Before Uncle Bing left,Also deliberately accompanied by Lu Menglin,I went to the detention center to visit Erye and a few of them。

I learned that the second master had committed a crime,Administrative detention,It can be released in at most three or five months,Uncle Bing is relieved。
Even Erye himself repeatedly stressed,Thanks to Brother Lu for helping,A few of them are safe in the detention center,Just eat prison food for a few days,It doesn’t matter。
For those old rivers and lakes like Uncle Bing and Erye,What I’m afraid of is revenge,Or being put in a black jail,Now I learned that I was only in the detention center,And there is also the relationship between Brother Lu,Of course it’s not taken seriously。
Chapter Three Hundred Seventy One In full swing
It’s really hard to understand these community members from Hong Kong Island,I actually think it’s good to spend the New Year in the detention center,Steady,Rest assured。After learning the news,Even Chen Jiannan is speechless,I wonder why I was so stupid that I watched Young and Dangerous so many times,Actually going to Hunjianghu。
After sending off the Hong Kong Island sightseeing tour,Lu Menglin called the brothers together,Arrange their work content。
Hot Blood Legend begins public beta,This is the most important thing。It is no exaggeration to say,All previous layouts of Lu Menglin,They are all paving the way for the popularity of this game across the country。
First of allVOver there《Game time》weekly,I will use a continuous large page in the near future,Introduce this to gamers across the country《Blood legend》,And the story behind this game,Including the launch of theme parks。
This will become a major event in the Chinese game industry,Can definitely attract countless eyeballs。Open game beta and theme park project launched at the same time,It takes much determination and courage!
When this news is released,At least it was a sensation in the whole industry,The entire gaming circle will generate strong curiosity,Why do you have such a strong confidence in this game?How is it different from other games in the world?
The media offensive is the first round,In fact, in the last two months,《Game time》It’s already preheating for the legend,Constantly building momentum,Continue to stir the curiosity of readers and players。
To say something without exaggeration,There are already a large number of gamers waiting for this game。
of course,This approach is like a double-edged sword,Pros and cons。
Warm up and build momentum,Of course it can gather a large number of players,But if the quality and content of the game are not as expected,Then it is likely to have an overstatement and counter-effect。
Including certain media and game manufacturers in the industry,I have also vaguely put forward a lot of sour opinions,Waiting to see the jokes of blood legends and game time and space!
Lu Menglin’s second big move,Is to let Wang Shaoxiao and Fatty Wang from Beijing together,Two fats together,Combine Deep Blue Games and all game halls under the King’s,Internet cafe,All replaced with legendary posters and point card sales channels。