Sunscreen is just sunscreen black?

If you don’t sunscreen, are you old?

90% of people don’t know the truth!

Sunscreen is just sunscreen black?
If you don’t sunscreen, are you old?
90% of people don’t know the truth!

The meaning of black skin is that it must be sunscreen.

During this time, the sun was so poisonous, and it took a long time to go out. The bangs became hot and the yellow ducks became sunbursts, but many of the pure men and women around Xiaobian still didn’t care about sun protection.

It’s time to give you some color to see!

The following video will tell you: young people are not sunscreen, the boss is sad?
Sad. First, sunscreen is not just sunscreen black, men, women and children have to do this to thin into a lightning, the result is black and turned into a dark cloud.

It’s too troublesome, not afraid of black, can you ignore sunscreen?

This is a joke about my beauty and health.

1, sunscreen, not just sunscreen black sunscreen, is the protection of UV damage to human cells.

For healthy people: avoid sunburn, sunburn, photoaging (pre-aging skin: long wrinkles, long sunburn, increased risk of skin cancer), prevent acne; for special people: such as solar urticaria, solarKeratosis, lupus erythematosus, vitiligo, albinism, follicular keratosis, porphyria and other patients, sunscreen can prevent and reduce the number of repeated symptoms.

2. Which is the best way to protect your skin?

Houses don’t go out at home. can’t do it. There are two main types of sunshine: sunshade: The simplest and most rude sunscreen idea is not to be sunburned.

Professional sun protection umbrellas, sun protection clothing, sun hats, or trousers are good choices.

Sunscreen: It is the last resistance to UV rays.

Sunshade products can still be used up, but this sunscreen is used, and there are many problems.

Second, sunscreen: Are you buying right?

Is it right?

What should I do when I kissed me and smashed my whole body?

Expensive, is it suitable?

That is not necessarily.

1, how to avoid sunscreen picking eyes?

1 Make sure your skin is suitable for this.

Sunscreens are divided into three types according to their compositional properties: physical components: the components directly reflect ultraviolet rays.

It has a long time of sunscreen, but it is easy to whiten after application, and it may be sticky. Chemical composition: The component reacts with ultraviolet light and is converted into conversion and then released.

The coating is relatively refreshing; the combination of the two: the use of physical sunscreen ingredients and chemical sunscreen ingredients.

2 Consider the cost performance: football, you can use different levels of sunscreen, according to local conditions, affordable.

3 Find out the common indicators of SPF, UVA, UVB, and PA: If you just commute to and from work, you don’t have to buy too much.

UVA: UV A, the strongest penetration, and soon tanned skin.

UVB: Ultraviolet B, medium penetration, mainly caused by sunburn, sunburn and other effects, and then stimulate the growth of melanocytes in the body, let you slowly darken.

PA: Reflects the ability to resist UVA, which is the ability to protect from the sun.

Divided into: PA +, PA ++, PA +++, PA ++++, a plus sign = extended 2?
4 times was tanned.

SPF: Mainly reflects the ability to resist UVB, which is the ability to protect from sun damage.

Take SPF 15 sunscreen as an example: If you do not take sunscreen measures, you will get sunburn in 10 minutes. When you absorb enough SPF 15 sunscreen, it takes 10 minutes for sunburn to be X15 = 150 minutes.
The rest is like this.

The amount of application follows the principle of a dollar coin; it is usually applied once every 2 hours. If you sweat or touch the water, you should apply it in time; be sure to apply evenly.

2, pregnant women, can the baby use sunscreen?
At present, domestic and foreign cosmetic specifications have no clear rules for pregnant women’s sunscreen. Generally, sunscreens produced by manufacturers can be used by pregnant women; baby can use sunscreen after 6 months of age.

If you are really worried, use sunshade products to cover yourself as tightly as possible.

3, long acne, can apply sunscreen?

If there are no special circumstances, it is recommended to apply, otherwise it may become black and very.

Because the skin of the acne is stimulated by ultraviolet rays, in addition to being sunburned, sunburned, and acne will be more serious, and ultraviolet rays will also produce more melanin. The heavier the sun, the heavier the acne marks.
Usually try to choose sunscreen without oil, no acne ingredients can be.

I really don’t like to paint, so I have to take an umbrella when I go out.

Third, how to recover from sunburn and tanning?

The night gave me a pair of black eyes, but I accidentally pressed all the choices.

1, sunburned, what is the performance?

The following are some of the symptoms that may occur: sunburn can turn red, and there is a little itching or burning.

There are blisters on the skin; fever, dizziness, headache, nausea, chills, vomiting, or rash; the skin begins to peel off.

The symptoms of sunburn may not appear very quickly, and it may take more than 24 hours before they begin to slowly become demon.

2. How can I handle it urgently?

Do not use Vaseline in sunburned areas. Try the following: Aloe Vera gel: It contains active compounds that can prevent analgesic effects and reduce skin irritation. Cold compress: Apply a cold towel for about 20 minutes to shrink the pores.The skin cools down; moisturizing: After the symptoms are relieved, you can apply some moisturizing lotion, but don’t make up.

If the symptoms are serious, you should see your doctor promptly.

Even if it is tanned, it will not come back in the short term. It can only be thought of like this: black is thin.