercise, after proper rest, the nutrients in the muscle will be replenished, and the amount of replenishment will be more than consumed. This phenomenon is physiologically called “super””Volume recovery”.

“Excessive recovery” allows muscles to get more nutrients, the more developed and more developed.

Some studies believe that the rest time is calculated based on the muscles having the ability to exercise last time again. It usually takes 2 to 3 days.

  Misunderstanding 5: Large amount of exercise is more effective. Appropriate exercise and fitness training can help strengthen the body’s immunity, but excessive exercise can be counterproductive.

  Medical experts point out that both low-intensity and intermittent exercise can have a good effect on health.

Therefore, low-intensity exercise every day is not only good for health, but also reduces the risk of high blood pressure.

Excessive exercise will only have an adverse effect on the body, leading to muscle contraction, stiffness, strain, severe fractures, even sports anemia, and even sudden death.

Therefore, exercisers can consult a fitness instructor to choose the right amount of exercise.

Eat more crickets in winter without taking medicine

Eat more crickets in winter without taking medicine

Jujube has been consumed in developing countries for more than 3,000 years.

The existing medical monograph “Shen Nong’s Materia Medica” in the early days of China listed jujube as top grade.

Jujube is the “King of Five Fruits” because it is rich in nutrients.

  Jujube has been consumed in developing countries for more than 3,000 years.

The existing medical monograph “Shen Nong’s Materia Medica” in the early days of China listed jujube as top grade.

Jujube is the “King of Five Fruits” because it is rich in nutrients.
Contains protein, traces, carbohydrates, organic acids such as malic acid and tartaric acid, vitamins including carotene, vitamin B2, vitamin C, vitamin P, and other minerals and trace elements such as calcium, phosphorus and iron.

Especially carbohydrate and vitamin C content is high.

Sugar in fresh dates can reach 20% -36%, and dried dates can reach 50% -80%.

Vitamin C 380-600 mg per 100 grams of fresh dates is about 100 times higher than apples and peaches.

Therefore, it is called “Fresh Vitamin C Pill”.

In addition to vitamin C, jujube also contains maslinic acid and adenosine diphosphate.

The former has the effect of inhibiting toxins, while the other has the function of regulating cell division.

The synergy between the two can enhance immunity and normalize the abnormally proliferated tissue and cell division.

  Jujube is divided into red dates and black dates according to different processing methods.

Jujube is served by boiling and slightly hot.

Studies have found that regular consumption of red dates can increase the oxygen content in the blood, and has the function of nourishing systemic cells. It is a strong agent with a relaxing effect.

Black jujube is scalded with high-grade fresh jujube in boiling water, and then smoked and roasted until the jujube skin is transformed and shiny, and the jujube meat is half-cooked until it is moderately dry.

Both kidney and blood.

The sources are the same. The quality of Henan Xinzheng is the best, and Shandong’s output is the largest.

Nan jujube is a variant of jujube. It is produced in Jinhua Lanxi, Zhejiang Province. It used to be a tribute, so it is also called tribute jujube.

Nowadays, it is mostly used for food and tonics. Traditional Chinese medicine is used for many prescriptions. People think that the tonic power is the best.

  Jujube has always been a health-care product for replenishing qi, nourishing blood, and soothe the nerves. It is also a commonly used product for traditional Chinese medicine to treat diseases. It is a plant-based food for food and medicine published by the Ministry of Health.

Clinical observations have a beneficial effect on patients with hypertension, cardiovascular disease, insomnia, anemia, etc.

Traditional Chinese medicine often mixes jujube with licorice or uses jujube as an introduction.

There is such a record in “Qunfang Spectrum”: “Take the jujube in October, break it, peel the pit, burn the fire repeatedly, cook soup and drink, and have a good spleen and appetizing appetite.”

  The ancient recipe “Ganmai jujube soup” is a combination of jujube with Huai wheat, licorice and decoction for a long period of time to relieve symptoms such as anemia, purpura, purpura, women’s menopause, uneasiness, and uncontrollable mood.
In the treatment of chronic hepatitis, liver cirrhosis and other diseases, folk prescriptions are also commonly used with 200 grams of jujube, accompanied by 90 grams of Yinchen, fried with jujube and decoction.

  Ingenious use of medicine to be a healthy beauty. At present, it is used clinically or in daily health care. It is also used in the following areas: tonic and nourish qi, nourishing the blood and soothing dates to add nutrition to the body, nourishing qi and blood.

For the spleen and stomach weakness, insufficient gas, fatigue, fatigue, loss of appetite, thin stools and other evidence.

Compatible with Codonopsis, Atractylodes, etc., this product has the effect of replenishing and nourishing Qi.

It is equivalent to licorice and wheat and can calm and soothe the nerves. It is used in menopause with mild insomnia and irritability. In ancient Chinese medicine this was called “dirty”.

Often used with cooked land, Angelica sinensis, has the effect of nourishing blood, and those with blood deficiency and chlorosis.

  Jianweiyangpi chew 6 jujubes every day, or take pills with Dangshen, Aconite, Amomum to take regular pills, cure spleen and stomach weakness, vomiting and acid reflux, stomach pain, decreased appetite, fatigue, etc.

Such as adding ginger, pinellia decoction, treatment of gastritis caused by careless diet, and those who have stomach fullness, vomiting and vomiting.

The summer is hot and the water is lost rapidly. Jujube, aquilegia, and fragrant decoction can be used. Frequent drinking can relieve the heat.

  Cough and lungs, Shengjin Anmian dry cough without sputum replacement of jujube plus ginseng, black ginseng, Maidongjian decoction have a significant effect.

Cold or speaker hoarse, you can use jujube, fat sea, rock sugar decoction.Singers usually use jujube, Dendrobium candidum, and North American ginseng decoction, drink 1-2 times a week to moisturize the vocal cords, protect the throat, and maintain the voice.

If you often feel unfamiliar with sleep, and feel physically weak, palpitations, you can use jujube and a few white onions, or jujube and jujube kernels, purple salvia, and decoction soup 2 hours before going to bed, it is also effective.

  Chronic psychiatric neurological disease date can relieve liver and relieve depression, and is used in women’s irritability, that is, diseases caused by crying, depression, depression. It can be taken with jujube, licorice, floating wheat decoction, and it can have obvious effect in a short time.

  Jujube has a good role in nutrition and health.

Therefore, nutrition experts remind everyone: if you want good health, persuade Jun to eat more dates.

Practicing yoga at home focuses on adjusting state

Practicing yoga at home focuses on adjusting state

The movement of the tip can not only make the lines beautiful, but also strengthen the digestive organs and the respiratory system.

Strengthen thigh and calf muscles, beautify the lines of the arms, enhance the flexibility of the waist and shoulder joints, make the waist thin and soft, beautify the lines of the whole body, and promote blood circulation throughout the body.

  The office ladies are tired and busy every day, and they may not go when they buy a fitness card.

He said he was in bad shape all day.

From now on, do yoga for half an hour at home before going to bed. Putting your mind aside and adjusting your mindset is the key.

  The movement of the tip can not only make the lines beautiful, but also strengthen the digestive organs and the respiratory system.


The legs stretch forward action essentials: sit with your legs straight on the mat, your back upright, and inhale your hands and tilt them above your head; exhale, your arms drive your body forward and down, and straighten your eyes toward the toes.Orientation, try to keep the abdomen close to the thighs, and maintain 3 abdominal breaths.

Inhale to restore your upper body; exhale and relax with your hands down.

  Training effect: The entire tibia is stretched, which increases the strength and elasticity of the spine. At the same time, the muscle groups of the tibia and legs are tilted, so that the thighs and abdomen are firm, which can strengthen the digestive system and the respiratory system.

  This action not only has the effect of exercise, but also relaxes the body and mind. It does not prevent you from trying when you are tired and nervous.


Essentials of boat movements: lying on your back, feet close together, some flat on your side.

Inhale, lift your upper body, feet and up at the same time, with your buttocks on the ground and the spine as the fulcrum to keep your body balanced. Keep your hands straight with your feet straight and your fingers pointing at your toes. If you can, hold your hands with your hands.Exhaust your toes and slowly lower your body back to the ground.

Smooth your breath and relax.

  Training effect: enhance the strength of the abdominal muscles, eliminate excess and excess meat, and make the thighs longer and the waist thinner.

Prevent viscera sagging, improve rehabilitation, eliminate constipation and strengthen the back end.


Side-angle tilt action essentials: open two half shoulder width with your legs, rotate your right foot 90 degrees to the right, lift your hands up flat, exhale your arms to bend your body to the lower right, bend your right knee, put your right hand on your right footOn the front side, eyes look at the fingertips of the left hand, palms forward, and the fingertips point to the sky.

Note that the right knee does not exceed the toe of the right foot.

Maintain 3 abdominal breaths.
Inhale, the arm drives the body to slowly return upwards, doing the opposite direction.

  Training effect: Fracture exercise of the limbs and both limbs can reduce joint pain and sciatica, and can stimulate gastrointestinal motility.

It also helps the digestive process while reducing waist circumference.


Essentials of a dove-style variant: legs straight, sit on the ground, and keep your back straight.

Bend your left leg and your lower leg. Try to keep your thighs straight.

Grasp the surface of the right foot with your right hand, and lift your right lower leg upward, and clamp the surface of the right foot with your right elbow joint.

The left arm is tilted above the head.

Eyes look obliquely upwards. Keep this position for 1-2 minutes. Swap your legs. Adjust your knees to form a straight line during practice. Focus on your lower back.

  Training effect: strengthen thigh and calf muscles, beautify the lines of the arms, increase the flexibility of the waist and shoulder joints, make the waist thin and soft, beautify the lines of the whole body, and promote blood circulation throughout the body.

Who is the picture in your wallet?

Who is the picture in your wallet?

In most cases, as long as you open your wallet, you will easily see a face, a face you care about.

Whose face would you put in your wallet?

Under 15 years old, mostly their own idols; 15-20 years old, learned to love to see themselves; 20-30 years old, lover, lover, partner . Do you have photos in your wallet?

If so, who will it be?

  Options: Be a lover When a man is willing to put a photo of a woman into his wallet, everyone knows what she means to him.

Similarly, it’s a blessing to know that your picture is lying in another person’s purse and being stared at with affection.

  Collector: When Qing Feng first fell in love, I asked my girlfriend for a photo. She refused to give it, but I still begged to agree, this bust has since been put in my wallet.Got home.

My friends just saw the photos, and deliberately fussed them. At first, my girlfriends were not used to it, but later they felt very proud.

  Later, she took better pictures and took the initiative to replace them.

Now that his girlfriend is about to be promoted to wife, she is even more serious about the photos. She said that she has her own photos and it is difficult for outsiders to get involved!

  Options: Children can say that this is the most option for wallet photos.

A father or mother’s purse, quietly holding a child’s cutest picture, took it out when it was okay, all fatigue, tension, unhappiness or anxiety, all thrown out of the clouds.

Children are always the most effective means to soothe the hearts of parents.

  Collector: Since Zhiwei often goes out, photos of baby girls are always taken in the most personal place.

My mobile screensaver, computer desktop, wallet, Tongtong are all pictures of children.

Previously, it was the site of my wife. After having a child, the wife automatically retreated to the second line, and the child was replaced without any complaints.

Sometimes I was too busy to turn around and took out her daughter’s picture to see, kissed her little face, as if seeing her embarrassingly asking for a hug, my heart flew back.

  Option: Just put your own photos, if there is no one else to put it, it is that you have not got enough love.

  Collector: Xiao Qian used to have a photo of the two of us in my wallet. After the break up, the position of that photo was empty, convex, dazzling and heartbreaking.

So I put up a picture of myself, starting with resistance, and then I got used to it.

So much so that when he has a new boyfriend, he will not change his picture anymore, afraid of breaking up, afraid of injury, fear of replacement.

Every time I open my wallet, I see that I am smiling lonely.

Someone said I was narcissistic, maybe.

So I ‘m not afraid of being alone, because I can say, “You can do it!

“Option: Family portraits Few people put their parents’ pictures in their wallets, even if they appear, they are in the form of family portraits.

  Collector: When Zhao Ping was 5 years old, my parents took me and my sister to take a photo of Zhang Quan in the park.

I asked passers-by to capture, the quality is not very good, the black and white photos are suddenly old, but it is my only treasure.

Because after moving many times, the old photos at home are gone, this crease photo in my hand became out of print. It was originally caught in a notebook. After packing things up many years later, the photos that accidentally fell touched me.

In that photo, the parents are young, full of spirits and sharp edges, and the wind and frost of years has not left any trace on them.

Now, both parents are old.

Those who are rare in old age no longer have the demeanor of youth.

I treasure it in the middle of the purse and place it in the middle of the purse. I feel the heavy love of my parents through the slightly fuzzy plastic film.

  Options: In the young age of idols, who has not had their own idols?

From Weng Meiling in the 1980s to the super-girl who is now in a mess, it may be a treasure of youth memory.

  Collector: Girl 13 Girl 13 said that she also has a wallet, which is very cheap, one yuan for two.

In the wallet, there are stickers of Jay Chou.

Even if idol worship, however, Zhou Dong is not the only one, the girl 13’s wallet has been changed several times to face, Chunchun, Rain have patronized.

Occasionally, I also put my own profile picture, placed side by side with idols. Imagine that this is a photo, and my heart is beautiful.  Mind-whispering is said to be a tasteful man, with his whole body armed to a belt cufflink lighter and wallet.

I thought, the other thing is to say, the wallet, you must not be negligent.

A purse is a small window out of a man’s lifestyle.

A little peeking through this small window can see the most vulnerable part of this man’s heart.

  I once saw a guy who took a picture of the girl he loved, a 4-inch one, and enlarged it by 200% on the copier, then enlarged it by 200%, and finally enlarged it into a large black and white photo.

After many copies, the spots on the photo were faded and the lines were softer. The girl who was not beautiful was full of mystery and hazyness.

Hanging on a wooden board, indescribably charming.

He lay on the bed in the dormitory every day, staring at her eyes infatuatedly, tracing her lips, sleeping in the agony of whimpering, and waking up in the eager morning.

  Later, when I met him, he invited me to dinner.

When he took out his wallet to pay the bill, I glanced at the picture we had seen countless times in his dormitory, it shrank, lying quietly in the center of his wallet, separated by a transparent film, and his identityProof together.

  No matter where she drifts, she always has a place in his wallet.

  Later, I needed to run a program. Because of the busy schedule, I only took pictures and gave the list to a friend. He prescribed that he helped me take the pictures to do things for me.

After a few days, things were done properly, and I thanked him again and again, he only said, “No thanks, I have received the gift that I have been waiting for for many years.

“I thought about it for a while, but didn’t understand, he said there for a moment and said,” I finally have a picture that I can put in my wallet. ”

“For a while, I felt that a part of the soul quietly shattered a piece. It was ethereal and fell into an unknown part of time and space, probably behind a transparent plastic film, in the middle of a wallet, silently.Looking at the life of a man.

  A new generation of door gods. In the New Year, the custom in many places is to paste the portraits of Qin Qiong and Wei Chi Jingde on the door, which is called the door god.

The two portraits were posted on the door, and the demon and the goblin had to detour.

But do you know who the next-generation door god is and where are they all staying?

  The answer is: the new generation of door gods are husbands and wives, usually photos are placed in wallets, idlers, etc. See photos around.

  Leaving aside the green onions in his youth, the photos in the wallet are generally fixed when people reach thirty.

Husband or wife, sometimes adding a son and daughter is even a family portrait.

Understandable for those who travel frequently.

People who do n’t travel frequently often have photos in their wallets and suddenly do it all.

Everyone knows who and who are the same family for a long time. After a few hours of going out, they can see each other after coming home from work. Isn’t it unnecessary to put a photo?

  No, that’s what the photos really do.

Just like the door god, he shuts out all men and women who have innocent thoughts.

Often in the gathering of a lot of people, watching them gradually chat together in small groups.

Maybe there is a simple girl who has a good opinion of a successful person in Yushu Linfeng. This scene is often seen: successful men suddenly pull out their wallets and come to you with a smile.Photo of wife and son.

Little girls usually hold and look carefully, such as this way, your wife is very beautiful, your son is so cute.

In fact, my heart is sour, bitter and spicy.

  Or, that’s another meaning.

That is to say, look at my life status like this, I will not conceal you at all. As for how you want to be with me, it does not matter, but I will not change my life for you.

  A girlfriend was very depressed after being forced to look at the family photos in countless men’s wallets.

She said: cough, forget it, I open my wallet now, and the favorite ones are the heads of the four great men.

Psychological test: how will you react when you break up

Psychological test: how will you react when you break up

Core tip: When you decide to say goodbye to your boyfriend, you are going to throw away the ten letters he wrote to you. In what way will you drop the letter?

  When you decide to say goodbye to your boyfriend, you are going to throw away the ten letters he wrote to you. In what way will you drop the letter?
  A, throw it into the trash bin B, carefully wrap the letter, and then discard C, fold the letter and discard it D, crumple the letter and discard E, tear the letter and discard E, and tear the letter and discard it  Analysis of the answer: the person who chooses A divides two points and divides it!

  Think so much about what to do.

You are a very simple girl, and you are suffering, so you do n’t want to be an emotional person after you break up!

Everything you want to get together is easy to get together!

  The person who chooses B tastes sadness alone. You are a delicate and romantic girl.

  Probably never thought of a day of breakup!

You will shed extra tears for the breakup and take care of the sadness carefully. Although it will be buried in the past, your love will be hidden in your heart for a while to let go of it!

  The person who chooses C is elusive and emotional.

  The elusive nature is probably one of the reasons why the other party finds it difficult to get along!

People are actually very considerate and gentle, they just need to learn to control EQ, otherwise it is too late to break up and want to recover.

  The person who chooses D will definitely and regret your breakup method will be very decided.

  Because of your anxiety and love for face, the decisive breakup was caused by a momentary willfulness, but you will regret it afterwards, try to save it, and in his eyes it looks like a stubborn fight.

  The person who chooses E has a tendency towards revenge. There is a hysterical trend in your subconscious mind.

  When you encounter such a sad thing as breaking up, you will explode the violent part of your character. If your breaking up situation makes you uncomfortable, you may even want to use revenge.

Look a little, I believe there will be better people waiting for you!

My nine-year-old new lover disappeared after three divorces

My nine-year-old new lover disappeared after three divorces

My partner became a “confidant” Last April I was sick at home, and I often went to the square to dance.

My mood is jumping and my body is training.

I just rested after dancing that day, and a woman said hello to me, “You dance so well!

“I looked up at her, so young.

“is it?

Then we will dance together later?

“She looked happy and said yes.

After that, Gu Hua and I got in touch.

She is nine years old and works as a temporary worker at a university in Wuchang. Her husband and children are near Wuhan.

As for me, there are wives and children after remarriage, but they are all in Jingmen.

After the dance, Gu Hua came to my house.

My second marriage is long gone, so although I am betraying my nominal wife, I am not ashamed.

I knew in my heart that the marriage would end sooner or later.

  Separated for 14 years My second wife, Cheng Yu, has been married for another 14 years. We have been separated since we got married. I ran between Jingmen, Wuhan.

After I remarried, I didn’t want to have any more children, but Cheng Yu insisted.

She is very capable and takes care of her children while working at Jingmen alone.

I know I am really sorry for her. As a husband and father, I have not fulfilled my responsibilities.

But I can’t help it. My unit is in Wuhan, and my parents and son are here too. I can only run on both sides.

  Running on both ends, in fact, neither side cares, and can not save money.

Cheng Yu had a lot of opinions on me. We remarried for 14 years and separated for 14 years. The original relationship was not strong. The continuous long distance made me and Cheng Yu’s relationship become weaker.

Gradually, she stopped making me count, and she became very independent, which made me feel even more dispensable in this home.

  Cheng Yu was laid off the year before last. She left her ten-year-old son at her parents’ house and went to Guangdong to work alone.

This time, home is even more difficult.

I occasionally go to my home over there, and I can only go back to my mother-in-law to see my son.

I will return to Jingmen less and less.

  Cheng Yu and I are both thinking about breaking up.

Gu Hua and I talked well.

Gu Hua said that she and her husband also had conflicts.

Perhaps because of loneliness, or because of loneliness, Gu Hua, who works alone, needs my care.

Her needs made me find the dignity of being a man and making me feel useful.

This feeling is very useful.

  Gu Hua has been away for a long time, and Gu Hua said, “We can’t be like this.

“I know what she means.

I said then I’m leaving, anyway, that marriage is going to leave.

Gu Hua seemed to be afraid of responsibility. She glanced at me and said, “I don’t care if you can’t leave it.

“I said I divorced not because of you, but because I wanted to divorce myself.

Is this OK?

Seeing that she was silent, I said, “Then I leave, you have to leave soon.”She said,” Did I not tell you?

Your divorce has nothing to do with me.

As long as I’m not divorced, that’s a future thing.

I can’t promise you anything!

“I went back to Jingmen and divorced Cheng Yu. The divorce went smoothly.

The child gave her that Jingmen’s house was divided in her factory and should belong to her.

We have no property disputes.

  After going through the divorce formalities, I drove back to Wuhan by myself.

Looking at the scenery passing by the window, it was supposed to be happy, but it felt empty.

I am recalling my two marriages and comparing two wives at the same time.

To be honest, compared with the first wife Afang, I feel more sorry for the second wife Cheng Yu.

Cheng Yu hasn’t enjoyed any blessings in the past ten years following me.

She loves children and works hard.

Because my parents and I didn’t have any support for her, she gradually became resentful towards us, and this resentment should be.

Due to my low salary, my parents basically subsidized me to raise my eldest son for him to go to school.

This makes Cheng Yu even more angry.

“He doesn’t have a mother?

Want you to do it wholeheartedly?

“My ex-wife, Afang, divorced me when my eldest son was one year old.

I am a crew member and often run out.

Afang and my parents lived together, and they often quarreled since they were married. After the child was born, Afang and them were even more lively.

As long as I was on a business trip, I walked on my front feet, and Afang took the child back to her family with her hind feet.

When I got back, I went to my mother-in-law’s house to pick her up and go home.

However, gradually increasing contradictions, when I went back to my mother-in-law’s house to pick up Afang on business trip, she refused to follow me home.

  I also know that it would be better for a family of three to move out and live alone, but I have no ability to buy a house.

Self-confidence remains unresolved.

When the child was just one year old, Afang had sued twice to divorce me.

The second time, I agreed.

  After the divorce, Afang came to see her two children. Gradually, she became less and less.

Now, I don’t even know where she is in the world.

  After she promised to divorce again, Gu Hua became my center.

The eldest son is already working outside, so I don’t need to worry about it.

During sick leave at home, I don’t have to go to work regularly. I have a lot of free time.

Like eating, I called Gu Hua early in the morning and lunch, texted me, and sometimes went to her to find her part-time job.

I have always been an introvert, but in front of Gu Hua, I have something to say.

Gu Hua asked me to try to find her less frequently.

I said I wanted to do the same, but my legs didn’t listen.

  I asked Gu Hua, when will you leave?

Gu Hua first evaded and later said that my husband was not a provocative character. I mentioned divorce and he wanted to hurt my family.

Let’s talk when we get old.   On the 29th day of last year, Gu Hua was going home for Chinese New Year.

I don’t want her to go back, but I can’t keep her.

She didn’t divorce.

I bought her many gifts and passed her through the station.

  The second day was New Year’s Eve, and I couldn’t see Gu Hua for a day. I really missed her so much, so I asked her the street where she lived.

Coincidentally, I met Gu Hua who was going out on the road.

She was taken aback when she saw me. I saw someone around her and didn’t dare to call her casually.

Gu Hua later called me, blaming me for not coming to her.

I said I didn’t want to spend the New Year alone at home, and I wanted her to accompany me.

Gu Hua said that I was unreasonable, but still promised to come and see me and walk with me.

  The two of us were walking on the street and didn’t talk. She asked me to go back. I refused. She couldn’t convince me. I was so angry that I went back to the New Year.

The next day is New Year’s Day, and it snows heavily.

I wanted to meet Gu Hua. I was afraid she wouldn’t run out early, so I got up early.

I waited until early in the morning until noon, and I didn’t see her.

  I was sad that day, standing alone at the roadside station, cold and hungry.

Call Gu Hua’s phone and shut it down.

I had to return to my home in Wuhan.

  Love is entangled. I call Gu Hua’s cell phone every day and turn it off every day.

When I was in the fourth grade, I wanted a neighbour to help me call Gu Hua’s mother.

Gu Hua said, “Could you not call me!

I said, “Don’t you say that you have something on your hand to be operated on?”

I have contacted the doctor in Wuhan for you.

I think you come here earlier, I’ll take you there earlier and have the operation done.

Gu Hua listened, his tone softened again.

Gu Hua has a sarcoma in his hand, which needs to be removed by surgery.

In order to perform surgery on her, I rented a small room in Wuhan before the eighth day, and set up a gas bed and other daily necessities.

  The operation was a minor operation, which cost more than 2,000 yuan before and after. I paid for it.

After leaving the hospital, I put Gu Hua in the rented house to make food and drink every day. Her hands couldn’t get into the water.

Gu Hua was very touched. She said that no one in her life had treated her like me.

I feel that my feelings are getting deeper and deeper.

I said, as long as you are with me, I will treat you every day.

Gu Hua said, then, well, I have no other requirements, we have to get married alone.

You buy a house in Wuhan.

  I was so excited that if I could afford a house in Wuhan, Afang would n’t quarrel back to my mother ‘s house, and Cheng Yu would n’t be separated from me . I told Gu Hua that you can see my situation, II never hide from you.

Gu Hua said, that would not work!

Want me to live with your parents and son?

Is there a door?

  She was awkward and noisy about going back.

I had to rely on her.

The house paid a quarter’s rent and ended up staying for ten days.The hard-earned money was thrown into the water.

Although I was distressed, I could only eat Coptis dumbly.

  Gu Hua went home.

I have never seen her again since.

I used to recharge her mobile phone. I was angry and did n’t recharge her.

Her cell phone stopped naturally.

  I’m not willing to lose my mind.

Gu Hua did not promise anything to me.

But I just don’t think it should be like this.

I don’t pay much for her because I’m not big money.

But what I paid is my dream. I feel that I have failed in my life. Only by winning her can it be considered a success.

  But she avoided me.

She had already resigned from her previous temporary occupation.

Her mother and her sister couldn’t find her on the phone. In the end I rushed out and I called her husband.

The other party was very alert and asked who I was. I said I was looking for Gu Hua and what to do for her?

Find her . I lied, “She borrowed my money.

“” How much I borrowed, I’ll pay it back!

Pay it back now, you tell me where you are!

“I was on the street where Gu Hua was, but I didn’t dare to say.

  I put down the phone and thought for a long time, I had nowhere to go, and went to Gu Hua’s daughter Yingying’s school.

  These phone numbers and addresses were all told by Gu Hua and Hershey before, the speaker was unintentional and the listener intentional.

I found Yingying and she knew me.

Gu Hua took her to Wuhan before, and I took them to Donghu to play.

  I asked Yingying: “Are your mothers at home?

I want to find her something.

“Yingying said,” Mom is not at home and goes to work.

“Where did you go?”

“”do not know.

“I returned to Wuhan with disappointment.

I know Gu Hua has an older sister who lives not far from my house. I found her older sister’s house again. Her older sister was not at home.

I sat in the small bookstore downstairs and talked to the owner.

They knew Gu Hua and said she was a nanny nearby.

And gave me her new number.

  I was pleasantly surprised. A phone call came over. Gu Hua heard my voice and shouted like a ghost: “He Ding, you are nothing to do, you shameless thing!”

You also went to my daughter’s school.

I tell you, I live in No. 178, a certain unit in a certain district, you have the courage to come to me, you dare to come again, see that I will not peel your skin!

“I was thinking about this address in my heart, but I never went to her.

Revealing her mental activity from female dressing

Revealing her mental activity from female dressing

For women, clothes are no longer the clothes needed for daily life. Clothes have become a part of women’s bodies. They are as important as skin.There is an extreme connection in the mind.

  American psychologist Dr. Peter Rolf believes that a person’s preference for clothing color and clothing can often be said to be psychological, and this is more obvious to women.

At the same time, Shibuya Masanori, a professor of psychology at the Department of Human Sociology at Mejiro University in Japan, also proposed that a woman’s choice of clothing has hidden many personal psychological characteristics.

A recent online survey of 5,220 women found some interesting results that also reflected certain psychological characteristics of contemporary women.

  In our impression, skirts are women’s iconic outfits.

But the data from that survey upended previous perceptions.

On the question of “most pants or skirts”, 70.

88% of women choose pants.

This not only reflects the changes in women’s requirements for clothing, but also reflects their subtle psychological changes.

First, skirts are more feminine and feminine, while pants are more neutral.

  There is a trend in modern society, and women are beginning to pursue a neutral temperament, which can be seen from the selection of “super girls”.

In addition, women mostly work hard in the workplace. They want to work like men and prove themselves with strength, but are not willing to accept the gender characteristics of women to show off their weakness.

Therefore, they want to conceal their feminine temperament as much as possible. Therefore, they are naturally more favored because of their able and steady pants.

  In the survey, there were 22.

15% of women never buy the same clothes, 61.

24% of women occasionally buy the same model.

Of course, this is closely related to the variety of clothing styles. At the same time, more than 80% of women are pursuing changes in clothing styles, reflecting their psychological characteristics of maintaining their personality while pursuing people and things.

These women like to accept new things, new mobile phones, digital cameras, and they often become the first customers.

In addition, they are uneasy about the status quo, and once the passion is gone, they will find ways to find new stimuli.

  Foreign psychologists say that women can also be understood through the brightness of the color of their clothes.

In this survey, the number of people who like warm colors and cold colors is not much different, being 27 respectively.

18% and 32.


From a psychological point of view, women who just like warm colors are more disturbed and feel uncertain about life.

A study by Masahiro Shibuya also found that women who usually wear high-brightness clothes unconsciously use bright colors to restore their anxiety in their hearts.

  Of course, there is no absolute equivalence between women’s clothing and their psychology. The former is just a reflection of a few. Choosing a certain type of clothing is also related to the mood of the moment and place.

Therefore, we don’t have to pretend that we have to see what other people are wearing.

Who do you most offend in the office

Who do you most offend in the office

Let’s take a look at who in the office are you most likely to offend?

  1. When a colleague comes to work, he always opens qq and knocks his eyes straight. What do you think he is doing?


He must be dating online.

→ 2?

He mostly uses qq for private work.

→ 3 2. The boss takes you into the rectangular office area and lets you choose a position to sit down. Which kind of n partitions would you choose?


Near the boss’s office, when he came out, it must be me who blocked his sight.

→ 4?

The farthest from the boss’s office, he turned 360 degrees when he came out, and it was difficult to scan me with the light from the corner of his eye.

→ 5 3. During the meeting, the boss praised the idea in a case is good, that is your creativity, you are so proud, you want the boss to know, what will you do?


Regardless of the face of the supervisor, it is directly said that this idea is yours.

→ 6?

Look at the supervisor’s face, and then declare yours as appropriate.

→ 4 4. When you meet a colleague who has a different gender from that handsome guy or geeky director and stays in his or her office for more than 30 minutes, what do you think about?


Ambiguous, ambiguous.

→ 5?

Hehe, are you discussing any tricks?

→ 8 5. As soon as you enter the office, you suddenly smell a distinctive perfume. How would you express your feelings?


Who is in heat again?

So fragrant!

→ 7?

Say nothing, first sniff out Xiangxiangyuan with your nose.

→ 8 6. My colleague listens to your salary. How will you preclude this problem?


Doesn’t the company stipulate the confidentiality of personal wages?

→ 7?

Alas, it’s almost like you.

→ 9 7. There are always people in the company who have “special backgrounds” but who are a bit silly. They are very bullish. At this time, what is your reaction?


You are yours, I am mine.

→ 9?

What is it, no real skill.

→ 10 8, are you always polite to the cleaning aunt in the company?  ?

Generally, what does she have to do with me?

→ Type a?

The more aunt has to be polite to others.

→ 9 9. Some colleagues forgot to turn off the computer. You happen to work overtime. Would you “by the way” look at the files in the colleagues’ computers?



→ Type b?

will not.

→ 10 10, a female colleague quietly tells your boss to try to harass her, how do you feel?

Will this happen?


Be affectionate yourself.

→ Type c?

Oh my god, everyone in the company must know tomorrow!

→ Type D analysis: Type a: The people who are most likely to offend in your office are those who have a lower position than you. It is difficult for you to have Ya Xing sit on an equal footing with these people and share happiness with donkey friends.Dedication, sometimes will give those low-level staff a very sophisticated feeling, causing you to want to “mix” good is “snobbish” situation.

  Type b: You are too free and easy in the office, although you do n’t really pay attention to your boyfriend ‘s private affairs, you always like to lean on the topic, or try to find a little fun in the topic of the relationship between men and women in the office. It is the easiest to offend those who are ambiguous with the supervisorRelationships or co-workers have proprietary people who don’t want to be known.

  Type c: The person you are most likely to offend is the one who does not have a position, but is a “senior” or “senior”. When talking and acting, you will not give people a little sincerity due to their long journeys.When he is polite to seniors, he occasionally perfunctory.

  Type d: The person you are most likely to offend is your direct supervisor, not because you are proud, but because you have a virus that improperly supervises others, so the supervisor will use you most hard, but on meritAt the time of the reward, I will definitely give you some shoes to wear.

There is also a four-year itch in the workplace

There is also a “four-year itch” in the workplace

In a survey based on a database of one million office workers on the Internet, 61% of office workers felt pressured, and nearly two-thirds were uninterested in work.
Another set of data released by China Human Resources Development Network shows that nearly 50% of job burners have not been employed for more than 4 years.
Burnout seems to have become a common problem in modern society, spreading around people.
6% of people ‘s job burnout Yan Jianjian, an associate professor at the School of Psychology, Beijing Normal University, told reporters that job burnout usually refers to the exhaustion and exhaustion of mental energy at work.
With it comes physical fatigue and a loss of enthusiasm for work.
Psychologist Maslow summarized his performance into three symptoms, namely emotional failure, cynicism, and decreased achievement.
  Emotional exhaustion refers to feeling extremely tired without energy and enthusiasm for work.
The survey shows that 27% of people have more severe emotional failure; 61% of the workplace feel that they have a lot of work pressure and are exhausted after work.
Xiao Du, who has worked in a foreign company for three years, told reporters that she now relies on two days of travel every month to reduce stress.
“But no matter in which city, all I want is work.
So I recently resigned, intending to completely relax for six months.
“Cynical disrespect means deliberately keeping a distance between itself and the work object, adopting an indifferent and neglectful attitude towards the work object and the environment, and perfunctory work.
Yan Jianjian said that in psychology, this is also called “depersonalization.”
In the survey, nearly two-thirds of people are becoming less and less interested in work and are skeptical of the meaning of work.
  Decreased personal achievement refers to the tendency to negatively evaluate yourself, accompanied by a decline in work ability experience and achievement experience.
The results of this survey are somewhat comforting. 74% of people rated themselves highly, and only about 4% felt that they had little sense of accomplishment at work.
  Experts divided job burnout into three levels: low, medium, and high according to how much they had the above performances.
The results showed that 74.
6% of people have a symptom of mild job burnout; 43.
2% of people have two symptoms, which are moderate burnout; 10.
Eight percent have three symptoms at the same time, which is severe burnout.
  The first 4 years were the period of high incidence of burnout. Compared with the past, young people now seem more prone to burnout.
A survey by the China Human Resources Development Network shows that nearly 50% of job burners have participated in work for less than 4 years.
After 5 years of work, the burnout index decreased significantly. After 16 years of work, the degree of burnout was reduced to a minimum.
The survey also showed that 35% of people under the age of 25 experienced burnout, followed by those aged 25-35.
  And changing jobs is a typical manifestation of job burnout. Xiao Chen, who has been working for less than a year, said: “It’s really unbelievable that our parents can spend a lifetime in a unit!
After my classmates graduated, they basically changed jobs.
According to the “Shanghai Laborer’s Occupational Mobility Analysis Report” released by the Shanghai Employment Promotion Center, compared with other age groups, young people under the age of 30 have the shortest occupational mobility cycle, averaging less than one and a half years.Change jobs.
“This change is related to the overall atmosphere of society.
“Dong Yang, an associate professor at the School of Psychology at Southwest University, said that first of all, modern people value money too much, and many people choose a job not out of interest.
Coupled with increasing competition and work pressure, they will soon be physically and mentally exhausted.
  Second, the impact of the environment.
Yan Jianjian said that in the past, people rarely changed jobs, and most people wanted to hold an “iron rice bowl” for a lifetime.
But now more and more people are changing jobs, “holding the iron rice bowl” in some people’s eyes even become “incompetent” performance.
“People are susceptible to the influence of those around them. Once someone burns out, they will inevitably affect themselves.