The old man should choose some kind of sleeping position

The old man should choose some kind of sleeping position

The posture of sleep is nothing more than supine position, right lateral position, left lateral position and prone position.

  In the supine position, the body and bed have the largest contact area, so it is not easy to fatigue, and is conducive to blood circulation of the limbs and brain.

However, some elderly people, especially those who are more obese, are prone to snoring in the supine position. Severe snoring refers to the presence of loud snoring and nasal snoring, which may affect the rest of others and may affect the exchange of gas in the lungs.Hypoxemia; in the right lateral position, because the outlet of the stomach is below, it causes the discharge of the contents of the stomach, but the right lateral position changes to the right limb is oppressed, affecting blood reflux and suffering from soreness and numbness;In the anterior position, there is almost no pressure on the limbs during sleep, the gastric emptying slows down, and the pressure on the heart in the chest is maximal, which is not conducive to blood transfusion of the heart; and the prone position can affect the breathing and affect the blood circulation of the facial skin.It makes the skin of the skin easy to age.

  Therefore, the elderly should not sleep in the left lateral position and prone position, preferably in the supine position and the right lateral position.

The elderly who are prone to snoring and the elderly with gastritis, indigestion and sagging stomach are best to choose the right lateral position.

Relieve your workplace stress

Relieve your workplace stress

White-collar work pressure is a recognized fact.

Therefore, various reports on white-collar decompression do have an increasing trend. Take the recent situation: there are high-ranking female white-collar workers who are looking for people to quarrel in the street; there are also white-collar “spiritual supermarkets” in Shanghai.It is just a “spiritual product” with air; I have also heard of “pillow fights”, “human flesh dominoes”, etc., so many tricks, it is really dazzling.

Here we will talk about how to ease the pressure on the workplace.

  Character: Li Tao Occupation: Financial Manager Strategy: From seeking foreign aid to self-regulation From the day of promotion, the eyes of colleagues around me are no longer as soft as before.

The unit office is tense, and six or seven people from two departments are huddled in an office.

A small space, who does what, who is talking about everything can be seen clearly.

I couldn’t find the reason for being hostile. I had to tell my parents or friends, and finally their mood began to gloomy.

  No way, you have to rely on yourself.

I began to challenge my own endurance and ordered myself to ignore other people’s arguments. It is important to do my job well.

I was very depressed during that time.

The middle-level small cadre of a unit is really difficult in the network of people squeezed under the pressure. I know that I can only adjust my mindset by myself. After all, it is unwise to rely on job-hopping to escape.

  Since I have not given up my work, the performance is obvious to all, and more and more people support me.

Later, I realized that all the unhappiness was due to the fact that I was replaced by someone else.

Now, occasionally there will be things that are led by the judiciary or unreasonable training, being crowded out by others, but I already know what to do.

  My secret is to maintain a peace of mind, do your own job, and everything will pass.

  Character: Xiaoping Occupation: Sales Manager Strategy: I have been “exiled” for 5 years. I am a weak woman, fighting in the workplace, a little age turns into a yellow face, and all kinds of pressures are accumulated in my heart.danger.

One day, after a long-distance passenger station, watching a regular vehicle coming in, a bold pre-jumping out: I want to “exile” myself to a strange surrounding town.

In the carriage, Daolang’s “The First Snow of 2002” was played.

When I boarded the high-speed, my eyes were wide open, the sun, the blue sky, the scent of romance or sadness that disappeared in the depths of memory, and suddenly came back.

  The serious face stretched out on weekdays and walked lightly. I smiled at everyone who came on the road.

When you are tired, just pick up a snack bar and have a bowl of millet porridge, a dish of light green vegetables, and a pot of green tea.

No repression, no cumbersome, PHS is no longer in the service area.

  In fact, the personality of each person is different, and the pressures and solutions are certainly different.

The key is to find ways to help you relax.

The best for you is the best.

  Character: Liu Hong Occupation: Freelance writer strategy: Keeping the normal mind too much. After the N conflicts with the boss, I decided to resign and go home to be a freelance writer.

Sometimes, in order to catch up with the draft, I had to write it overnight, and wait until the manuscript was written and sent out, but I couldn’t sleep.

  The brain is still thinking about the manuscript just written, I don’t know if it can pass.

If the editor feels that there is something that needs to be modified, he will call it. It is definitely impossible to sleep.

In this way, the day and night are not divided, the body’s biological clock is also disturbed, worry, insomnia, nervousness, depression, dreams, headaches, these symptoms are always trapped me.

  I gradually learned not to over-compress myself, and I could not lose confidence in the rejection.

We must face the difficulties with optimism.

I learned to vent, and when I feel too stressed, I talk to my friends, read novels, listen to music, and watch movies.

  Human development has always been a tortuous move. Therefore, you must know how to be contented in your work. When you are low, look at your achievements. When you are in high spirits, look at the previous goals, be humiliated, and always be happy.Feel to treat every test.

  Do you have “occupational heart disease”? Characteristics: 1, cognitive impairment – unable to concentrate – resistance to work stress – emotional distress – low self-esteem and discrimination 2, anxiety depression – anxiety and loss – career prospects bleak – lack of self-control 3, bad hobbies – violent tendencies – suicidal thoughts – family or marriage life failure 4, environmental adaptation difficulties – difficulties in interpersonal coordination – cultural conflicts.

  Consequences: increased absenteeism rate, increased turnover rate, increased accident rate, reduced work efficiency, reduced work enthusiasm, increased resource management expansion, such as recruitment, training and medical expenses, which makes the company unintentionally infected with “spiritual virus” or even “death”.

Autumn tonic 7 big food sweet potato anti-constipation Shantou Jianwei Yibu

Autumn tonic 7 big food sweet potato anti-constipation Shantou Jianwei Yibu

Autumn tonic, what to eat in the fall?

What is the food for the autumn tonic?

Which foods are suitable for autumn tonic?

Autumn tonic is not just about eating meat. Some foods can increase resistance in the fall and are good for the body.

Let’s take a look at some of the big foods that are suitable for eating in the fall.

  A survey of sweet potato (especially the sweet potato of Huang Xin) on the hometown of the centenarians in Guangxi shows that the longevity of the elderly in this place has a common feature, that is, they are used to eating sweet potatoes daily and even use them as staple foods.

Sweet potato is rich in essential nutrients such as starch, vitamins and cellulose. It is also rich in mineral elements such as magnesium, phosphorus and calcium, and linoleic acid.

These substances maintain blood vessel elasticity and are very effective for elderly constipation.

In addition, sweet potato is an ideal diet food, which has the function of preventing the conversion of sugar into auspicious because it overlaps with cellulose and pectin.

  Shantou taro edible starch, nutritious.

Each of the 100 grams of fresh products contains an intermediate 91 card, protein 2.

4 grams, 姨0.

2 grams, carbonic acid 20.

5 grams, calcium 14 mg, phosphorus 43 mg, iron 0.

5 mg, vitamin C 10 mg, vitamin B10.

09 mg, vitamin B20.

04 mg.

It contains milk, mild and smooth, easy to digest, and has a stomachic effect. It is especially suitable for patients with spleen and stomach weakness, disease, tuberculosis and recovery patients. It is a good food for infants and the elderly.

  枸杞枸杞 has antipyretic, treatment of diabetes, cough and phlegm and other effects, and can be reduced after boiling the roots, can lower blood pressure.

About 枸杞茶 has the treatment of debilitating cold, cold feeling, stomach, liver and kidney disease, tuberculosis, constipation, insomnia, hypotension, anemia, various eye diseases, hair loss, stomatitis, skin care and so on.

However, because the effect of warming the body is quite strong, people with high blood pressure and high blood pressure and temperament are too eager to eat.

On the contrary, if the body is weak, often cold, people with poor resistance are best to eat every day.

  Jujube According to Chinese medicine experts, jujube is not only a sweet food, but also a good medicine.

Jujube is sweet and sweet, and it has the effect of tonifying qi and benefiting blood into the spleen and stomach. It is the best product for strengthening the spleen and replenishing qi.

Traditional Chinese medicine commonly used jujube to treat spleen and stomach weakness, lack of blood and insomnia.

According to pharmacological studies, jujube has the effect of protecting the liver and lowering blood lipids.

Experts said that although jujube is sweet and non-toxic, it is hot and humid, so it can’t be eaten more, especially if there is dampness inside. If you eat more, there will be adverse reactions such as cold and thirst, bloating and so on.

  Lily lily is rich in protein, trace, de-colchicine and calcium, phosphorus, iron and vitamins, etc. It is a good nutrition for both young and old.

Traditional Chinese medicine cooperates with blood, promotes blood circulation, clears the lungs and moistens dryness, nourishes yin and clears heat, and nourishes the spleen and stomach.

Modern studies have shown that lily has obvious antitussive, antiasthmatic, hemostasis, etc., to increase lymphocyte transformation rate and increase the activity of liquid immune function.

Lily can also inhibit tumor growth.

Wash the lily, cook it, and cool it with rock sugar. It can not only clear the heat and moisturize the lungs, but also nourish the benefits.

  The content of vitamin C in cabbage is 3 in tomatoes.

5 times, the calcium content is twice that of cucumber.

Cabbage also contains trace amounts of trace elements such as molybdenum and manganese, which are essential raw materials for the production of enzymes, hormones and other active substances.

It can promote the metabolism of human body and is very beneficial to children’s growth and development.

Its large amount of vitamin C can enhance the body’s ability to fight cancer.

  Radish radish contains a lot of water, vitamin C, a certain amount of calcium, phosphorus, starch and a small amount of protein, iron and other vitamins, also contains lignin, choline, oxidase, glycase, amylase, mustard oil, etc.ingredient.The motherland medicine believes that the radish is cool and sweet, enters the lungs, and the stomach is dichotomous. It can eliminate stagnation, phlegm and heat, lower air, detoxification, and is used for food expansion and urination.

It can be seen that the effect of radish on regulating the spleen and spleen and stomach is not small, so there is a saying that “the radish ginseng after the autumn” is said to have common dyspepsia, wind-heat type cold, tonsillitis, cough and asthma, sore throat and other diseases.effect.

Invalid exercise weight loss method

Invalid exercise weight loss method

Some obese people are generally unable to achieve satisfactory results in exercise resistance. In fact, the failure of a large number of exercise dieters is often associated with wrong concepts and methods. Therefore, MM lose weight must choose the appropriate method of exercise, if the method is wrong, tiredDeath does not lose weight!

  Common ineffective exercise to lose weight: 1, short-term exercise in aerobic exercise, the first use of the body stored in the sugar element to release energy, after 30 minutes of exercise, began to release energy from the sugar element to release a small amount of energyAfter the conversion, about one hour of exercise, the energy required for exercise is mainly based on slight energy supply.

  2, explosive power The human muscle is composed of many muscle fibers, which can be divided into two major categories: white muscle fibers and red muscle fibers.

During exercise, such as rapid explosive exercise, the main exercise is white muscle fiber, white muscle fiber cross-section is thicker, so the muscle group is easy to develop and strong.

Using this method to lose weight will become more and more “rough”.

  3, high-intensity exercise If the amount of exercise increases, the body’s required oxygen and nutrients and metabolites will increase accordingly, which depends on the heart to strengthen the contraction force and contraction frequency, increase the output of the heart to transport.

When the amount of exercise is large, the cardiac output cannot satisfy the body’s need for oxygen, and the body is in an anaerobic state of hypoxia.

  Anaerobic metabolic exercise is not the use of adults as the main energy release, but mainly relies on the decomposition of glycogen stored in the human body as energy release.

Because in the anoxic environment, a few can not be used, but also produce some incompletely oxidized acidic substances, such as ketone bodies, to reduce human exercise endurance.

  Hypoglycemia is an important cause of obesity. After a short period of intense exercise, blood sugar levels are lowered, and people often have a great increase in appetite, which is detrimental to fat loss.

  Weight loss TIPS: Want to achieve the purpose of body weight loss, you should do heart rate every minute at 120?
160 times of low-intensity, continuous (more than 1 hour) endurance aerobic metabolism of whole body movement.

For example, aerobics, slow running, long distance continuous swimming, etc.

Love is right or wrong, love never fades

Love is right or wrong, love never fades

Love is not logical, perhaps this is the logic of love.

  Love is not because of being loved, but because of love.

You will not lose love because you are not loved, love in the hearts of loved ones, not in the eyes of those who are loved.

  Love has no pattern.

Different people, doing the same thing for you, you will feel a world of difference.

Because we care, it is often not what people do, but people who do things.

  Love is in the heart, not in the mouth.

Never mention love, not love, or because you love too much.

Too much love, so afraid of hurt; too love, so willing to be hurt; too love, so easy to miss love.

  Love is blind.

In love, we will ignore the shortcomings of the other party. The advantages are advantages and disadvantages become advantages. When we give up, everything changes completely. If it is wrong, it is wrong. It is wrong.

  Love will not be a prisoner of tears, and it is touch and pity to arrest the fraud.

  Love never pays attention to fairness, and it is fair to say that it is not love.

You can be willing to give everything to others, but you can’t ask others to offer anything for you; you can’t give up on others, but when you are abandoned, you can’t blame the ruthlessness of love.

  Love is not imposed, not possession, and love is actually very gentle.

If you want to get him, then let him be free; if he returns to you, he is yours; if he does not look back, you can only bless him.

  Love is the communication of love and love, and the echo of love and affection, it does not need to be accompanied by shadows, but requires a heart and soul.

  Love can be tolerant, can accept hate, love does not need to say sorry.

A lifetime of life is a rare fate; sharing a trip is also a valuable commemoration.

  Love doesn’t make sense, love doesn’t end, love is right or wrong, love never fades.

Qinghai Lake Pilgrimage Road to pure and beautiful feelings

Qinghai Lake Pilgrimage Road to pure and beautiful feelings

I found a fellow in the Ta’er Monastery. Three people took the Xiali car to Qinghai Lake. The driver said that it would take about 4 hours to arrive.

It’s just the beauty of the scenery, even if it’s a long way, I’m willing to go down. On both sides of the road, the rape blossoms are blooming, the bright and large piece of yellow, like Van Gogh’s “Sunflower”
is fascinating, in the air.Even if there is a strong color taste, who can face her indifferent?

  At dusk, we arrived at the shore of Qinghai Lake. The driver took us to the pier by the lake, where Tibetans camped.

  We jumped out of the car and ran to the lake with joy. It was like a sea, and the blue waters of the birds were flying low.

  It’s summer, it’s cold and trembling.

The young monks who want to pull out are posing with me. They are very shy and push each other. They push a 15-year-old Xiaoyan. When he takes a photo, he stands far away from me. I took a big step.Shorten the distance, take a photo taken with a digital camera, show him, he showed two rows of teeth laughing, the rest have also come together to see, and also talked in Tibetan, then the situation suddenly changed, they lined upThe team, taking turns to ask us to take pictures, look at their curious eyes, even if they can’t communicate, they know their happiness and excitement.

  There were more and more Tibetans who heard the news, and they all looked around. There was a family of three who came to take pictures. He took the trouble to pat and then showed them to them. The Tibetans surrounded him with kindness and curiously wanted to see him.The big telescope, all the requirements are met, the telescope is transmitted in the middle, in this clear sky, the person who raises the mirror like ice, and of course, the big child of the foreign land.

  The noisy jubilant for an hour, all the people are on the mirror, the children are still dangling in front of my camera, how do their bright big eyes look at the world?

  The sky is getting darker. We should go. He took a bottle of white wine from his backpack and gave it to the Tibetans. He also distributed the chocolate candy that I brought from Beijing to the children. We waved and did not, the Tibetans were in the road.I looked at our car far away, until there was no figure in each other. He turned and excitedly held me and said, “They are so good!

“Yes, there is such a primitive innocence in the depths of each of us.”

  It was nine o’clock in the evening. The driver took us to the restaurant for dinner. The merchants in the same place sat down and screamed. He was moved by the scene just now. The businessman who came to Xining to talk about business and went to Qinghai Lake did not expect to have it.Such a harvest.

He is holding us to drink together and be drunk.

  Drunk in the Qinghai Lake, is also a great blessing in life!

  The next morning, the slow march to Qinghai Lake.

  The sun shines on the lake, clear and transparent, and the lake is layered, and the color changes from time to time.

  There are Tibetans selling their businesses by the lake. The beautiful Tibetan girls walked over and asked the pedestrians carefully: “Would you like to take pictures?

Take a photo with a piece of money.

“Today, it seems that it is a real attraction. The harmony and vividness of last night was like a dream.”

  The Qinghai Lake and the rapeseed on the shore combine to create a beautiful background. The tents scattered on the grassland, cattle and sheep, green pastures and shallow wildflowers release the charming fragrance.

  Every morning is so beautiful, sitting on the grass, you can forget the passage of time.

Just sit still by the lake, back to back, even if you don’t speak, happy feeling sweet my heart, do not need to be old, as long as the pilgrimage.

At noon, to leave Qinghai Lake, two people carrying backpacks on the side of the road to intercept the car, hoping to have a truck truck to go to the bird island, sitting on a big truck, this was my childhood dream.

  Squeezed on a step on the side of the road, there has never been a car coming. If you are disappointed, you have to face the reality. With two other Cantonese people, they have grilled Santana and set foot on the lake.
  In the car, the driver told us that this year is the Tibetan Year of the Sheep, only once in 36 years. It is the Tibetan year in which the Tibetans turned to worship the lake. On the way, the Tibetans can see the lake in different ways.

  It is no wonder that there are Mani heaps from time to time at the lakeside, and there are rituals of Tibetans who are blessed. In this trip, we are fortunate enough to include the people who turn to the lake.