Yoga: Regulating Tension with Breath


Yoga: Regulating Tension with Breath

Go to the gym for the first time in baggy clothes.

When starting a new thing, it is inevitable that you will be nervous. The coach ‘s advice to Linda is to adjust your breathing: find a position that you feel comfortable (you can sit and lie down, but you must relax your body), and gently close your eyesStart to take a deep breath. When you inhale, shrink your abdomen, and when you exhale, you will feel some kind of nasal breath being brought to the spine and vertebra.

In the process of breathing, I try to feel my mood is very good, put aside all thoughts, think about the most beautiful picture in memory, which lasts for about five minutes, open my eyes, the world in front of me is indeed much clearer than before.

Self-confidence has also strengthened too.

  Compared to the old teacher, today ‘s movements are in place, naturally much inferior, but the coach said that to their own limit, there is a degree. The standard of this degree is to see if you can breathe normally and can exhaleWith the coach’s case, you can bend the best.

After the 70-minute lesson, Linda was a little tired and her limbs were a little sore.

However, it is relatively full, and it is different from the sweating of aerobic exercise.