Obviously the people around don’t understand what Qin Feng is doing at this moment.,Some people even regard Qin Feng as a neurosis completely。

But the next scene slapped everyone in the face severely。
“Moved!He moved!”
With a shout in the crowd,Everyone looked at Qin Feng incredible。
now,The man who suffered a cardiac arrest recovered his heartbeat,His face has become bloody,The body twitched uncontrollably。
Qin Feng actually rescued a person who had no chance of rescue。
“Simply incredible,I can’t believe how you did it。”
The middle-aged man came over now,Squatted down and checked the man’s vital signs,He has completely recovered at this moment。
Qin Feng did not speak,Get up and leave now,The hero does not ask for the source,Besides, Bai Shiling is still drunk。
in the corner,Bai Shiling is almost awake at the moment,The waiter next to him is responsible for taking care of Bai Shiling,Qin Fengyilai,The waiter left immediately。
When Qin Feng was about to leave with Bai Shiling,Three or four bodyguards in black suits stood in front of Qin Feng。
“young people,Today,I think you should reveal some,After all, this is considered a contribution to Gome Medical Technology,”
Walk behind a few bodyguards
The man who came out was the middle-aged man at that time,At this moment, Qin Feng puzzled。
“Something else,I go first。”
It’s too late,Qin Feng hasn’t settled Jiang Yan’s matter,The top priority is to send Bai Shiling home first,And then go back to work with Jiang Yan。
The middle-aged man didn’t stop Qin Feng,The corners of his mouth raised and smiled and said with his back to Qin Feng who passed by。
“Three days later,Chaoyang Road, Jiangcheng City9number,I think you have to come。”
A business card flew out,Qin Feng immediately turned around and caught the business card,Look at the three big fonts on the business card,Chu Tiannan,Qin Feng couldn’t help being a little curious about this person。