The more children can teach, the worse?

The more children can teach, the worse?

Your child is going to primary school. As a parent, how much preparation do you need to accompany your child to do?

Senior educators remind parents that parents should never think which primary school their children are going to earn for themselves, not to mention that their children will get good grades as soon as they enter school, as a capital to show off to friends and relatives.

  The more she teaches, the worse she may be. A full-time mother said that she didn’t dare to delay her child’s intellectual development.

The child has more than two months to go to elementary school. She simply bought her own primary school textbooks and English tapes. The first thing after getting up every morning is to play English tapes so that the child can adapt to learning alternatives.

  But another father was afraid of the “free-range” approach. He felt that parents should trust their children’s inherent learning ability and talent.

However, it was also questioned by another parent, “Although a child has a gift, he needs a key to open the treasure box in which his gift is hidden.”

  Zhang Renli, a super-principal in Shanghai and principal of the affiliated school of Jing’an District Education College, reminds parents that not any knowledge is suitable for any age.

In terms of mathematics with outstanding abstraction and reasoning skills, it is very difficult for young children.

He has seen too many children who can skillfully recite two addition and subtraction, but when asked about some problems related to addition and subtraction in real life, the child was dumbfounded.

In fact, he just turned his back and didn’t really understand the laws of mathematics.

  Zhang Renli asks parents to think, “You have taught now, did you have the ability to continue to teach?”

“Sometimes, parents teach too much, but give the teacher problems-in a class, some children understand all the pinyin, recognize thousands of words, and some children only know a few words. The big difference is really a headache.

  Experts remind you that when you proudly tell your friends and relatives how many children have passed the piano test, how many stars have passed the English test, and when the oral calculations have been used for a few minutes, ask yourself whether the child is really happy or the child is struggling for himselfWith face, are you happy?

  Self-reliance is the teaching method and activity standard in basic elementary schools, which are different from kindergartens.

My son is lively and beloved by the teacher in the kindergarten, but what should I do if I ca n’t sit still after 35 minutes of class?

Your child’s homework may be a bit slow. Can you finish your homework on time in elementary school?

Self-care ability is not strong, kindergarten teachers will take good care of it, will primary school teachers take care of these trivial matters?

Speaking of these annoying little problems, some parents unconsciously use their worries to affect their children’s emotions.

  Selected by Lu Mingfeng, the director of the Shanghai Demonstration Kindergarten, and the parent of the Seven-color Flower Kindergarten, parents must make their children feel that entering the elementary school is a very good thing.A longing.

  In the transitional period of young children, you may wish to give your child a few “gifts”: ■ Reading habits Children can read books on their own and have a good homework habit.

  ■ Self-learning Ability Some small productions and drawing exercises in the kindergarten, let the children do it by themselves.

  ■ Listening ability and attention show him many things and ask him to remember them.

Learn to understand the instructions of teachers and parents.

  ■ The ability to take care of himself allows him to go to the bathroom by himself, separate himself, and know how to add and subtract clothes.

Don’t underestimate these problems in life. Only by solving these problems can children learn with peace of mind.