Whether it’s the distribution of those spiders,It’s still the position of the remnants of the wooden knife behind them,Including still hovering near the entrance,The position of Zhong Yeo and his group,All clear。

The rest,For Lu Menglin,It’s pretty simple。
He first found a place with the most red moon spiders,Then give instructions to the skeleton soldier Xiaoqiang。
This little skeleton soldier is almost without hesitation,Bravely rushed into the habitat of the spiders。
Those Sirius spiders were alarmed,Flower kiss spider was also alarmed,Even those fang spiders squirted their arrows towards Xiaoqiang。
Xiaoqiang, the 72nd-level skeleton soldier, braved the arrow rain to shuttle among the spiders,East cut an axe,West hit an axe,Don’t care about the killing effect,Anyway, just irritate those spiders。
Wait until the spiders rushed to the skeleton soldier Xiaoqiang,Envelop it in the middle of time,It banged,Turned into a pile of dead bones。
Scene like this,Constantly happening in the Chiyue North Canyon,The spiders in the cave were all disturbed,Converged in the direction that Xiaoqiang led。
Anyway, Lu Menglin’s mental power is still sufficient,Just summon the skeleton soldier Xiaoqiang,Use it to seduce those spiders to move,I blew up on the spot if I couldn’t provoke it,Turned into a pile of dead bones。
Soon,Centered on the location of Lu Menglin,The spiders within a hundred meters of radius were all startled,And move in the direction he wants。
In this way,Wooden knife handle and Huang Shaotian’s direction,All the way,Hardly encountered a large group of spiders,Make them think it’s very peaceful,Luck is overwhelming。
“Yellow girl,Alu’s mental power is very strong!”The wooden knife suddenly stopped,Took a closer look at the ground,Then asked softly。
Huang Shaotian was slightly taken aback,I don’t know what the wooden knife handle means,Just shook his head,Lightly:“I do not know。”
The wooden knife pointed to the ground,Said with a smile:“There used to be spiders here,And more than three or five。Someone led them away,I guess Alu did it。He can control the summoned creature from a distance,Spiritual power cultivation is really amazing。”
Everyone heard the wooden knife say so,All in awe,Admiration for A Lu,A little bit more。
The wooden knife is pointing everyone,The reason why we can go down the road,It’s all because Alu opened the way for us!
“Worthy of being the popular king Wuhao on the most wanted list of God City,Sure enough!”Tu Shanming remembered that he had laughed at each other,Ashamed,Secretly in my heart。