[How about eating grapefruit every day]_Recommended diet

[How about eating grapefruit every day]_Recommended diet

Grapefruit is a relatively good fruit. It has good conditioning and health effects. Eating some properly not only has the effect of weight loss, but also improves the level of immunity. It has the function of beauty and beauty, can promote skin whitening, and can alsoPrevent pigmentation and dullness, so can you eat grapefruit every day?

Let’s take a look at this content.

Eating some grapefruit properly has a good conditioning effect on the body, but it should not be consumed too much. After all, grapefruit is a cold food. Excessive consumption easily leads to excessive gastric acid secretion, which often leads to some gastrointestinal reactions, and may even causeSymptoms such as diarrhea and bloating are not conducive to physical conditioning and health.

In addition, you must pay attention when eating grapefruit. If you need to take medicine because of a certain disease, it is best not to eat grapefruit. This will easily cause a chemical reaction between the substance in grapefruit and the medicine, which will reduce the efficacy of the medicine.It can easily lead to some unpredictable symptoms, sometimes nausea, vomiting, rapid heartbeat, etc., and even cause more adverse effects.

It is best not to eat more than 1/3 of grapefruit each time, and do n’t eat grapefruit every day. The raw material contains rich acid and vitamin C. If you eat some protein food in your diet,It is easy to cause some gastrointestinal reactions, and even easy to form kidney stones or urinary stones.

The above simply understands how to eat grapefruit every day?

Eating some grapefruit properly has a good conditioning effect on the body, but it is best not to eat it every day, and not more than 1/3 grapefruit at a time. Eating too much can easily cause adverse effects on the body, especially those with spleen and stomach deficiencyPeople can’t eat more!

[Can pumpkin and milk be eaten together]_ pumpkin _ diet taboo _ can you eat

[Can pumpkin and milk be eaten together]_ pumpkin _ diet taboo _ can you eat

Milk is an important source for people to obtain protein and calcium, and it is also one of the most important foods for people. Milk is even high in nutritional value. It can also be put into a variety of delicious foods, such as milk cake, milk fructose, etc. are more popular.Delicious, and seemingly unrelated ingredients of pumpkin and milk can also be made into delicious dishes, but can pumpkin and milk be eaten together, how to eat them?

Method one: 1. Wash and peel the pumpkin and cut into pieces; wash the fish and cut into two equal portions for future use.

2. Take the original soup pot, add the salad oil and heat until warm, add the fish of method 1 to medium fry over medium heat until the aroma on both sides of the fish body overflows.

3. Continue adding ginger, pumpkin cubes, fresh milk and water, cook on low heat until boiled for about 3 minutes, then add salt, chicken powder and granulated sugar to taste, continue cooking for about 1 minute.

Method two: 1. Cut the pumpkin seeds into small pieces and steam them in the pot; 2. Peel the steamed pumpkin; 3. Stir the pumpkin into a muddy shape; if you like the delicate texture, you can sieve it;Pour the mud into a small pot, mix with milk, stir well, heat over low heat until it boils, and turn off the heat.

Method three: 1. Put the yeast in the yeast box, add flour + sugar + salt + cream + cooked pumpkin in the inner pot of the bread machine, start the stroke 14 and knead the dough, and then slowly add milk if the humidity is sufficient. Stop adding milkAfter 1 hour, knead the dough and ferment the first stage.

2. Four pieces of dough are put vertically into the inner pot of the bread machine, and it is fermented to about 8 by clicking stroke 21?
After 9 minutes, click Cancel, and start baking according to stroke 22, which will be completed in 35 minutes.

Method 4: 1. Steam the pumpkin and add the broth to make a mud.

2. Add the fresh milk and slowly boil it in a soup pot. Add the seasoning and cook until it is ready.

3. Sprinkle with a little Brazilian ricotta or drizzle with fresh cream and serve.

4. Foods added with fresh milk are very scorched, so be careful; because pumpkin is a very starchy food, you don’t need to add any powder to increase the concentration to have a thick feeling.

NavInfo (002405) Annual Report Review: 2018 Business Dismantling

NavInfo (002405) Annual Report Review: 2018 Business Dismantling

Investment Highlights 2018 & 19Q1 Performance Analysis The company’s operating income in 201821.

34 trillion, a decrease of one year.

1%, net profit attributable to mother is 4.

79 trillion, an increase of 80 in ten years.

7%, the net profit after deducting non-attribution is -10.

57 trillion, a reduction of 581 a year.


The main factors affecting the performance include: (1) The decline in the growth rate of domestic passenger car sales has led to a decrease in downstream demand.

(2) The former holding subsidiary of the company, Tuba BVI, increased its capital and shares, and completed the delivery procedures on November 23, 2018. It will no longer be consolidated.

The one-time increase in investment income for this transaction is 10.

7.7 billion.

(3) The subsidiary Jiefa Technology has not fulfilled its performance commitments, reducing the company’s reduction of the consideration paid to Jiefa’s original shareholders, and Jiefa equity transfer performance compensation amount6.

1.6 billion.

At the same time, the company accrued goodwill impairment on Jiefa8.

8.6 billion yuan.

In Q1 2019, the company’s operating income was 5.

22 ppm, an increase of 15 in ten years.

3%, net profit attributable to mothers is 42.03 million yuan, a decrease of 42 per year.

7%, the net profit after deducting non-attributed mothers was 35.22 million yuan, a year-on-year decrease of 37.


The preliminary growth in the quarter includes: 1) The profit for the same period in 2018 includes the consolidation of Jiefa Technology in January and February.

2) The intermediary subsidiary Tuba Technology intervened. In 19Q1, it may change, and the parent company will count it into investment income according to the equity method, which will bring some performance drag.

Business spin-off 1: Navigation business, or the warming-up navigation electronic map business mainly includes: mainly including map data, data compilation and navigation software.

There is a certain correlation between the navigation business and the vehicle sales data of the former OEMs.

According to the data of the China Federation of Passenger Consortiums, China’s passenger car sales in 2018 were 22.35 million, a decrease of 5 per year.

8%, with a production of 23.09 million units, a decrease of 5 over the previous year.


Revenue from navigation electronic map business in 2018 was 7.

75 ppm, a reduction of 17 per year.

6%, gross margin is 91.

3% (indicating that the product is more standardized).

The growth rate of the navigation business income in 2018 exceeded our expectations. We believe that the preliminary includes: first, the large industry background.

In June 2018, China’s annual passenger car sales showed negative growth, and downstream demand temporarily fell.

Secondly, the penetration rate of large-screen domestic passenger cars has gradually increased. We believe that the penetration rate of four-dimensional navigation electronic maps for domestic independent brands may have increased.

In 2018, the growth of passenger car sales mainly occurred from internal self-owned brand cars, and the sales of some joint venture high-end brand cars maintained double-digit growth.

Third, the negative growth rate of domestic automobile sales occurred in June 2018, and the negative growth in the following months.

Siwei’s revenue in the first three quarters of 2018 still accounted for 15% growth, and the decline in the company’s revenue growth mainly occurred in the fourth quarter of 2018.

We believe that with the ranking of passenger car sales growth, the company’s navigation business may be in a late 厦门夜网 stage of stay for 2-3 months. Business Outlook: 1. We believe that the growth rate of China’s automobile sales in 2019 may show a pattern of low front and high back (ie, the growth rate in the second half of the year is better than the growth rate in the first half), and the downstream demand of the company’s navigation business may gradually pick up.

From January to March 2019, China’s passenger car sales growth rates were -4.

0%, -18.

5%, -12.


Compared with the decline rate at the end of 2018, the overall downward trend in 19Q1 has improved.

2. The penetration rate of front-mounted car navigation still has room for improvement.

According to Analysys data, the penetration rate of China’s passenger car front-mounted navigation system in Q2 201814.

9%, through increased demand for in-car entertainment, 重庆耍耍网 increased penetration of intelligent driving, and increased sales of mid-to-high-end cars, the penetration of front-mounted car navigation is still increasing.

3. The penetration rate of local brands has increased.

As the proportion of domestic large-screen brands increases, Siwei ‘s coverage of domestic independent models may increase.

Business spin-off 2: Internet of Vehicles business, which is expected to usher in data realization. The four-dimensional Internet of Vehicles business includes passenger car and vehicle networking, commercial vehicle and vehicle networking, and dynamic traffic information products and services.

Passenger car networking mainly provides Welink mobile car networking solutions, WeCloud application platforms and solutions, intelligent network connection operating system, Call-Center system and cloud services, and vehicle hardware.

Commercial vehicle vehicle networking provides intelligent vehicle networking terminal equipment, vehicle networking operation systems and big data platforms, mobile terminal application products and integrated solutions that can face the front-loading and rear-loading markets at the same time.

Dynamic traffic information products and services, providing application products and customized services for customers in different fields, mainly including advanced traffic information, event information, simple graphics, traffic prediction, text and voice and other forms of traffic information services.

The main subsidiaries that undertake the above three businesses include: Mapbar technology, China Satellite, Century Qualcomm and so on.

In August 2018 and September 2018, the company introduced strategic investors to Zhonghuanyu Satellite and Tuba respectively.

Siwei’s shareholding in Zhonghuan Satellite is from 70.

98% canceled 43.

68%, Siwei’s stake in Tuba from 60.

32% is about 45.


The time for the completion of the capital increase and stock expansion is November 23, 2018.

At this point, Tuba will become the company’s associate subsidiary and will no longer be consolidated in 2019.

In 2018, Tuba’s operating income was 1.

50,000 yuan, net profit is -1.

700,000 yuan (2017 Bar revenue of 49.92 million yuan, net profit is -1.

09 billion).

Zhonghuan Satellite Business Revenue 2.

300,000 yuan, net profit is -0.

6.4 billion (2017 revenue was 1.

79 trillion, net profit is 2.25 million yuan).

Century Qualcomm’s operating income was 2.

4.8 billion yuan, net profit is 0.

7.9 billion (2017 revenue was 2.

110 thousand yuan, net profit is 0.

6.6 billion).

Business Outlook: Based on the growth rate of the above several business revenues, we can trim it.In 2018, the four-dimensional connected vehicle business saw rapid growth.

1. The Internet of Vehicles business is expected to be the business in which the company’s business model is gradually implemented in the next two years.

Passenger vehicle networking continues to circle users, and commercial vehicle networking is looking for different commercial landing scenarios. 2. Passenger car-to-vehicle networking has increased the coverage of downstream products for car-to-vehicle connected products by introducing strategic investors such as Tencent Fund, Weilai Capital, Shanghua Capital and other strategic investors.

Therefore, in the short term, the coverage of passenger car-to-vehicle users is worthy of attention.

3. Commercial vehicle and vehicle networking. We think that it is more to find channels and scenarios for data realization. The relevant industrial chain switches include: OEMs, car owners and drivers, logistics companies, aftermarket service providers, financial insurance, and carless carriers.Wait.
The landing of the commercialization scene may be a place worth paying attention to in this business.

Business Spin-off III: Advanced Assisted Driving and Autonomous Driving Businesses, products continue to mature. The business mainly includes high-precision maps, high-precision positioning, ADAS solutions and overall solutions including autonomous driving-related data, chips, algorithms and related cutting-edge technologiesR & D.

We believe that the current revenue contributed by this business mainly comes from ADAS map data and ADAS solutions.

The proportion of this business in the company’s revenue is still relatively small, but the growth rate is very fast.

Another concern is the progress of 4D HD maps (high-precision maps).

In 2018, the revenue of advanced assisted driving and autonomous driving business was 52.93 million yuan, an annual increase of 24.


In view of product transformation and downstream product demand upgrade, we believe that the business is expected to continue to maintain rapid growth.

Business Outlook: 1. Product: The company’s ADAS map has gradually matured and has been widely used in Tesla, Weilai and other models.

In the face of HD maps above L3, they are gradually being improved, and they are continuously testing with Tier1 manufacturers and car manufacturers.

2. Customers (commercialization landing): In 2019, we saw that four-dimensional precision map orders have begun to land, and the first advanced order is locked in BMW.

We believe that customers of 4D traditional electronic navigation maps, including Mercedes-Benz, Toyota, Tesla and other mid-to-high-end car companies, are expected to still choose 4D high-precision map products.

3. Critical time schedule 2020 & 2021.

We see that the three major European car manufacturers ABB (Audi, Mercedes-Benz, BMW) and major Japanese car manufacturers (Toyota, Honda, Nissan) have already announced their mass production plans for L3 vehicles.

We estimate that the mass production time of traditional L3 vehicles will be around 2021.

From this, it can be estimated that the time when the high-precision map order will land is 2019-2020.

4. Advanced maps are just one of the four-dimensional layouts in the field of intelligent driving. The company inherits and upgrades from traditional electronic maps to natural products with high-definition maps.

In addition, we should pay more attention to the layout of the four-dimensional smart driving overall solution, which is a fusion of four-dimensional high-precision maps, algorithms, and chip-related core products.

In 2018, we have seen that the four-dimensional intelligent driving solution has been tested on Great Wall Motors.

Business spin-off 3: chip business, new products are constantly landing. The main business is the subsidiary Jiefa Technology. The product line includes: IVI chip, AMP chip, MCU chip, TPMS chip (under development), smart cockpit and ADAS chip (under development)).
Jeffery’s income in 2018 was 5.

79 trillion, net profit is 1.

9.9 billion.

We believe that the chips that contributed revenue in 2018 mainly came from IVI chips, and may also include a small amount of AMP chips.

In December 2018, Jiefa’s MCU chips also began mass production.

Business Outlook: 1. The pace of mass production of new products.

AMP has been mass-produced at the end of 2017, and the MCU has also begun mass-production in December 2018.

The two new products are expected to gradually contribute to the revenue, but the real volume needs a time course, especially the current MCU products are mainly two control unit chips for car windows and wipers.

With the increase in the number of products and the increase in the number of selected models, it is expected to initially contribute revenue.

2. Competitiveness of the old product IVI.

IVI chips are expected to continue to increase penetration in front-loading OEMs, and price competition for rear-mounted IVI chips will ease easing.

Jiefa IVI chips have more room for business expansion in the former OEMs.

3. TPMS is expected to gradually enter mass production in 2019-2020; focus on the pace of mass production of intelligent cockpits and ADAS chips.

Earnings forecasts and investment advice.

We estimate that the company’s net profit attributable to the parent in 2019-2021 will be 4 respectively.

2.8 billion / 5.

07/6.09 thousand yuan, EPS is 0.

32 yuan / 0.

38 yuan / 0.

46 yuan, currently expected corresponding PE is 80 times, 67 times, 56 times.

Maintain “Buy” rating.

risk warning.

Downstream demand recovery was lower than expected risks; new products landed more than expected risks.

Haitong Jiang Chao: The growth rate of social financing is picking up

Haitong Jiang Chao: The growth rate of social financing is picking up

Source: Jiang Chao Macro Bond Research Co., Ltd.’s financial growth has picked up, and interest rate decline has been hindered (Haitong Bond Weekly Exchange and Thinking No. 313, Jiang Chao, etc.)Interest rates on corporate bonds and urban investment bonds increased by 6, 4, and 4bp, respectively, and convertible bonds fell by 2.


  The economy remained stable in April and inflation continued to pick up.

  In March of 19, the economy showed a marked improvement. The growth rate of exports, which represented external demand, rebounded rapidly, while the growth rate of real estate and automobile sales, which represented domestic demand, also improved.

However, considering that the spring festival is late this year, the economic recovery in March cannot be ruled out due to the later factors of returning to work after the festival this year.

  However, since April, the growth rate of downstream demand such as real estate and automobiles has continued to improve, and although the growth rate of coal consumption in power plants has fallen, it is still much higher than the negative growth in the first two months of the year, indicating that the overall economy has remained stable.

  In March, there was a short-term rise in inflation, of which the CPI rose sharply to 2.

3%, while the PPI rose slightly to zero.


As food prices and prices of means of production continue to increase since April, we predict that the CPI will rise to 2 in April.

At 6%, the PPI rose back to zero.

6%, short-term inflation will continue to rebound.

  Social financing has picked up, and currency loosening has weakened.

  The total amount of new social financing increased sharply to 2 in March.

86 trillion, an increase of more than ten years.

28 trillion.

The growth rate of social financing rose to 10 in March.

7%, once again confirms that the growth rate of financial integration has bottomed out at the end of 18 years.

According to the historical law that the growth rate of social finance is about half a year ahead of the economic growth rate, this indicates that the Chinese economy is hopeful to bottom out in the second quarter of 19 and stabilize.

  The obvious pick-up in the growth rate of social finance, coupled with a significant rebound, means that the need for gradual monetary policy easing has dropped significantly.

The gradual continuation of the reverse repurchase operation last week also showed that the expansion or the reduction of the speed of capital injection, indicating that the probability of a short-term reduction in standards is significantly reduced.

  The decline in interest rates has been blocked and remains supported for a long time.

  Since entering April, the bond market has fallen sharply for two consecutive weeks, until the current 10-year government bond rate has risen to 3.

33%, an increase of 10bp from the end of last year.

  In the short term, the bond market is still threatened by many factors: First, the rebound in economic fundamentals is not good for the bond market; second, the high rise in social integration means that the strength of broad credit is increased, which has diverted the bond market.The increase in the supply of local debts has also increased the supply of bond markets. Third, the returns on risky assets such as the stock market have increased the flow of funds into the bond market.

  However, in the medium to long term, we believe that this round of policies has re-taken the old path of borrowing and stimulating debt. The current recovery of social financing is still mainly based on short-term loans, but there is no possibility of continued soaring thereafter.

In addition, the pick-up in infrastructure investment growth is due to the early issuance of local special bonds, but the regulation of local hidden debt is still in the space for infrastructure investment to rise.

Coupled with the substantial downsizing of the shed reform target, real estate sales in cities below the third tier have been adjusted, and the current rebound in real estate sales is also difficult to sustain.

In general, whether it is currency growth or economic growth, there will be more L-shaped reversals than V-shaped reversals in the future. As a result, the transition of the low-interest rate era is over, and interest rate opportunities may be brought after the overshoot.

  Risk assets are still good, and credit-to-debt allocations are deployed.

  Looking ahead, the gradual landing of reduced tax and fee reductions, and the steady recovery of the economy and growth, the debt risk of the corporate sector will improve expectations, and corporate earnings growth is expected to bottom out, which is beneficial to both credit and convertible bonds.

  Last week, CDB and Zunyi City reached a consensus to use Zunyi as a pilot for CDB to participate in local development and debt resolution.

The governor of the Air China Development Bank has stated that practical measures need to be taken to assist local governments in handling debt problems in a safe manner.

We believe the use of low-interest CDB loans to replace high-interest local government hidden debt, thereby reducing the debt risk of local governments, which is beneficial to the stock of urban investment debt.

  Taken together, we still recommend 成都桑拿网 that credit bonds and convertible bonds be the first choice for asset allocation in the bond market, while interest rate bonds need to wait patiently for opportunities after overshoot.

  I. Monetary interest rate: Increased disturbance of funds 1) Monetary interest rate first decreases and then rises.

Last week, the fund faced a gradual contraction from affluence to gradual change. The interest rate on the funds dropped first and then rose, and the overnight and seven-day interest rates reversed.

Last week, the average net return was 0 trillion.R007 average goes up 17BP to 2.

59%, R001 average goes up 35BP to 2.

twenty four%.

The average value of DR007 is 20BP to 2.

54%, with an average DR001 up 34BP to 2.


  2) The policy lag is coming to an end.

Sheng Songcheng published an article a few days ago saying 北京SPA会所 that this round of policy lag is nearing completion, and the economy strives to stabilize in the second quarter.

The main reasons are: China-US negotiations have achieved phased results, and trade tensions have tended to ease; the financial industry ‘s comprehensive and strong supervision has made breakthroughs, and the existing easing has been eased; the reform dividends for the optimization and upgrading of the economic structure have been gradually released.

The reform dividends in key areas such as state-owned and state-owned enterprises, finance and taxation, land, market access, and social management will stimulate market vitality, increase endogenous momentum, increase the potential for domestic demand, and promote the continued development of the economy. The development of private enterprises has received policy support.
The economy is stabilizing the gradual growth of the uplink, and loose monetary policy will temporarily warn of this phase.

The rebound of monetary and social data in March indicates that the future economic achievements will stabilize and the probability of lowering the probability will decline again.

  3) MLF terminates as a disturbance.

In mid-April, 367.5 billion MLFs expired. There is uncertainty about the replacement of quasi-reductions or sequels. Basically, centralized tax payment and accelerated issuance of local debts will disturb the fund.

We expect that the volatility of capital will increase next week, and the transition or restart of reverse repurchase will ease the volatility.

  2. Interest rate debt: The bond market adjustment is not complete. 1) The bond market continues to decrease.

Last week the one-year Treasury note closed at 2.

52%, up 4BP from the previous week; 10-year government bonds closed at 3.

33%, up 7BP from the previous week.

The one-year CDB bond closed at 2.

66%, up 6BP from the previous week; 10-year CDB bonds closed at 3.

81%, up 5BP from last week.

  2) Supply is reduced and demand is weak.

Last week, book-entry government bonds were issued 102 billion US dollars, due 46 billion US dollars; policy financial debt was 89 billion US dollars, due 90 billion US dollars; local government bonds were issued 55.1 billion US dollars, 39.4 billion US dollars due.

Last week, the net supply of interest rate debt was 264.1 billion, an increase of 180.8 billion from the previous month. Credit debt wassuance was 187.6 billion, maturity was 124.6 billion, and net supply was 63 billion.

  3) Production rebounded and demand improved.

Industrial production rebounded steadily. In March, coal consumption for power generation increased, and crude steel output growth rates both rebounded. The operating rates of major industries generally increased. However, since April, the growth rate of coal consumption for power generation has declined, and the operating rates have also turned up and down.Demand may have begun to build a bottom. Since April, although the growth rate of real estate sales is still differentiated, it continues the upward trend, and the zero growth rate of passenger car approvals has also changed from a mixed trend to a synchronous upward trend.

  4) Adjustments are still in progress.

The growth rate of the company’s financial stock rebounded to 10 in March.

At 7%, M2 previously recovered to 8.

6%, the stability of the currency society indicates that the economy is expected to stabilize and improve in the future, reducing the probability of continued monetary policy easing; fiscal efforts to support the economy, and therefore, personal resistance has been introduced, small and micro enterprises inclusive tax reduction, reducing manufacturingTax reduction policies such as growth rate, social security contribution rate, etc., total tax reduction1.

7 trillion, the speed of policy sanctions is unprecedented.

In addition, the issuance of local bonds in the first quarter has advanced, infrastructure investment has picked up, and the economy has bottomed out. Active finance has reduced the burden of steady growth in monetary policy. CPI and PPI have risen more than three months. Pork and vegetable prices have remained high for four months.Prices, steel prices are rising, it is expected to continue to rise in April, the currency will be difficult to relax, interest rate declines are blocked; the current one-year Treasury bond yields and China Treasury bond yields have fallen to 0, and the United States has sometimes suspendedRaising interest rates, but the time to leave interest rates is too early, which means that there is limited room for further decline in the domestic short-term.

From a long-term perspective, the spread between China and the United States is currently around 70 BP, while the spread center has been around 110 BP over the past decade, which means that it is impossible and not too large for the spread to continue to expand and shrink.

Taken together, the short-term negative factors in the future will worsen, and the adjustment of the bond market is still in progress.

  Third, credit bonds: urban investment risks tend to decline 1) Credit bond yields have increased.

The yield on credit and debt followed the rise of interest rate debt last week, and the credit spread widened slightly.

The average yield of AAA corporate bonds increased by 4BP, the average yield of AA corporate bonds increased by 4BP, and the average yield of urban investment bonds increased by 4BP.

  2) Risk appetite picks up.

Since March, the net financing amount of low-level entities in the primary market has decreased, but the situation of private enterprise issuance has improved, the number of replacements or cancellations has decreased, the transaction activity in the secondary market has increased, and the spread of high- and low-level credit bonds has fallen.Overall, the market credit risk has improved, mainly due to the continued development of the broad credit policy and improved macroeconomic expectations.

  3) Urban investment risks tend to decrease.

Recently, Zunyi and the China Development Bank Guizhou Branch reached a consensus on piloting Zunyi for the China Development Bank to participate in local debt resolution.

CDB’s participation in debt resolution is conducive to increasing the value of market risk and reducing the risk of existing urban investment debt.

The current round of debt will be composed of provinces. CDB pilots or prefecture-level cities. It is recommended to focus on provinces with higher debt ratios and their subordinate prefecture-level cities, such as Guizhou, Hubei, Hunan, Jiangxi and other provinces.Zunyi, Yichang, Xiangyang, Zhuzhou, Yueyang, Ganzhou, Shangrao and other cities.

Huaxia Happiness (600340) Q3 2019 Review: Improved recovery is a gradual improvement in balance sheet

Huaxia Happiness (600340) Q3 2019 Review: Improved recovery is a gradual improvement in balance sheet

The biggest feature of the company’s third quarterly report is that the sales contract amount and sales repayments have improved significantly, and this improvement is the most important substitute for the company’s improved balance sheet.

The company’s performance was in line with expectations.

The company achieved operating income of 643 in the first three quarters.

20,000 yuan, an annual increase of 42.

5%, achieving a net profit of 97%.

5 ppm, an increase of 23 in ten years.

7%, in line with market expectations.

We believe that the company is fully capable of meeting the Air Force’s profit commitments.

The operation continued to improve, and the sales contract 苏州桑拿网 amount and sales receipts improved significantly.

In the third quarter of 2019, the company’s sales receipts were 2.34 million yuan, an increase of 44 per year.


This pushed the sales receipts in the first three quarters to increase by 19 per year.

1%, reaching 84 last year.


In the third quarter of 2019, the company’s sales contract amount and sales area showed significant positive growth after a long absence, reaching 32, respectively.

8% and 44.


This shows that the company’s operation has shown obvious marginal improvement, and the most difficult time has passed.

We expect that the company expects sales receipts to increase by more than 25%.

Land acquisition is still difficult, and leverage is expected to remain high, but the company’s credit has been strengthened compared to the old one.

In the first three quarters of 2019, the company 杭州桑拿网 announced a significant increase in the scale of new land compared to the same period in 2018.

In addition, the company has launched new businesses in Wuhan and other places, and the scale of land investment has exceeded 10 billion yuan.

As many of the company’s projects are in the exhaustion period, the demand for land price payment is excessive, and even the company’s sales rebate conversion is accelerating, and we pay attention to project cooperation, we still expect the company’s leverage ratio will maintain a high level without a significant decline.

At the end of the third quarter of 2019, the company’s net debt ratio decreased slightly compared to the 2019 mid-year report, but still exceeded 200%.

However, due to the company’s shareholders’ background blessings and sales recovery, the credit is expected to have strengthened significantly compared to the past.

We do not expect the company’s financing costs to continue to rise.

The scale of accounts receivable is stable, and the balance sheet is expected to be optimized in the future.

After 2018, the scale of the company’s accounts receivable has increased significantly, and investors are increasingly worried about the operation of the company’s industrial new city.

At the end of the third quarter of 2019, the account receivables of the company decreased slightly compared to the middle of 2019.

We expect that through the optimization of the company’s operations, the receivables will first improve in structure (long-term age decline), and then decline in absolute size.

Risk warning: The company’s large-scale expansion of new businesses (such as the Wuhan project) may involve potential capital occupation and profit risks.

The industry environment is favorable for the company, and it is expected that the company’s balance sheet will improve.

In our opinion, the current situation of major metropolitan areas, including the surrounding Beijing, is more prosperous, and the real estate industry’s credit segmentation is even more serious.

We maintain the company’s EPS forecast for 2019/2020/20215.



80 yuan, maintaining 45.

With a target price of 79 yuan / share, we maintain the investment rating of “Buy”.

Therapeutic methods for babies who don’t like to eat

Therapeutic methods for babies who don’t like to eat

Anorexia in children refers to children with reduced appetite, more common in only children, spoiled children and children with poor constitution, congenital deficiency, and weak spleen and stomach.

Prolonged anorexia can lead to physical decline in children, prone to anemia, neuritis, stomatitis, night blindness, rickets, malnutrition and other diseases.

The author applied the following dietary treatments to treat children with good results.

40 grams of fried two ugly cakes, fried rice dumplings, coke hawthorn, coke malt, coke divine song, chicken inner gold 60 grams each, finely grind, add sesame, sugar, 500 grams of flour, mix and bakeMake 20 burnt cakes for children to chew.

3 years old eat 1 at a time; 4?
Eat 2 at 6 years old; 7?
Eat 3 at the age of 10.

1 time each morning and evening.

This prescription is taken by children with stagnant food type, and the diet is not thoughtful, the food is not changed, the bloating is full, the rotten acid is swallowed, nausea and vomiting, the stool is diarrhea or dryness, the urine is yellow or cloudy, or like rice water.Irritability and crying, tongue white and thick.

Lotus root pear juice porridge with 15 grams of lotus seeds, 6 grams of gardenia, 6 grams of tangerine peel, 10 grams of golden chicken, 2 pears, 50 grams of rice, and 15 grams of red sugar.

Grind the chicken internal gold into a fine powder, mash the pears and squeeze the juice.

First, lotus seeds, gardenia, and rind are fried in a casserole for thick juice. After removing the residue, add rice, chicken, gold, sugar, and pear juice to make porridge, and serve it for breakfast.

Use 5?
7 days.

This prescription may be taken by children with endogenous fever, symptoms of loss of appetite, red cheeks (especially in the afternoon), hot hands and feet, thirsty drinking, dry urine, full stomach, yellow tongue greasy.

Lentil and jujube meat cakes take white lentils, barley, yam, coriander, 100 grams each of lotus seeds, 200 grams of jujube meat, roasted and ground into fine powder, add 500 grams of glutinous rice flour, 150 grams of white sugar, and steam or make cakes after mixing30 times 3 times a day?
50 grams, served as a snack in the air.

This side suffers from children with weak spleen and stomach. The symptoms include loss of appetite, pale skin, weight loss, laziness, loose stools, little or no moss.

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The truth about the five membrane methods you must know

The truth about the five “membrane” methods you must know

Do not make masks every day, because many masks contain preservatives.
For the mask used, it should be used up as soon as possible, otherwise the mask will eventually form a breeding ground for bacteria.
When using a mask, you must know the five truths of the mask.
The following editors tell you that the mask has these things you don’t know!
  Truth 1: Mud masks and wipes masks have the most preservatives. Of all the masks, mud masks and wipes masks contain the most preservatives.
Wet wipes mask, because cotton cloth, nutrient solution and even two pieces of transparent plastic cushion film are all put into the bag, and the bag will wait for a long time in the cold and hot environment before it can be used. The most important thing is that the contents of the bag are veryIt is difficult to put it in a bag under aseptic condition, and the bag eventually forms a hotbed for bacterial reproduction. The brand owner also knows this well. In order to inhibit bacterial reproduction, sufficient preservatives will be added.
Mud masks usually use natural mud raw materials, and these raw materials may originally carry a lot of bacteria, or the raw materials are not many bacteria, but added some nutrients suitable for the reproduction of microorganisms, so a lot of preservatives need to be added to make a maskAgent.
There is also a case where the natural slime is originally in an environment that is particularly difficult to grow bacteria, so it does not breed a large number of microorganisms.
However, in the process of picking up, transporting, filling and packaging, it increases the chance of contamination.
So once you leave the place of production, you need to add enough preservatives to ensure the quality.
  Preservatives are one of the important killers that trigger sensitivity, and they are the enemy of sensitive skin.
So, if you have sensitive skin, it’s best to go around these two types of masks.
For other healthy skin types, if you feel itchy when using it, stop using it immediately.
  Truth 2: Before using a jelly mask, use a water-based skin care product. The jelly mask contains a lot of high-molecular glue, which has a good blocking effect on the skin.
For better results, you can use a water-based skin care product before applying the mask, and then apply a jelly mask.
Jelly is like a mask that fits tightly into the skin. It helps to block pores and sweat and helps water-based active ingredients penetrate.
Before using the jelly mask, use a water-based care product to base the translucent jelly mask than the transparent jelly.
  Truth three: The mask is more suitable for autumn and winter. The transparent jelly mask usually uses high molecular glue as the main matrix, and more than 99% of the ingredients are water-soluble, so there are almost no oily ingredients.
The base of the translucent jelly mask is generally a three-in-one pseudo-emulsion gel, so you can add 3 to 5 percentage points of oily ingredients, so it is more moisturizing and more suitable for autumn and winter use.
  People with oily skin should not think that the transparent jelly mask without oil is moisturizing and refreshing.
In fact, all products containing polymer glue (such as gel, jelly, and jelly) are prone to block pores and cause acne pores.
So use less and thin.
  Truth No. 4: Wet Wipes Masks are thick and juicy. Many people like succulent wipes masks. They think there are a lot of essences in them, which is the best repair meal for the skin.
Teacher Zhang Liqing, a well-known Taiwanese formula expert, once said: “Wet wipes masks and juicy soups are not an advantage for the application of the face. They only hinder the ingredients of the essence in the mask and cannot penetrate the skin.
“Whether a moisturizing mask requires whitening or anti-aging, it depends on whether its ingredients are good enough and whether it can penetrate into the skin to play a role.
The sticky texture only illustrates one thing, that is, the polymer glue is added to the formula to prevent penetration.
  The mask of the wet wipes should be covered with a mask towel. The essence is well absorbed, not sticky, and the effect is obvious and long-lasting. Don’t be confused by the thick juice on the surface.
  Truth 5: Cream mask does not need to be washed off. The best quality is that the cream mask is used for maintenance. After use, you only need to wipe off the excess cream without washing your face again.
This is to keep the nutrition, moisturizing and gloss ingredients in the cream on the face, and also to maximize the capabilities of the mask, and the effect is more obvious.
However, the fact is that some brands will recommend that the cream mask be washed off after 15 ~ 30 minutes.
The reason is simple, that is, the brand will guide consumption according to its own business purpose.
For example, after applying the mask, the brand has other items that you are recommended to use.
For example, the brand’s own cream mask is too greasy, and it is feared that consumers will have a greasy discomfort if the mask is applied for too long.
For example, the brand’s own mask has been applied for a long time, and some ingredients may cause itching, rashes and acne.
For example, a lot of titanium dioxide powder is added to the cream mask to whiten, and it will block the pores without washing it off.
For example, the brand’s cream mask can’t stand the overnight test and is worried that it will cause negative problems.
In a word, a nourishing cream mask that can stand the test must not be washed off.
Most of the products that require washing out are mostly accommodating products, accommodating marketing, and avoiding negative evaluations.  Nourishing cream mask is definitely the best and safest quality that does not need to be washed off.

Some cream masks for herpes may need to be washed off after contacting the skin for dozens of minutes due to the addition of some peroxides (such as hydrogen peroxide).

These nuts are poisonous and don’t eat.

These nuts are poisonous and don’t eat.

If you let me recommend a few snacks after a meal, then there must be nuts, because it is both delicious and nutritious, and belongs to natural food.

However, not all nuts are good for health, and the following should be kept away.

  There are a lot of unsaturated fatty acids in the nuts with savory taste. If they are stored improperly or overlapped, they will produce rancidity, which is what we often call “harla”.

The fatty acids in the nuts produce rancidity, which is harmful enough to make the taste of the nuts worse and produce a spicy throat.

In addition, the products of rancidity in nuts, such as small molecules of aldehydes, ketones, etc., also threaten health.

If you eat a lot, it can cause diarrhea, and in severe cases, it can cause liver disease.

Nut vendors are generally reluctant to throw away spoiled nuts, and the best way to cover up the “hala flavor” is to add a lot of salt, pepper, aniseed, saccharin, flavor, etc. during processing, so the metamorphic nuts are often hidden in saltyIn the taste, the five flavors, the creamy nuts, according to the original, the quality of the fried nuts is relatively better.

  Many of the moldy nuts are susceptible to mildew by the contamination of Aspergillus flavus, which produces a highly toxic substance, aflatoxin, which causes people to have a fever, discards spit, and is severely life-threatening.

Aflatoxin also has a strong carcinogenic ability, which is extremely damaging to human organs.

Therefore, moldy nuts must not be eaten. Once the nuts in the mouth are found to have bitter, musty or spicy taste, spit them out and rinse your mouth in time.

  The scorched nuts are rich in trace amounts of protein, glucose, and ordinary heat to destroy them, but when the nuts are scorched, the temperature is already above 200 °C, and the nutrients that were originally beneficial to the body begin to partially transform.It is carcinogenic benzopyrene, naphthylamine, acrylamide, etc. Therefore, the nuts that are scorched are not suitable for consumption.

  Adding paraffin-cured additives, adding paraffin when processing nuts, will make the product more bright, sell better, and not easy to become soft and soft, if you see the nut appearance is bright, obviously “beautiful” than ordinary nutsAt that time, it is likely to add paraffin; increase, some vendors have long-term accumulation, the color of the bad nuts in the paraffin, “beauty”, used to shoddy.

The industrial paraffin used by traders is not high in purity and contains impurities such as heavy metals, which is harmful to health.

  The taste is too heavy, the heavier the taste, the more often the salt is added. Secondly, many nuts with heavy taste and strong aroma are added with flavors, saccharin and other substances during processing. The creamy nuts are also added with margarine.The body is not good; in the end, the heavier the taste of the nuts, the possibility of hiding the deterioration behind it.

  Responsible merchants with dust scattered will pay attention to the cleaning of nut raw materials, dustproof products, and there are many impurities in the market, such as dust in raw materials, and products that are unobstructed when sold.

Therefore, it is best for consumers to carefully look at the bottom of the container holding the nuts when they buy them. Unclean nuts often leave a layer of ash under the utensils.

4 peculiar skin care methods popular in Japan


4 peculiar skin care methods popular in Japan

Core tip: Japan has never had men and women who are very proficient in makeup and styling, and it has unique insights into skin care.

I will introduce some simple skin care methods that are very popular in Japan.

  Men who are too lazy to use sunscreen or toner, can wash their skin with cold water.

Cold water is a kind of “degassed water” with little air. Its properties are very close to the moisture in human cells and have a great “affinity”, which makes it easier for cold water to penetrate into the skin.

In addition, cold water can transform the adult under the skin into a “semi-liquid”, making the skin look hydrated and not dry.

  What can Japanese Sake Wash Facial Drink do besides drinking?

Men can pour some Japanese sake into warm water and gently wash the face.

Sake originated in Japan and has long been used as a skincare beauty.

In ancient times, Japanese geishas would apply sake to their face before applying makeup to reduce the damage to the skin caused by makeup.

This is because Japanese sake contains a variety of nutrients such as 18 amino acids and proteases, which activates the skin and also has a moisturizing effect.

The alcohol contained in sake does not irritate the skin, but can penetrate deep into the pores to remove skin dirt, keep the skin smooth, and make the skin appear natural and transparent.

  Tofu rubs the face and shreds the tofu in a gauze bag, and then rubs the face after washing it.

Or you can add some flour and honey to the crushed tofu, apply to thin slices, and wash after 20 minutes.

Tofu is rich in nutrients and has anti-oxidant effects. In addition, the plant emulsifier lecithin, which is rich in tofu, can enhance the skin’s moisturizing power. Rubbing the face with tofu once a week can remove aging cuticles and make the skin clean.smooth.
  Black carbon beauty whitening is the number one topic for women’s maintenance, and men are more suitable for using black carbon beauty.

Skincare black charcoal is formed by burning a heat-resistant wood at a high temperature of 1000 degrees Celsius and blending it with refining. It has the effect of absorbing microorganisms in the pores and can remove dirt and excess oil on the skin surface. It is most suitable for all day shine.Full face.

Although the black charcoal skin care products all look dark, and there is a smell of ink, so men and women like “MAN”!

Fight against skin aging

Fight against skin aging

As you get older, your skin becomes more gradual. How can you maintain youthful skin?

Therefore, anti-aging is a topic that will never be out of date in female topics.

So, how much do you know about aging?

Are you confident that your anti-aging measures are correct?

Take this opportunity to let Xiaobian teach you a few tricks.

  Some MMs believe that they are still young, causing anti-aging to begin so early.

Others believe that when you age a little bit, when should you start anti-aging?

  In fact, it doesn’t matter when it starts, as long as you indicate this, it can be said to be good times anytime.

  The cycle of skin metabolism is expected to be 28 days, and the best time is within 1 week after the physiological period.

This period is called the “golden ranking of skin care”. This stage is seriously distorted and stable. It is in a better state and the effect of care is easier to see.

  The easiest way to maintain beautiful skin is to keep your skin in top condition.

If you recover from poor skin, it will take longer and more time, and the effect is not good.

In order to save time, worry, effort and money, we still need to do a good job of prevention.

  Although anti-aging care does not pay attention to when it must be started, in fact, the key element of beautiful skin-estrogen will start to decrease after we are 20 years old, and the reduction rate is slower before 35 years old, but after 35Will drop sharply.

It can be said that the aging of the human body starts from this age.

  However, we don’t need to be nervous to stop this aging phenomenon. As long as we take good care of it and keep the skin in good condition, the beautiful skin still belongs to you.

  As mentioned earlier, some people worry that anti-aging prevention work will start too slowly. Similarly, some people worry that starting anti-aging care too early will cause damage to the skin.

In fact, this worry is absolute.

  Of course, our skin does need some experience, if it is over-protected, it will not be good for the skin.

For example, if your skin is already moisturized, you must continue to use highly moisturizing care products. This can easily cause the skin to become “overnourished” and grow aunt grains.

  Therefore, although some people think that anti-aging care should start as soon as possible, it is still a little too rash for a girl in her twenties to use anti-aging cosmetics.

And it’s not that the more advanced the product is, the better it is. Whether your skin can absorb it is the key.

  There are two types of wrinkles.

One is visible fine lines only on the surface of the skin, and the other is deeper wrinkles formed by cracking the dermis.

The problem of fine lines is easier to solve, but if you have deep wrinkles, it is difficult to restore the original state by self-care alone.

  Time, there will be no wrinkles of cracks in the dermis in the age group of 20 or 30 years old, but you must pay attention to maintenance at all times. There are many kinds of pollution in modern times. Maybe wrinkles will appear on your body one day.
  If you have wrinkles, don’t worry too much. It is the most important body care to eliminate wrinkles.

  First of all, you can rely on eating more green and yellow fruits and vegetables and animal protein to supplement nutrients and maintain the balance of body nutrients.

In addition, eat more tofu with soy isoflavones, and pomegranates, which usually have estrogen-like functional ingredients, help to regulate and balance female hormones; and pay attention to the skin’s moisturization, daily basic moisturizing courses are absolutely essential;Another thing is to develop a regular lifestyle, don’t stay up late, and less on computers.

  Massage wrinkle does work well.

But if the massage method is not correct, it may not be wrinkle or wrinkle.

The correct massage method should pay attention to the following points: 1.

Apply cream or lotion on the face before starting massage 2.

Avoid excessive force3.

To reduce the facial tendon or blood lymph flow direction, massage the massage method (slowly massage each part for about 5 seconds) Estee Lauder Miracle Wrinkle Anti-Wrinkle Serum is tested by dermatologists and ophthalmologists and is suitable for all skin typesCauses acne to form.

  Magnolia Oil Rejuvenating Gold Pure Skin Renewing Milk contains OLAY’s proprietary anti-aging gold pure new life combination-the highest concentration of amino acid peptide complex + hyaluronic acid, and adds precious marine proteins.

Special creamy oil, deeply moisturizing, refreshing and non-greasy.